March 9, 2018
PPH: Bill to ban ‘conversion therapy’ moves forward in Maine Legislature
PPH (ed): Independent probe of DHHS failures needed
BDN: Pilots’ request to accommodate cruise ships stirs new debate in coastal Maine city
BDN: Maine sees increase in emergency room visits due to overdoses
BDN (ed): 7 questions to answer about Maine’s child welfare system
BDN (OpEd): Maine companies want to use toxic soil in road construction. This is an unnecessary risk.
BDN (Cianchette): Ranked-choice voting for governor is exciting — like math!
MP: Bill Would Help Homeless Opioid Users With Housing, Care
MP: DHHS Commissioner Welcomes Review of Handling of Child Abuse Cases
MP: Groups Oppose Exploratory Drilling Off Maine Coast
The County: Presque Isle students at State Senate
Keep ME Current: Rep. Fay joins over 200 state legislators nationwide united against offshore oil drilling
Pharmacy Choice: Senate Gives Initial Approval to Dill Assisted Living Bill

March 8, 2018
KJ/MS: Sara Gideon: Why I support Jared Golden
BDN:Closing Maine’s embattled youth prison ‘not so simple’
PPH: LePage spreads blame in beating death of 10-year-old, saying, ‘Everybody here messed it up’
PPH (Column): Caseworker who couldn’t keep up saw DHHS needs more people protecting at-risk kids
PPH: Lawmakers support sweeping changes to Maine’s medical marijuana rules
PPH: Lawmakers still seeking fix for Maine unemployment filing system
PPH: LePage vetoes bill to create Bar Harbor port authority
PPH: Sen. Collins co-sponsors bill related to gun background checks
PPH: Committee supports extending Pine Tree Development Zone tax havens until 2021
BDN: LePage vetoes bill that would allow Bar Harbor port authority
BDN: Report: LePage blasts DHHS, others over ‘comedy of errors’ after child deaths
BDN: A spat is brewing over how wood harvested from Maine land is milled
BDN: Maine tries again to enact major overhaul of medical marijuana rules
MP: State Department of Education Proposes New Pathway to Teaching
MP: Lawmakers Advance Bill That Would Make Over Medical Marijuana Program
MP: Official: DHHS Sometimes Makes Mistakes When Following Child Welfare Procedures
WCSH: DHHS hides Marissa Kennedy details behind self-imposed gag order
WCSH: LePage calls child abuse death of Marissa Kennedy ‘a comedy of errors’

March 7, 2018
PPH: Watchdog agency may be asked to investigate whether state is doing enough to protect children
PPH: From the State House: I’m the victim of a gun crime, and I never blamed the gun
PPH: Legislative panel backs $60 million in tax incentives for BIW
PPH (Ed): Our View: Quebec hydro line could leverage new pipe for gas
PPH (Oped): Commentary: Instead of fee on efficient vehicles, Maine should overhaul highway funding system
BDN: Push to extend $60 million tax break for Bath Iron Works clears key hurdle
BDN (Ed): LePage claims he takes child abuse prevention seriously. His actions indicate otherwise.
MP: Official: DHHS Sometimes Makes Mistakes When Following Child Welfare Procedures
BDN (Oped): Adam Cote is the leader rural Maine needs
PPH: Candidate for governor calls fire extinguishers a ‘great deterrent’ to school shooters
MP: Maine Gubernatorial Candidate Recommends Fire Extinguishers For Fighting School Shooters
WCSH: State government will have to prepare voters for ranked choice
WVII: PUC solar rule one step closer to removal
PPH(Column):Greg Kesich: Gov. LePage dreams up phony problem when state has real ones to solve

March 6, 2018
PPH: Bills to better serve Mainers with disabilities move forward on party-line votes
PPH: Maine committee unanimously backs bill to restrict sex offenders taking photos of kids
PPH: Judge hears arguments over closure of Downeast Correctional Facility
PPH (OpEd): Instead of fee on efficient vehicles, Maine should overhaul highway funding system
PPH (Ed): Quebec hydro line could leverage new pipe for gas
BDN: Funding for Down East prison running out as lawsuit over closure proceeds
BDN (Ed): LePage claims he takes child abuse prevention seriously. His actions indicate otherwise.
BDN: (OpEd): Susan Collins sides with flyers over the big airlines
BDN (Dutson): The answer to Maine’s labor shortage? Pay more.
MP: Mainers To Test Ranked-Choice Voting While Deciding Whether To Keep It
MP: LePage Has 3 Weeks To Designate State’s ‘Opportunity Zones’
MP: Legislative update
MP: Report Finds DHHS Missed ‘Red Flags’ in Multiple Child Abuse Cases
PBS: Nobody knows how many kids get caught with guns in school. Here’s why.
LSJ: Are school threats the new normal in Maine?
LSJ: Ranked-choice voting will be in place for June primaries
LSJ: Teachers, parents defend proficiency-based learning
WCSH6: Burn permits are a hot topic in Maine backyards

March 5, 2018
PPH (Ed): Our View: Red-flag laws could stop some mass shootings
PPH: LePage to decide which towns could get business incentives
PPH: NRA’s influence in Maine doesn’t depend on political contributions as chief weapon
PPH (Column): Jim Fossel: No need to curb gun rights in Maine
PPH (Ed): Our View: Child’s death calls for investigation of DHHS
PPH (Oped): Reps. Foley, Sanborn: Doctors – not insurers – should prescribe Mainers’ medications and treatment
KJ/MS: Maine rethinks requiring student proficiency to earn a diploma
BDN Maine Focus: What happens when child abuse is reported in Maine
PPH (missed this last week!):  Maine Voices: Easy availability of weapons makes Americans less safe – not more
BDN: It’s a day of reckoning for Maine’s ranked-choice voting supporters
MP: LePage Administration Releasing Job Training Funds
MP: Report Finds DHHS Missed ‘Red Flags’ in Multiple Child Abuse Cases
WCSH: Political Brew: March 4th, 2018

March 2, 2018
BDN: Maine lawmakers say biomass generator shouldn’t have qualified for taxpayer subsidy
BDN: Maine Senate leader calls for probe into state’s response to reports girl was being abused
BDN: LePage puts forward $88 million in tax cuts to adapt to federal changes
BDN: Maine House stalls LePage’s effort to block wind energy development
BDN: Democrats vote to block LePage pick to run Maine housing agency
BDN: After losing in court, LePage agrees to release millions in job training funds
BDN: LePage administration to stop funding for child abuse prevention program Sept. 30
PPH: Gun-rights and gun-control advocates clash at the State House
PPH: LePage plan to align Maine with new IRS code calls for cutting state income taxes by $111 million
PPH (Nemitz): Gov. LePage, of all people, has no excuse for ignoring child abuse
MP: Rural Schools Consider Hiring School Resource Officers
MP: Gun Control Advocates, Students Rally at State House
LSJ: Push in Maine Legislature could lead to U.S. Constitution rewrite
Wiscasset Newspaper: Maine Legislature unanimously adopts Devin resolution requesting that Maine be excluded from new offshore drilling
Seacoast Online: Maine’s retail pot laws remain in flux
MarketWatch: States to DeVos: We’ll keep cracking down on student-loan companies
Governing: Maine Ends Child Abuse Prevention Program
Courier: Political change comes from the ground up

March 1, 2018
PPH: More female lawmakers, lobbyists share stories of sexual harassment at State House
PPH: Sponsor of bill allowing guns in cars on campuses asks to kill it
PPH: After closing Washington County jail, state hopes to open small pre-release center
KJ/MS: George Smith: Both sides have to work together on good gun laws
BDN: LePage suggests swapping Down East prison for new pre-release center
BDN: Legislature kills bill to lease Colonial Pemaquid to nonprofit
MP: Maine Lawmakers Say Embattled Biomass Generator Shouldn’t Have Qualified For Taxpayer Subsidy
MP: Bill Allowing Guns in Cars on School Grounds Will Go To House for a Vote
MP: Lobbyists, Lawmakers Demand Change at Maine Statehouse
MP: Lawmakers Question Performance Of $5 Million Opioid Treatment Program
WABI: Sponsor of Proposed Law to Allow Guns in Cars on School Property Wants Bill to Fail
PPH: LePage administration ending child abuse prevention program
PPH (Ed): Our View: DHHS should be more open about child’s death to prevent future harm to kids
PPH (Oped): Republican, Democratic House leaders: Finish raising rates for care of Maine’s most vulnerable adults
BDN: LePage administration to stop funding for child abuse prevention program Sept. 30
BDN (Oped): The conversation we need to have about Long Creek

February 28, 2018
PPH: Maine chief justice proposes new drug court in response to opioid crisis
PPH: State House leaders split on gun control and school security bills
PPH: Panel votes to tighten rules for online burn permits
PPH: Maine utility regulators vote to look into high electric bills
PPH: Legislators continue to express concerns about unemployment filing system
PPH: Commentary: Statewide effort required to address dire need for mental health services
KJ/MS: LePage’s bill to protect elderly facing tax lien foreclosure stripped
BDN: Maine legislative leaders reject late calls to arm school staff, toughen gun control
BDN: LePage joins new lawsuit designed to overturn Obamacare
BDN: Regulators to scrutinize high CMP bills, customer service complaints
BDN: Maine lobbyist calls out sexual misconduct at state house
Mainebiz: Merrill steps up as chairman of MaineHousing’s board
Mainebiz: State inviting recommendations for new ‘Opportunity Zone’ program
MP: Lawmakers Question Performance Of $5 Million Opioid Treatment Program
MP: LePage’s Plan To Close County Jails, Overhaul System Falls Apart
MP: Fiscal Forecast: Revenues In Maine To Exceed Earlier Projections
WMTW: Emergency legislation would fund Maine school security improvements
PPH: Controversial bill to give BIW tax credits stalls in State House, extending foe’s food strike
PPH (Ed): Our View: Change in labor law helps Maine students envision career paths
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: Pro-gun faithful treat debate over gun policy more like a holy war
BDN (Column): Don’t blur the bright line of no guns at school

February 27, 2018
PPH: Parents, teens testify for law to be ‘on my side’ over sex offenders taking photos of kids
PPH: New bills would require Maine officials to show up for meetings
PPH: Maine lawmakers hear from victims of female genital mutilation
PPH: Sportsman’s Alliance of Maine helped develop legislator’s school safety bill
PPH: Legislative panel backs bill to lift $1,000 raffle cap for nonprofits
PPH: Labor law change opens career paths to young students in Maine
BDN: Shipyard, wireless carriers among top Maine lobbyist spenders
BDN (Ed): LePage owes Mainers with intellectual disabilities more than lip service
BDN (Oped): Burdensome regulations making child care unaffordable in Maine
BDN (Column): Why banning bump stocks in Maine is a fraud
MP: LePage Endorses Trump’s Proposal To Arm Teachers
WCSH: Bill to ban sex offenders from photographing children starts debate
WGME: Maine legislature working on three bills against female genital mutilation
BDN: Maine GOP gubernatorial candidates use debate to defend gun rights
MP: Finding Common Ground On Gun Restrictions: Can It Be Done In Maine?
BDN (Oped): When Congress looks like old white men shouting, we have a problem

