Economic recovery committee urges school reopenings, broadband expansion

This article reports on the first ‘quick start’ recommendations emerging from the Economic Recovery Committee. My own shorter-term priorities within the committee are as follows:

  • Provide necessary means for safety modifications and testing to resume safe and reliable operations at schools and child care facilities.
  • With special focus on those associated with the hospitality

Leading the way

“…a roadmap for reopening that could demonstrate a potential alternative to the quarantine requirement and do a better job of protecting both public and economic health.”

“…Asked whether the sentinel testing system could also be applied to schools in the fall, MDI Hospital COO Chrissy Maguire said, “that’s really the vision we’re trying to get

Climate Council working group recommendations

Since January, the Maine Climate Council’s working groups have been assembling, refining, and prioritizing recommendations to present to the full Council this week. You can now read these recommended strategies here: