Letter to federal delegation requesting support for small businesses and sole proprietors

24 March 2020

Dear Senator Collins, Senator King, Representative Pingree, and Representative Golden:

We come to you as a delegation during this time of pandemic crisis to ask you to do everything within your power to help vital Maine small businesses remain viable. COVID-19 is not only rampaging through our healthcare system, it is ravaging …

Legislature responds quickly to civil emergency

  • In rapid sequence, Legislature approves $76 million budget package geared toward pandemic, Press Herald, March 18, 2020
  • As a direct result of bipartisan collaboration with the Governor’s staff over the last week, an extraordinary amount of legislative work was moved and enacted yesterday.

    It has been a hectic week and a half of essential …

    Responding to civil emergency

    Over the weekend, the Governor’s people worked tirelessly with us in Legislature to gain bipartisan support for appropriations and emergency policy which will aid individuals, small businesses, and health care providers facing great challenges and uncertainty.

    Today we continue. Now is the time for Maine to pull together.

    Seeking a grand bargain on infrastructure

    I remain open using Maine’s General Fund appropriations for roads – but only as a part of a plan which generates sustainable funding, drives greater efficiency, and reduces emissions.