February 26, 2018
PPH: Candidates for Maine governor weigh in on gun reform
PPH: Maine House speaker makes new gun, school safety laws her ‘absolute top priority’
PPH: Gun bills may surface in Maine Legislature as national debate rages
PPH (OpEd): In opioid fight, stigma remains a huge barrier
PPH (OpEd): Ethics panel fails to meet challenge of ‘fake news’ era
PPH (MaineVoices): It’s time to call NRA, politicians on lies about Second Amendment
PPH (LTE): Thanks to lawmakers for offshore drilling resolution
PPH (LTE): To deter shootings, arm and train teachers, toughen background checks
PPH (LTE): Forget Washington politicians, tighten guns laws at local and state level
PPH (LTE): Responsible gun owners should help find solution on mass shootings
PPH (LTE): Prevent mass shootings and save kids’ lives, or maintain access to AR-15s? Pick one
BDN: Shipyard, wireless carriers among top Maine lobbyist spenders
BDN (Dutson): Maine should hire welfare recipients as a bridge to work requirements
BDN (MHPC): Burdensome regulations making child care unaffordable in Maine
BDN (OpEd): Maine doesn’t have to compromise on child care quality
BDN (LTE): Say no to corporate welfare, don’t mess with minimum wage, Fulford can rebuild 2nd District
MP: Leaders to Decide if Gun Control Bills Will Be Considered This Session
MP: Maine Lawmakers To Consider Female Circumcision Bill
MP: Department of Education May Change Proficiency-Based Diploma Standards
Piscataquis Observer: We need to have conversations about mental illness
LSJ: As overdose deaths soar, LePage says he’s adding treatment beds at Windham prison
February 23, 2018
Fox 23: Democrats renew push for Maine bump stock ban
The Ellsworth American: Bill seeks to ensure Stored Solar pays up
MP: Report: Maine Home Power Customers Spent $77M They Didn’t Need To
MP: Democrats, Republicans Split On Hybrid, Electric Fee
MP: Medicaid Expansion Slowed by LePage Administration
MP: Drug Overdoses Were Up 11 Percent Last Year
MP: Ethics Commission Will Not Investigate Whether GOP Worked With Attack Website
MP: Home Health Care Initiative May End Up On Fall Ballot
MP: Department of Education May Change Proficiency-Based Diploma Standards
LSJ: Nate Libby to seek third term in state Senate
Maine Biz: Gaps in high-speed internet coverage hurting rural Maine
Courier: (Grohman): The difference between insurances

February 22, 2018
PPH: Committee’s marijuana regulation bill omits licensing of social clubs
PPH: Bill would lower bottle deposit for liquor and wine by 10 cents
PPH: Advocates for home solar projects slam decision by ‘out-of-control’ PUC
PPH: Lawmakers offer no clarity on Maine’s new graduation guidelines
PPH (Ed): Sportsman’s Alliance director: The reporter didn’t get it right – this bill is nonpartisan
BDN: DHHS head said he’d ‘move quickly,’ but Maine still has no fix for disabled people in crisis
BDN: Democrats renew push for Maine bump stock ban
BDN: Wiscasset schedules townwide vote on lawsuit against state
BDN  (Ed): Maine shouldn’t go backward on its minimum wage
MP: Committee Makes Headway on Recreational Marijuana Legislation
MP: Maine Lawmakers Ponder Federal Constitutional Convention

February 21, 2018
PPH: LePage says high court justice reneged on agreement to step down
PPH: Panel tables discussion on bill to help elderly homeowners avoid foreclosure
PPH: Wind energy industry sues LePage administration over order halting permits
BDN: LePage accuses Maine high court judge of reneging on deal to retire
BDN: Wind industry group sues LePage over new turbine moratorium
BDN (Oped): Maine farmers can find help to meet new food safety rule
BDN (Oped): Guns do not belong anywhere near Maine schools
MP: LePage Accuses State Supreme Court Justice Of Going Back On Promise To Retire
WCSH: Governor says Supreme Court justice is ignoring promise to retire
PPH (Ed): Our View: Don’t blame land conservation for rising Maine property taxes
BDN: With one exception, Maine’s election system is about as secure as possible
PPH (Oped): The Down East prison is a vital link in Maine’s corrections system

February 20, 2018
PPH: Bill would make it harder to get citizen questions on Maine ballot
PPH: Voter-approved law says Mainers can grow 6 pot plants each, but lawmakers want to make it 3
PPH (Oped): Our View: #MeToo movement comes to Augusta
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Supporting parental education can end generational poverty
KJ (Ed): Our View: No excuse to delay MaineCare expansion
KJ (Column): Maine Compass: Closed prison did good work
BDN: Lawmakers mull dropping number of pot plants Mainers can grow for own use
BDN: State rejects plan to add half-hour to school on Mondays to offset snow days
MP: Businesses Fear Prison’s Closure Will Mean Fewer Workers, Families In Washington County
MP: Maine Lawmakers To Consider More Disclosure On Ballot Initiative Financing
MP: Bill Would Remove Veterinarians From Opioid Monitoring law
PPH: Group homes for intellectually disabled face acute staffing shortage
PPH: Maine land trusts say governor uses bogus data in pitch to tax them
PPH (Ed): Our view: ‘Health homes’ come up short in opioid fight
PPH (ed): Former BIW CEO: Tax credit would keep BIW afloat and state’s economic engine humming
PPH (ed): Maine Voices: Public access to information is at the heart of our democracy
BDN: Already struggling to pay minimum wage, homes for people with disabilities face cuts July 1
BDN: Bath Iron Works faces uncertainty on multiple fronts

February 15, 2018
PPH: Bipartisan bill to expand education program for low-income Mainers draws support
PPH: Dozens testify on bill to ban the practice of ‘conversion therapy’ on minors in Maine
PPH: Garrett Mason first to qualify for clean elections funding for governor’s race
PPH: LePage scuttled DOT’s settlement with Wiscasset in traffic dispute, attorney says
PPH: LePage administration agrees to stop removing equipment from Downeast prison
BDN: Following LePage ‘veto,’ Wiscasset votes to continue suit against MDOT
BDN: LePage stalled in closing Downeast prison under legal agreement
BDN (Ed): LePage’s complaints about Maine reflect his lack of leadership
BDN (Ed): Lawmakers should restrict ineffective, harmful conversion therapy
MP: LePage Administration Agrees to Halt Dismantling Downeast Correctional Facility
MP: Fact Checking LePage’s Statements on Land Trusts
MP: Lawmakers Consider Bill to Ban ‘Conversion Therapy’
MP: Gideon/Thibodeau on Maine Calling
WCSH: Lawmakers face difficult issue of conversion therapy
PPH: Maine attorney general won’t defend LePage administration in prison closure lawsuit
PPH (Ed): Our View: Low gas tax, not electric cars, causing shortfall in Maine highway fund
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Gov. LePage coldly wreaks havoc on the lives of prison workers in a poor county
MP: Fact Checking LePage’s Statements on Land Trusts

