News – 2017

July 20
PPH: Child care advocates criticize plan to ease rules for in-home facilities
PPH: Anti-vaccine movement’s disregard for reality poses a threat for all of us
PPH (Op-ed): Commentary: Solar bill could help Mainers facing some of nation’s highest utility rates
PPH (Ed): Our view: On addiction response, it’s finally time to listen
BDN (Ed): This is Maine’s chance to start restoring its ability to look out for the public’s health
LSJ: Last-minute budget deal leaves Maine communities confused
MP: Land For Maine’s Future ‘Passport’ Site Highlights Recreation Opportunities
MP: Maine Lawmakers Set to Return to Deal with Governor’s Vetoes
July 18
WCSH: Could this bill help student loan debt in Maine?
WCSH: Lawmakers to decide how much state should borrow
WCSH: Colorado marijuana expert gives Maine lawmakers advice based on his state’s experience
BDN: What it would take for us to be encouraged by LePage’s change of heart on Narcan
Maine Public (AP): State Looking For Tips on Marijuana Policy
Maine Public: Legislature Looks to Pare Down $1 Billion in Bond Proposals to $150 Million Allowed in Budget
PPH: CMP chief: Lawmakers should sustain Gov. LePage’s veto of solar bill
TR (AP): Most new laws await Maine lawmakers’ official last day
July 17
BDN: Senate Democratic leader lashes out at Janet Mills over drug bill
Daily Bulldog: Politics and Other Mistakes: Triumphs and Tragedies
SJ: Lawmakers disregard Question 2; insult or right thing to do?
BDN OpEd (Fecteau): People with disabilities deserve our respect, not less than the minimum wage
MDI Islander OpEd (Goldthwait): Cries of ‘fake news’ are, well, fake
PPH Editorial: Our View: Time for lawmakers to override solar veto
PPH OpEd: Alan Caron: Glee of LePage and company over ‘victory’ good for laughs
JT (AP): New laws await Maine legislators last official day
July 15
PPH Editorial: Our View: With implied threat to President Trump, South Portland legislator crosses a line
BDN: Collins, Maine Democrats denounce anti-Trump rant by state rep
BDN Blog (Callahan): How Dems won by losing the education surtax
July 12
BDN: LePage rips Janet Mills a day after she launches campaign to succeed him
BDN Blog (Farmer): A warning for House Republicans: Trust LePage at your own peril
SJ (AP): Lawmakers return to Augusta to find funding for bills
SJ (AP): Adrienne Bennett resigns as Paul LePage’s press secretary
PPH: After Election Day, lawmakers treated the will of Maine voters as suggestions
PPH Editorial: Our View: Indifference at State House prolongs Maine’s opioid crisis
July 10
SJ (AP): Legislature still has work to do after state budget passed
SJ (AP): Paul LePage’s bills on career programs, veterans now law
MP (AP): Budget Saves Downeast Prison For Now
July 5
PPH: Both political parties claim victory in putting end to state shutdown
PPH: LePage signs budget, ending state government shutdown after 3 days
PPH: Greg Kesich: Gov. LePage engineered shutdown over insubstantial demands
BDN: Maine government shutdown ends after LePage and Gideon cut late-night budget deal
BDN (Farmer) No heroes in pitiful, unnecessary shutdown
MPBN: LePage Signs Budget, Putting End to Shutdown
KJ MS: Two Republican lawmakers say their cars were vandalized
SJ(AP): Gov. Paul LePage ends shutdown by signing $7.1B budget bill
SJ: Analysis: How the shutdown ended, and what’s next
WCSH: Shutdown ends, budget passed and signed
WVII: Maine’s government shutdown ended around 1 a.m. Tuesday
WVII: End of government shutdown may be near
WABI: LePage Signs New State Budget Into Law, Ending Shutdown
WAGM: Governor LePage signs new state budget into law
WAGM: A tentative agreement is in place for a new state budget
Fox: Maine’s Government Shutdown Ends After Budget Deal Reached
Boston Globe: Maine’s budget impasse continues as state leaders work to find common ground
KJ MS: LePage spokeswoman denies reports that governor going on vacation during shutdown, budget talks
WSJ: Maine’s Government Shutdown Ends After Budget Deal Reached
July 3
BDN: New effort to break Maine budget stalemate defies LePage demand for no tax hike
BDN: LePage allies tweak budget offer but government shutdown lurches into third day
BDN: Live blog: Follow Maine’s government shutdown
BDN (Dutson): House GOP shuts down government to please their Dear Leader LePage
PPH: Negotiators reach new budget deal as shutdown enters third day
PPH: Budget battle risks depleting services for those with cognitive disabilities
SJ (AP): Paul LePage says he wants a budget, not more delays
Maine Public: Special Panel Reaches Another Budget Agreement, as Shutdown Enters Day Three
WCSH: Latest budget vote expected today
WCSH: Gov. lePage to give state employees Monday off with pay
WCSH: State workers watch and wait for budget, thank senators
WGME: Legislative leaders reach budget agreement late Sunday evening
WMTW: New plan could end shutdown on Monday
WABI: Legislators Voting on New Bipartisan Budget amidst Government Shutdown
WABI: Budget Update
June 29
PPH: As shutdown deadline looms, Republicans offer to increase school funding by $146.7 million
PPH: LePage says he opposes Senate Republican health care bill
PPH: Amended Maine solar incentive bill appears poised for passage
PPH: Augusta area businesses start to plan for possible state government shutdown
BDN: What to expect if state government shuts down
BDN: Maine budget negotiators work toward a last-minute deal to avoid shutdown
BDN: Solar energy compromise heads to LePage with enough support to withstand veto
BDN: Why LePage might not get a budget to veto before shutdown
LSJ: Legislature moves closer to budget deal
PPH: Voter-approved ranked-choice voting stays in effect as repeal bills fail
PPH (ed): Commentary: Gov. LePage misinforms public in push to end land trust tax exemptions
PPH: Possible state shutdown has businesses wary of a ripple effect
MP: Solar Energy Compromise Heads to LePage With Enough Support to Withstand Veto
MP: Fresh Maine Law Lets Municipalities Regulate Local Food Production
MP: Ranked-Choice Voting Supporters Consider People’s Veto if Legislature Scraps Law
MP: Lawmaker: ‘We Will Be Working Around The Clock Until A Budget Is In Place’
WMTW: LePage: ‘A shutdown is necessary for the future of Maine’
WCSH: A day before deadline, lawmakers hold out hope for budget deal
WCSH: Gov. LePage sends memo on possible government shutdown to state employees
WGME: Government shutdown could seriously affect state employees’ pay
WGME: State offices, agencies prepare to close for potential shutdown
WVII: Any budget will need Governor Paul LePage’s signature by midnight Friday
June 28
PPH: Growing prospect of shutdown casts a pall over State House
PPH: Maine lawmakers divided over ranked-choice voting
PPH: Maine AG Janet Mills: Let’s shine a light on high drug prices and go after ‘gougers’
PPH: Our View: Student borrowers 
have been let down by Maine Legislature
PPH: LePage drives Maine toward irrational day of reckoning
KJ/MS: George Smith: Put me in the Blaine House
BDN: LePage: ‘I believe we’re going to shut down Friday night’
BDN: Maine Senate votes to scrap ranked-choice election system
BDN: DAVID FARMER Sacrificing everything at the altar of tax cuts
BDN: To reach a budget deal, Maine needs leadership from LePage, not a game of chicken
LSJ: What would a state shutdown look like?
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage visits Washington on Wednesday
LSJ: Former state worker recalls 1991 government shutdown
MP: LePage Heads for Washington as State Shutdown Looms
MP: Conflicting Votes Cloud Future of Ranked-Choice Voting Measure
MP: LePage Signs Bill Into Law to Restore Maine Tip Credit
WCSH: Governor LePage heads to Washington as budget shutdown looms
WCSH: Bride-to-be getting marriage license early for fear of state shutdown
WCSH: Protests erupt with just three days until budget deadline
WABI: Governor LePage Plans for Government Shutdown Friday
WSJ: U.S.Maine Lawmakers Debate Whether to Keep Voter-Backed Tax on High-Income Earners
June 27
PPH: As state’s budget clock runs out, lawmakers only inch closer to deal
PPH: LePage signs tip credit restoration bill
PPH: LePage to meet with Trump on energy issues
PPH Editorial: Our View: LePage is trying to shut down state government
BDN: As LePage shutdown threat looms, budget deal eludes Maine lawmakers
ICYMI BDN Editorial: LePage administration should tell Mainers what it plans to do with $34.5M it shifted from TANF
BDN (OpEd)  Maine needs leadership, not acrimony, to pass a budget
MPBN: Maine Lawmakers Still Deadlocked on Budget as Shutdown Deadline Nears
KJ MS: Newport-based RSU 19 calls on state to fund schools at mandated 55 percent
SJ: Paul LePage tells Dems to pass GOP budget or there will be a shutdown
SJ (BDN): Paul LePage tells Dems to pass GOP budget or there will be a shutdown
WCSH: Teachers, union members rally to pass budget, avoid government shutdown
WMTW: Looming shutdown puts vacation plans in limbo
WVII: State lawmakers may be closer to a budget agreement
KJ MS (LTE) Solar bill means new jobs for Maine
KJ MS (LTE: Betsy Sweet) Take care of all vulnerable Mainers
June 26
PPH Editorial: Our View: Best call would be no phoning while driving
CBS News: Discord over education funding threatens to shut down Maine government
BDN: How Maine reached the brink of a government shutdown
BDN OpEd (Dana Connors): Maine should fear being labeled a high tax state. Just look at Connecticut.