February 14, 2018
BDN: LePage reflects on legacy, throws down gauntlet for final year
WMTW: Read Gov. Paul LePage’s final State of the State address
WGME: Gov. LePage calls for ‘fiscal sanity’ in final State of the State address
WGME: Mainers rally for healthcare outside State of the State address
AP: Gov. LePage delivers final State of the State address
MP: In His Final State Of The State, LePage Takes Swipes At Land Trusts, Referendum Process
MP: Bill To Amend Maine Constitution To Include Victims Rights Back Before Lawmakers
LSJ: Not all agree LePage has kept promises to Mainers
PPH: In final State of the State address, LePage stands firm on Medicaid expansion, says ‘our job is not done’
PPH: Owners of hybrids, all-electric vehicles fume over proposal to assess annual fee
PPH (Diamond): Raising facility charge on plane passengers is bad for Mainers, tourists
PPH (LTE): Sirocki should clarify stance on anti-Muslim organization

February 13, 2018
PPH: Group plans rally in opposition to LePage before his final State of the State address
PPH: Former Trump aide’s accuser hunkers down amid publicity
PPH: Four Republicans running for governor air their views at Lincoln Dinner
PPH: Maine attorney general joins peers opposing citizenship question in census
BDN: State attorneys general: No citizenship question on census
50 States of Blue: Battling Islamophobia claims, Maine Republican turns on Dems and the press
MP: LePage Says Allegations About Sorensen Never Reached Him
MP: LePage Defends Closing Downeast Correctional Facility Amid Criticism
WCSH: Governor prepares for final State of the State speech
WCSH: Sudden shutdown of Downeast prison brings strong words at Statehouse
PPH: LePage unlikely to take his foot off the gas in final months as governor
PPH (Ed): Our View: Legislature should probe UMaine power contract
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Sugar restrictions would be good for all of us, not just poor people
BDN: Maine Voices: Sugar restrictions would be good for all of us, not just poor people

February 12, 2018
PPH (OpEd): Mainers with mental illness suffer as access to critical services dwindles
BDN: Former LePage aide quits Trump job amid abuse allegations
BDN: Locals accuse LePage of ‘Gestapo tactics’ for prison shutdown ‘raid’
BDN (Ed): Secretive prison closure is only one example of LePage administration dysfunction
MP: LePage Says Allegations About Sorensen Never Reached Him
MP: LePage Defends Closing Downeast Correctional Facility Amid Criticism
LSJ (AP): Paul LePage: ‘I’m going to work until the last minute’

February 9, 2018
PPH: Bill to fund pedestrian-safety projects fails in Senate
PPH: Democrats and Republicans split over bill to scale back minimum wage increase
PPH: Legislators discuss jobless-filing complaints with labor officials
BDN: Embattled Republican Maine senator won’t seek re-election
BDN: LePage administration wants to impose fee for electric cars
BDN: Lawmakers consider new funding to help struggling Jackman health center
BDN: Maine Senate gives initial OK to Bar Harbor port authority bill
BDN:Fisheries commission to require Maine to collect catch reports from all lobstermen
MP: Committee Votes Against Overturning Minimum Wage Law
SPLC: Maine Rep. Heather Sirocki attempts to distance herself from anti-Muslim hate groups, but the evidence suggests otherwise
PPH (Oped): Commentary: Paid family leave system will benefit workers, businesses, elderly and more
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Maine Land Trust Network helps support ‘the way life should be’
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine law falls short in keeping public informed
BDN: LePage rushes to close controversial Down East prison

February 8, 2018
PPH: Bill proposes study of employee-funded paid leave program for Maine
PPH: LePage appoints former Mexico police chief as Oxford County sheriff
PPH: State still getting complaints about unemployment claims system
BDN: LePage replaces Oxford sheriff who resigned after sexual harassment claims
BDN (Column): Shut. It. Down. — No, not the government, Long Creek
BDN (Ed): How a new cabinet agency could help curb Maine’s opioid epidemic
MP: Jackman Seeks State Funds To Keep Health Clinic Operating Around The Clock
WCSH: Statehouse politics divide efforts to outlaw female genital mutilation
PPH: LePage-backed bill would slap extra annual fee on electric, hybrid cars
PPH: Pot advocates help finance gubernatorial bid of leading marijuana opponent
PPH: Maine Voices: Bill to aid substance-exposed infants would benefit women also
PPH (Ed): Our View: Medicaid limits sought by LePage administration are not what Maine voters want
BDN: The numbers behind LePage’s latest assault on tax-exempt property
BDN: Why it’s so much harder for Maine politicians to get along
February 7, 2018
PPH: Maine lawmakers must attend more anti-harassment training
PPH: Maine attorney general joins opposition to tip-pooling
PPH: Lawmakers face competing bills to criminalize female genital mutilation
PPH: Utilities criticized for response to windstorm that caused about 500,000 outages
PPH: LePage urges lawmakers to work on bill to protect elderly from foreclosure
BDN: CMP grilled about smart meter performance during October wind storm
BDN: Why Maine is still fighting about female genital mutilation
MP: As Maine’s Recreational Pot Law Stalls, Lawmakers Seek To Revamp Medical Marijuana Program
MP: Maine Corrections Commissioner Defends Proposed County Jail Closures
MP: Maine Republicans’ Bill Banning Female Genital Mutilation Backed By National Anti-Muslim Group
MP: LePage Speaks At Work Session On Bill Protecting Elderly Homeowners
MP: Officials Air Frustrations Over Utilities’ Response To October Storm
WMTW: Survivors split in Maine FGM ban debate
PPH (ED): Our View: County officials must be on board with sweeping Maine jail-overhaul plan
PPH  (Column): Greg Kesich: In case you missed it, two candidates for governor just got good news

February 6, 2018
PPH: Lawmakers call for investigation into lucrative UMaine energy contract
PPH: Maine Supreme Court will decide whether state, through MaineCare, must cover abortion
PPH: Report recommends sweeping changes to Maine jails, including closing some
BDN: ACLU asks Maine high court to lift Medicaid abortion ban
BDN: What Mainers need to know about the latest ranked-choice voting twist
BDN: LePage makes new push to pull control of jails from counties
MP: Industry: Keep State-Funded Lobster Marketing Group Afloat
WABI: Proposed Legislation Would Make Female Genital Mutilation a Felony in Maine
PPH: Sen. Millett and Rep. Madigan: Protect Maine’s youngest residents to ensure better future for us all
BDN: LePage finds another way to block access to overdose antidote

February 5, 2018
PPH: For 11 months, LePage administration dodges public records request for travel receipts
PPH (Oped): Another View: Workforce development vote a victory for Mainers, not their governor
PPH (Ed): Our View: UMaine System gets local food onto more plates
MP: Superintendent: Pre-K Programs Beneficial, But Costs Remain A Big Barrier
The County: Legislature to hear Jackson’s bill to support potato farmers
The County: Jackson’s bill would repeal budget provision that penalizes rural schools
Fiddlehead Focus: Connor students visit with Sen. Jackson
KJ/MS: Title II wrong way to create a dynamic internet
LSJ: Legislative fix would help with emergency propane deliveries
Keep ME Current: Lawmakers, Portland cop shepherd first-aid bill for police dogs
BDN (Column): Shawn Moody — LePage’s Mini Me

February 2, 2018
PPH: Maine working to prevent federal tax overhaul from increasing state taxes
PPH: Bill would restore money slashed from school-based health clinics
PPH: Maine lawmakers won’t extend moratorium on pot sales, but it’s still not for sale
PPH: Legislator questions Carbonite’s tax breaks after company sends jobs to Jamaica
PPH (LTE): Legislature needs to stop ignoring will of the people
PPH (LTE): Lawmakers urged to vote no on tax credit for General Dynamics
BDN (Ed): Maine should leave the bottle bill alone
BDN: Maine lawmakers can’t find ‘clarity’ on legal pot sales, leaving voter-approved law in limbo
BDN: Maine ranked-choice supporters say they have enough signatures to force a new vote
MP: Dozens Of Maine School Districts Launching New Or Expanded Public Preschool Programs
WGME: Lawmakers split on decision to raise age to buy ‘naloxone’

February 1, 2018
BDN: Maine pharmacy board votes to raise age to buy overdose antidote
PPH: (Sen. Chipman): Governor shouldn’t play politics with Mainers’ lives
PPH: Republican bill would allow more drug testing of Maine workers
PPH (LTE): Human trafficking deserves more attention from lawmakers
PPH: Lawmakers delay vote on bill to establish youth wages
LSJ: Lewiston state senator questions tax breaks for Carbonite
JT (Letter): Marijuana legislation remains complicated
PNS: Bill Would Roll Back Minimum Wage
The Forecaster: Opponents urge legislators to curb Bath Iron Works tax break
The Forecaster: Lawmakers, Portland cop shepherd first-aid bill for police dogs
MP: Mainers and Businesses Divided on Paid Family Leave
WCSH6: Many hurdles facing proficiency based learning in Maine’s public schools
WMTW: Bill would transition Maine to electronic tolling
WMTW: Moratorium on marijuana retail establishments in Maine expires Thursday

January 31, 2018
PPH: Environmental group sues LePage, says wind farm ban is unconstitutional
PPH: Proposed $60 million tax credits for BIW draws supporters and critics
PPH: LePage says he has no knowledge of website at center of Democrats’ ethics complaint
PPH: Maine recreational pot sales delayed, but until when?
PPH: LePage bill would gut streamlined permitting process for most wind power projects
BDN: Environmental group sues LePage over new wind turbine rules
BDN: LePage says he doesn’t endorse any candidate in the race for governor
MP: Bath Iron Works Seeks 20-Year, $60 Million Tax Break
MP: Will LePage’s Legacy Reflect Economic Accomplishment Or Myriad Controversy?
MP: Governor Opposes Narcan Availability for 18-Year-Olds
WCSH: Gov. LePage says offshore drilling would lower prices
PPH: Maine’s Republican director failed to file income tax returns
PPH (Ed): Our View: Gov. LePage stands in the way of rules that save lives
PPH (Oped): Greg Kesich: Gov. LePage’s divisiveness likely to linger even after he’s gone
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Repeal of ‘net neutrality’ encourages investment, expanded rural service
PPH: Portland getting more in state school funding, Cape is getting less
MP: Maine Looking For Owners Of More Than $11M In Missing Money

January 30, 2018
PPH: LePage bill would gut streamlined permitting process for most wind power projects
PPH: LePage says long-delayed opioid antidote rules don’t need his OK
PPH (Oped):York Rep. Blume: We need new technology to keep Maine Turnpike safe
BDN: Down East residents renew fight against LePage plan to close prison
BDN: Governor wants higher age threshold to obtain naloxone
BDN: LePage creates panel to deal with uptick in animal cruelty cases
LSJ: Lewiston Rep. Roger Fuller won’t run for re-election; Craven, Reeder seek seat
MP: Committee Hears Testimony On Whether To Continue State Funding For Downeast Correctional Facility
MP: Lawmakers Considering Tougher Penalties For Exposing Yourself To Kids
WCSH:  Bill to make all toll plazas cashless