SJ: State House efforts to combat drug epidemic gets mixed reviews
MP: Bring Your Own Device: State Now Letting Schools Decide Hardware To Buy Under Laptop Program
MP: State Employees’ Union Urges Lawmakers to Reach Budget Compromise
MP (AP): Department Releases Details of Proposed Psychiatric Facility
MP: Ranked-Choice Voting Amendment Fails In House
PPH: Bill would deregulate sales of Maine products at farms
PPH: Maine House votes to raise legal age to buy tobacco
PPH: Constitutional amendment to fix ranked-choice voting falters in Maine House
PPH: State workers say much is at risk if government shuts down
PPH OpEd: Commentary: Ideology shouldn’t trump practical solutions, LePage energy adviser says
WCSH (AP): Maine governor signs food sovereignty bill into law
WCSH: Downeast prison offers public tour, but no cameras
June 24
PPH: House Republicans make counter-offer on Maine budget stalemate
PPH: Maine Senate backs bill to raise minimum age for buying tobacco to 21
PPH: Maine Senate gives initial approval to bill aimed at lowering prescription prices
KJ/MS: Bill gives towns ability to regulate location of medical marijuana grow facilities
BDN: To break budget stalemate, holdout House GOP offers $125 million in education funding
BDN OpEd (Rep. Martin): No one wins in government shutdown. Let’s not make the same mistake again.
BDN: Maine bill would hike age to buy tobacco to 21, but still allow smoking at 18
BDN OpEd (Rep. Sampson): It’s not enough to spend more on education. We must direct money where it’s most needed.
BDN OpEd (Sen. Langley): A state shutdown doesn’t need to happen. We have a reasonable budget on the table.
BDN Editorial: Now the important work can begin to cut the number of Maine’s infant deaths
BDN OpEd (Sen. Gratwick): House Republicans can’t hold the budget hostage just to overturn a voter-approved law
SJ (AP): Maine state workers fear looming government shutdown
SJ (AP): Future of new ranked-choice voting system remains unclear
SJ: Gov. Paul LePage says no to ‘noxious’ spinach bill
SJ OpEd (Reps. Vachon, Handy): Mainers hurt by drug company tactics
Maine Public (AP): Bill Would Give Preference to Maine, US Companies
Maine Public: Democrats Reject GOP’s Proposed Compromise Budget
Maine Public: Maine Lawmakers Consider Raising Smoking Age To 21
WVFX: Bill banning hand-held devices while driving moves forward
WVFX: Lawmakers vote to extend session to continue working towards budget agreement
WVFX: Equal pay legislation awaits Governor’s decision
WGME: Budget battle continues in Augusta
Free Press: Eye on Augusta: Ban on Cell Phones While Driving, Wage Hikes, Teacher Contracts, Etc.
Free Press: Maine Gets Extension on REAL ID Compliance
Free Press: With the Deadline Days Away, Budget Negotiations Still at an Impasse
June 22
PPH: Maine Senate sets aside legislation to repeal ranked-choice voting law
PPH: Midcoast legislator charged with OUI
PPH: Bill to outlaw drivers’ use of hand-held devices has few opponents
PPH: Legislature votes to extend session to try to resolve budget impasse
PPH: State workers bracing for worst as threat of a shutdown looms
PPH: Solar bill gets initial approval in House, but it lacks votes to survive veto
PPH (Ed): Our View: Solar bill would let Maine 
grow clean energy jobs
Food and Water Watch: Who Wants to Kill Solar Power in Maine?