January 29, 2018
KJ/MS: State’s unemployment filing system continues to frustrate Mainers
PPH (Nemitz): Maine Examiner has Republican official’s fingerprints all over it
PPH: Diverse crowd celebrates civil rights on MLK Day
PPH: Maine falls behind other states in efforts to prevent overdose deaths
PPH (Ed): Maine has no reason to stall new minimum-wage law
PPH (Ed): Maine does not have a problem with ‘double dipping’
BDN (Ed): We all benefit when more women run for office
BDN: Maine tried to send more money to its poor schools. It didn’t finish the job.
BDN (Dutson): Credibility fail: The Maine GOP’s fake news site
LSJ: Maine lawmakers to consider funding for Downeast Correctional Facility
WCSH 6: Complaint alleges state GOP behind fake news

January 25, 2017
PPH: LePage blocks new wind energy projects, creates secretive commission to study impacts
PPH: Legislative panel backs LePage pick of Nestle Waters manager for Maine environmental board
PPH: School officials oppose bill to allow guns in cars on school grounds
PPH: Maine lawmakers consider lowering minimum wage
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Harbor pilots play key role in keeping port safe and open for business
KJ/MS (Oped): Maine Compass: Poland Spring employee has no place on Board of Environmental Protection
KJ/MS (Oped): Maine Compass: State has reached its limit on wind power
BDN: Judge says LePage can’t withhold $3M in job training fund
BDN: LePage moves to block most new Maine wind energy permits
MP: Governor Imposes Moratorium On New State Wind Development Permits
MP: Bill Would Cut Maine’s Minimum Wage From $10 Per Hour To $9.50
MP: Judge Says LePage Can’t Withhold $3 Million In Job Training Funds
MP: Lawmakers Consider Bill to Adopt Gender-Neutral Language for Town Officials
MP: Proposal Would Reverse Rule Penalizing Schools That Don’t Join Regional Centers
MP: Legislative Committee Endorses Poland Spring Hydrologist For Maine’s Citizen Environmental Board
WCSH: Ethics complaint claims Maine GOP engages in fake news

January 24, 2018
PPH: LePage likely to veto bill to extend pot sales moratorium – and seek longer delay
PPH (Ed): Our View: Make pretrial monitoring available across Maine
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: LePage pick for environmental board would have obvious conflict of interest
PPH: Maine bill would allow guns to be carried in cars on school grounds
PPH: Backers of failed York County casino suing ethics commission over $500,000 fine
PPH: Maine’s supreme court says state must provide food stamps to eligible asylum seekers
PPH: LePage draws ire with nominee to Board of Environmental Protection
PPH: Maine lawmaker wants to ban sex offenders from photographing children
BDN: LePage nominates Poland Spring geologist to Board of Environmental Protection
BDN: Leaders of failed Maine casino bid sue to overturn record ethics fine
BDN: LePage loses key battle in fight to ban food stamps for immigrants
BDN: Maine Democrats hit GOP, anonymous ‘news’ site with ethics complaint
BDN (Ed): LePage would fit in well among those Trump considers ‘experts’
LSJ: Former lawmaker seeks State House seat
MP: LePage Nominates Poland Spring Geologist To Board Of Environmental Protection
MP: Proposal Would Bar State Retirees From Re-entering Workforce
MP: Maine Court Turns Back LePage Limits on Food Stamps for Immigrants
MP: LePage Sends ‘Nips’ Litter With Handwritten Note To Maine Lawmaker
LSJ: Democrats blame GOP for allowing a federal shutdown

January 23, 2018
BDN: State agency holds back a simple record, flouting public access law
BDN (Ed): Here’s more evidence for closing Maine’s youth detention center
LSJ: Waterford farmer seeks election to state House seat
MP: Legislative Update
WCSH6: Political Brew: Fundraising, a court case, and the 2018 race for governor

January 22, 2018
AP: Appeals Court Breathes New Life Into Lawsuit Against LePage
PPH (Nemitz): What are the rules of the road for marijuana?
WABI: Legislative Panel To Consider New Tax Credits
KJ/MS (LTE): Lawmakers should stand for solar
JT: Push for in-person harassment training receives support
Fiddlehead Focus: Bill would create rural economic task force
LSJ: Nate Libby pushes for state funding of pedestrian safety projects
BDN: Regulations for selling recreational pot in Maine put on hold, again
MP: Bill Could Increase Propane Buying Options

January 18, 2018
PPH: Scarborough lawmaker’s bill would make coerced labor a crime
PPH: Gov. Lepage issues order establishing panel to examine issues related to driverless vehicles
PPH: Maine attorney general joins push to let banks serve state-licensed pot businesses
PPH: LePage asks four Portland Harbor Commissioners to resign for increasing pilot fees
PPH: Dozens testify in support of bill to fund addiction treatment for homeless
BDN: LePage wants Portland harbor commissioners to resign over fee hikes
BDN: Lawmakers grapple with how to deal with Maine students who can’t pay for lunch
MP: King, Collins still back law that makes it easier for US to spy on foreigners
BDN (Column): In campaigns, it’s not all about the money
BDN (Ed): Increased offshore drilling is not the answer to America’s energy future
MP: No Opposition Among Testimony for Bill to Fund Addiction Treatment for Homeless
MP: Bill to Lower Liquor Bottle Deposits Considered
MP: Maine Bill Criminalizing Forced Labor Draws Broad Support
MP: Maine AG Joins Group That Wants Review Of Banking Laws, Pot
MP: Marijuana Panel Votes To Delay Pot Social Clubs Until 2023
MP: Maine Bill Would Allow Pilot Project For Treating Vulnerable Opioid Addicts
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine’s doctor-only policy unnecessary in days of the abortion pill

January 17, 2018
WMTW: Private nursing room opens at State House
PPH: Legalization panel makes concession, votes to delay social cannabis clubs until 2023
PPH: Lawmakers back bill to ease prohibition on money being part of moose permit swaps
PPH: Maine joins one of many lawsuits filed to maintain internet access
PPH (oped): Our View: Maine should fight homelessness, addiction at the same time
BDN: Yes, you can still use your Maine driver’s license to board an airplane
BDN: Maine lawmakers again consider a cap on the number of bills they can submit
BDN (Ed): A promising step from the LePage administration to improve Maine’s health
MP: Commissioner Opposes Proposal To Expand Commercial Lobster Reporting
MP: Secretary Of State: Yes, You Can Fly Using Maine ID
MP: Maine Republicans Oppose Bill Expanding Abortion Access
WCSH: Attorney General Mills joins suit to block net-neutrality repeal
WCSH: Towns want Legislature to get the work done on marijuana

January 16, 2018
PPH: Republicans decry timing of attorney general’s bill to expand abortion access
PPH: Maine bill targets addiction among homeless population
PPH: Democratic legislative primary shaping up in Cape Elizabeth
BDN: To prevent electoral chaos, Legislature needs replacement for ranked-choice voting
BDN: Lawmakers have one more chance to fix nonsensical solar rules
MP: Gov. LePage Will Deliver State Of The State On Feb. 13
MP: Tour Series to Focus on Woodland Stewardship
MP: Berry Backing Bond Issue to Boost Broadband
MP: Maine Official Warns of Websites Charging for ‘State Services’
KJ/MS: Our View: Legislature should restore funding for student clinics
KJ/MS (Oped): Maine Compass: Narcan not a cure, but it saves lives
KJ/MS: Cynthia Dill: Medicaid work requirements bait for Democrats

January 12, 2018
PPH: Trump administration opens door to work requirements for Mainers who benefit from Medicaid
PPH: Maine lawmakers consider creating a new class of vehicle for autocycles
BDN(Ed): Maine blew it once on offshore wind. It shouldn’t do it again.
MP: Maine’s Proposal To Make Medicaid Recipients Work For Benefits Gets Boost From Feds
MP: Across the Aisle: Early Signs In Maine’s Gubernatorial Race
Fox News: Gov. LePage talks work requirements for Medicaid recipients

January 11, 2018
PPH: LePage tells lawmakers he will oppose borrowing aimed at helping biomass industry
PPH: Maine lawmakers trying to rein in large medical marijuana growers
BDN (Ed): A higher minimum wage is helping Maine. There’s no reason to roll it back.
MP: LePage Advocates For Commercialization Bond Before Appropriations Committee
MP: State House Event Shines Light On Human Trafficking
MP: Maine Lawmakers To Address Care Of Developmentally Disabled
WABI: Democrats Launch Campaign to Take Back Control of Maine Senate
Mainebiz: PUC hits pause button on Maine Aqua Ventus’ power contract
WGME: I-Team: Fuel delivery complaints reach AG’s Office
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine should stay the course on ocean wind power
PPH (Ed): Maine Voices: After success in getting tip credit restored in Maine, it’s time to go national
PPH: Trump administration opens door to let states impose Medicaid work requirements

January 10, 2018
PPH: Candidates for governor disagree with LePage’s delay of rules to expand access to overdose antidote
PPH: Groups on opposite sides of cannabis issue craft plan to save legalization bill
PPH: Maine secretary of state asks court to secure documents of Trump’s now-defunct voter fraud commission
PPH: Maine’s federal prosecutor says pot charges will be considered on a case-by-case basis
PPH (Oped): Greg Kesich: Why spend $12 million on ineffective program? It’s zombie politics
BDN: Maine’s federal prosecutor says he will focus on ‘hard drugs,’ not pot users
BDN (Ed): Maine business tax break program has failed. Lawmakers need better ideas to create jobs.
BDN: Maine Clean Election Fund needs another $1.7 million to ensure solvency in 2018
BDN: Dunlap intensifies legal fight with Trump over voter fraud panel records
BDN (Column): A LePage reading list for 2018
MP: Regulators Stall UMaine Offshore Wind Project
MP: Agreement Reached On Retail Marijuana In Maine, But It Could Be Again Delayed
MP: PUC Wants To Lower 911 Fee On Consumers’ Monthly Phone Bills
WCSH: State asks for input on how to spend Volkswagen settlement money
WABI: Marijuana Sales Moratorium Likely to be Extended As Lawmakers Continue Their Work
WABI: Governor’s Bill to Promote Forest Products & Wood Manufacturing Jobs to be Reworked
WABI: Bond Bill Calls for $15-Million for Local Infrastructure Projects
KJ/MS: Public-sector union shedding paid positions after new contract drops mandatory dues

January 9, 2018
PPH: Maine lawmakers continue debate over Pine Tree Development Zones
PPH: Maine lawmakers submit bills to improve care for those with intellectual disabilities
PPH: Longtime LePage chief of staff departs for federal job in Washington
PPH: Former Portland mayor Michael Brennan files to run for Legislature
PPH (Ed): Our View: Feds should not meddle with states’ pot laws
PPH (Ed): I was on Trump’s voter fraud commission and its demise was inevitable
BDN (Ed): There’s no evidence of voter fraud in Maine, so let’s stop wasting time on it
BDN: Former Portland mayor Brennan signals return to politics, files paperwork for House seat
MP: Justice Department Refuses to Release Voter Fraud Docs to Maine Election Chief
WMTW: Gov. LePage claims voter fraud, advocates for voter ID laws
PPH: Maine brewers stand to save about $1 million from less tax per barrel
PPH: Our View: Gov. LePage should know by now that naloxone saves lives

January 8, 2018
Seacoast Online: Maine Legislature faces Medicaid, legal pot issues
AP: Maine Governor Is Invited to Give Annual Speech to Lawmakers
MP (AP): Governor’s Bill Aimed At Growing Maine Manufacturing Jobs
TR: Online burn permit system should be safe, free and accessible to everyone
PPH (AP): Report on federal tax plan will help Maine comply with reforms
PPH (Bill Nemitz): Signature gathering all part of Election Day fun
PPH: LePage spent welfare dollars on after-school programs
PPH (Ed): LePage keeps playing politics with Riverview
KJ/MS: LePage stalls rules easing access to overdose antidote naloxone
BDN: Race to replace LePage adds stress to rifts between GOP legislative leaders
BDN: LePage again calls for stricter voter ID law in Maine
The County: 2018 could bring energy projects, trouble to Aroostook
LSJ: Bill would allow kids prescribed medical marijuana to receive it at school
LSJ: Paul LePage blocks overdose drug