BDN: DHHS is paying more for child care — after saying it wasn’t allowed to
BDN: Your guide to what stands between Maine and a state budget
BDN: Maliseets continue pursuit of casino for The County
BDN (Column): MAINELY THOUGHTS Dear 129th Maine State Legislature: I look forward to your arrival
BDN (Ed): House Republicans can’t hold the budget hostage just to overturn a voter-approved law
LSJ: Bill limiting doctor gifts from drug companies passes Maine Legislature
LSJ: Senate, House disagree on bill some fear could lead to abortion restrictions
LSJ: House Dems, GOP spar over police bills, highway funding and procedure
LSJ: Legislature extends session an extra 5 days to work on budget
MP: Questions Linger After LePage’s Finance Chief Resigns At Height Of Budget Talks
MP: Senate Ties on Bill to Let Voters Amend Constitution to Allow Ranked-Choice Voting
MP: Lawmakers Override LePage’s Veto of Cellphone Fee For Maine School and Library Fund
MP: Bill To Halt New Solar Rules Could Face Veto
WCSH: How a partial government shutdown would affect Maine state parks
WMTW: Bill bans use of handheld devices while driving
WGME: Government to shut down if no budget deal by July 1
WVII: Equal pay legislation awaits Governor’s decision
WVII: Here’s what happens if the government shuts down
June 21
PPH: Legislature passes bill to rein in drug company perks for doctors
PPH: Gov. LePage to state agencies: Prepare for partial shutdown
PPH: Legislature passes bill that would prohibit use of hand-held phones while driving
PPH: Student loan servicer fights states’ moves to boost oversight
PPH (Ed): Our View: More needy children in Maine deserve quality early care
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Legislature should fully fund Commission on Indigent Legal Services
BDN: DAVID FARMER If elections don’t matter, can we reconsider a few others?
KJ (Column): From the State House: Generic drug bill would offer greater access to affordable care
BDN: Maine Legislature votes to ban cellphone use while driving
BDN: LePage preps for shutdown while predicting it won’t happen
BDN: The big spenders in Augusta are throwing fiscal sanity out the door
LSJ: House blocks statewide teacher contract proposal sought by LePage
LSJ: Paul LePage threatens budget veto, says shutdown would be Dems’ fault
LSJ: Bill to prohibit discussing wage history with employers faces uncertain future
MP: LePage Prepping State Offices For Partial Government Shutdown Amid Budget Conflict
MP: What If Maine Gov’t Shutdown Happens? A Look Back to 1991 May Contain Some Clues
MP: Bill Seeks to Increase Jury Pools Across Maine’s Court System
MP: Governor LePage Signs Local ‘Food Sovereignty’ Bill Into Law
MP: Legislature Closer to Outlawing Hand-Held Devices While Driving
WCSH: Legislature passes bill that would ban use of handheld devices while driving
WCSH: LePage: won’t sign budget that’s bad for maine even if shutdown looms
WMTW: LePage to determine ‘Essential workers’ in event of shutdown
WGME: Gov. LePage warns government shutdown is imminent
WABI: Statewide Teacher Contract Bill Fails to Advance to Senate
WVII: Shutdown fears grow as budget stalemate continues
WVOM: Gideon on George Hale/Ric Tyler
June 20
PPH: Maine attorney general joins investigation of painkiller makers
PPH (Ed): Our View: Time to restore online burn permits – because they work
PPH: Budget breakthrough proves elusive for Maine lawmakers
PPH: House upholds LePage veto of bill to shield those who report drug overdoses
KJ/MS: Online open burn permit bill gets initial approval from Senate
BDN: LePage signs bill to probe Maine infant deaths
BDN: LePage signs food sovereignty law, the first of its kind in the nation
BDN: LePage’s leverage grows with each day Maine gets closer to government shutdown
BDN: Attorney general: Maine doesn’t need to fix the way it looks at fatal police shootings
BDN: As adjournment looms, Maine lawmakers to vote on slew of vetoes but no budget
BDN (Ed): Let’s be clear: Eliminating Maine’s education surtax is a tax cut for the wealthy
BDN (Column): House Republicans join LePage in push for shutdown
LSJ: Lawmakers oppose plan to create safe centers for drug addicts
MP: All Voter-Approved Initiatives From 2016 Ballot In Flux In Legislature
MP: Lawmakers Override Governor LePage’s Veto Of Water Testing Bill
MP: School Funding Still Holding Up Budget Negotiations
WCSH: Threat of government shutdown worries nature lovers on Maine State Park Day
WMTW: Budget impasse sets stage for government shutdown
WABI: State Government Shutdown Looms as Lawmakers Fail to Reach Budget Compromise
WVII: Lawmakers still no closer to budget agreement
June 19
BDN: What LePage really plans to do with $100M meant for Maine families in poverty
BDN: Maine lawmakers reject call to create drug safe houses
BDN: LePage rejoins Maine budget fight as shutdown fears grow
BDN Editorial: Prisons are largely unaccountable under LePage. Lawmakers can respond by strengthening oversight.