January 4, 2018
PPH: Court orders Gov. LePage to release $3 million to workforce development board
PPH: Trump dissolves election fraud panel amid lawsuits, including one filed by Maine member
PPH: Critics warn against ban on signature gathering inside Maine polling places
PPH: Physician Edmund ‘Ned’ Claxton to run for state Senate seat being vacated by Eric Brakey
PPH: Legislature opens session, cancels hearings ahead of storm
PPH (Ed): Our View: Poll petition ban would silence voice of Maine public
BDN: LePage sends welfare cash to after-school programs to curb ‘out-of-wedlock pregnancies’
MP: Trump Disbands Voter Fraud Commission After Maine Secretary Of State Wins Judge’s Ruling
MP: Judge Orders LePage To Release $3 Million In Job Training Funds
BDN: Expert finds flaws in Maine law swapping caucus for presidential primary
LSJ: Move to restrict signature gathering at polls assailed at hearing
MP: Dental Board Appears Before Legislative Committee After Finding In Favor Of Lewiston Dentist
MP: Groups Gather At State House To Oppose Bill That Bars Petitions From Polling Places
MP: Grandfather Of Student Concerned About Net Neutrality Calls LePage’s Note ‘Disrespectful And Rude’
WCSH: Legislators deal with controversial bill on opening day
WABI: Maine Legislature Reconvenes to Begin Work on Many Contentious Bills

January 3, 2018
PPH: LePage dashes off unhelpful response to student’s concerns about loss of net neutrality
PPH (Ed): Airport directors: Facility charge supports critically needed Maine infrastructure
PPH (Ed): Our View: Student debt crisis an opportunity for Maine
BDN: Report: LePage tells teen concerned about net neutrality to ‘pick up a book’
BDN (Column): Maine politicians consider new ways to block direct democracy
BDN (Ed): As LePage calls for effective gun background checks, Trump undermines them
MP: Report: LePage Tells Maine High Schooler Concerned About Net Neutrality To ‘Pick Up A Book’
MP: Maine Legislature To Return For Action-Packed 2nd Session
MP: Hampden Detox Facility To Open Doors Wednesday
WCSH: Legislators head back to Augusta
AP: Maine lawmakers face costs besides Medicaid expansion
KJ/MS: Kennebec County officials: We’re worried about marijuana regulation costs
December 27, 2017
MP: State Gov’t Seeks Public Input on Energy Plan
MP: Maine House Speaker Proposes Job Training Boost
PPH: Independent lawmakers gain clout in Augusta with staff, office space
PPH: Two Portland Democrats running for state Senate
BDN: Look back in anger: Gridlock defined Maine politics in 2017
Scarborough Leader: Legislator unhappy about water rate hike
LSJ: Maine Legislature has two sexual misconduct complaints since 2008
The County: Caribou area Year in Review: A look back at 2017 (Part 1)

December 21, 2017
PPH: York County casino drive spent $146 per vote in futile bid to win voter approval
PPH (Ed): Our View: The future is now for self-driving vehicles
KJ/MS: Douglas Rooks: An old editor tries a new venture
MP: Aimed At Hunters, Bill Would Allow Guns On Grounds Of Maine Schools
MP: Maine Health Care Task Force Begins Work
MP: Commission Denies Petition For Expedited Wind Turbine Permitting
WCSH: Legislature looks to provide affordable health care for everyone     

December 20, 2017
PPH: Maine attorney general reviews Portland survey of HIV patients for privacy violations
PPH: Self-driving buses in Maine? Bill before the Legislature could make it happen
PPH (Ed): Our View: Reports raise questions on Maine’s public health
BDN: Former Bangor mayor joins race for governor
BDN (Oped): Maine has spoken on Medicaid expansion. It’s time to honor the result.
BDN (Ed): Maine needs action on expanding treatment access, not another opioid report
MP: Maine Regulators Order Power Companies To Explain October Storm Response
MP: Ethics Commissioners To Discuss Casino Investigation
MP: Public Advocate To Decide Whether Natural Gas Supplier Can Recoup Years Worth Of Underbillings
MP: Veterans Jobs Commission Holds First Meeting

December 19, 2017
PPH: Ann LePage endorses constitutional amendment to provide crime victims’ rights
PPH: Brunswick nonprofit argues for release of U.S. funds withheld by Gov. LePage
BDN: Job training group says it might be forced to close because of LePage
BDN (Ed): There’s no easy solution for Maine’s emptying schools
MP: Task Force Studying Rising Costs Of Special Education
MP: Court Hears Lawsuit Over $8 Million In Job Training Money Withheld By LePage
MP: Lawmakers To Consider Re-establishing Office That Advocates For Disabled Mainers
MP: Ann LePage Pressing For Amendment To Protect Crime Victims
AP: Advocates call for increased tobacco prevention funding

December 15, 2017
WVFX: Maine legislators want to raise lead testing standards
BDN OpEd (Sen. Cushing): Mainers can truly thrive under the Republican tax reforms
BDN: Bid by Maine lawmaker to label neo-Nazis as terrorists stalls
BDN: Report urges state to overhaul Maine’s entire juvenile justice system
BDN: Critics say task force recommendations overlook urgency of Maine’s drug crisis
Free Press: Eye on Augusta: LePage Appoints Corporate Lobbyist as His Deputy Chief of Staff
WGME: Unemployment system upgrade still causing frustration for filers
TR: How to pay for Medicaid expansion?
PPH: Review finds Long Creek is understaffed and ill-equipped to meet youths’ mental health needs
PPH: As ACA hangs in balance, health care task force pursues Maine-based solutions
PPH: Bill to regulate addiction recovery homes moves forward in Legislature