Maine Public: With Budget Talks Stalling, Maine Borrows Congress Tactics
Maine Public: Gov. LePage Vetoes Safe Drinking Water Bill
Maine Public: House Votes Against Bill to Create State Facilities for Illegal Drug Use
Maine Public: House OKs Bill Tightening Requirements For Citizen-Initiated Ballot Questions
SJ (AP): Maine passes law to allow 12-month supply of birth control
SJ: Lawmakers seek to cool controversy on open burn permits
SJ: Maine’s probate courts may get long-delayed overhaul
PPH: LePage bill, intended to create jobs, would have given special deal to Irving
PPH: Chaos of 1991 shows potential impact of government shutdown
PPH: Study: Early Head Start fails to serve thousands of Maine children
PPH: State budget talks remain at impasse as most lawmakers head home for the weekend
PPH OpEd: Rep. Chace: Generic drug bill would offer greater access to affordable care
PPH Editorial: Our View: Mandatory license suspension won’t end Maine’s addiction crisis
WCSH: Gov. LePage holds meeting on stalled budget talks
WCSH: Budget stalemate reminds State House veterans of 1991 shutdown
The Hil (OpEd): Will Maine Democrats stand up for tax fairness?
June 16
PPH: Negotiators still far apart on state budget agreement
PPH: New law allows women to receive up to 12-month supply of birth control
PPH (Ed): Our View: Gov. LePage wins bond fight, but Maine seniors will suffer
BDN: LePage is coming to Portland to throw a hotel key into the bay
BDN (Column): Government shutdown is better than budget nonsense
KJ/MS: Tom Waddell: Maine Senate wrong to deny secular invocation
KJ/MS: From the State House: Raise rates, end waitlists for most vulnerable adults
KJ/MS: Sen. Roger Katz: Column misstated position on state budget
MP: Six-Member Budget Panel Remains Deadlocked as State Shutdown Looms
MP: Committee Divided On Bill To Suspend Driver’s Licenses For Drug Offenses
MP: Maine’s New Public Advocate is On The Job
LSJ: State committee gets earful about mental health deficiencies
WABI: Six-Member Legislative Panel Tasked with Resolving State Budget Dispute
June 14
PPH: Maine finance chief Richard Rosen resigns
PPH: Maine House passes bill to restore tip credit to minimum wage law
PPH: LePage asks to end sales of ‘nips’ liquor bottles
PPH: Maine House narrowly rejects bill to create crime of ‘female genital mutilation’
PPH: Maine bill to bar minors from using tanning beds goes nowhere
PPH: Broadband bill gains support in Legislature
PPH: Bill to require review of for-profit colleges heads to LePage’s desk
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine fails to step up for young people with mental illness
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: LePage battle against the ‘nips’ amounts to political littering
BDN: Six lawmakers will decide if Maine gets a budget or a government shutdown
BDN: Maine House Democrats join GOP to restore ‘tip credit’ for servers
BDN: LePage finance chief resigns as Maine budget fight rages
BDN: LePage calls Legislature ‘the laziest bunch I have ever seen’
LSJ: Gov. LePage asks liquor bureau to ban ‘nips’; move would hurt Lewiston bottler
LSJ: Senate overrides LePage veto of school truancy measure
LSJ: Missing phrase in law hindering expanded access to Narcan
MP: Maine House, Senate Move to Restore Tip Credit
MP: Committee Aims To Issue Compromise Budget By Week’s End
MP: Maine Attorney General Joins Suit to Force Energy Efficiency Rules
MP: Maine Governor Draws Line in Sand During Budget Deadlock
WCSH: Voters head to polls for statewide $50M referendum
WCSH: Special committee formed to find budget compromise
June 13
PPH: LePage ashamed to be part of ‘this government’
PPH: Legislators set aside bill to switch time zones, end twice-a-year clock changes
PPH: State House leaders agree to disagree on 2-year budget plan
PPH: Maine lawmakers approve change to law broadening access to naloxone
BDN: Democrats move to send Maine budget to special panel
BDN: Maine Legislature endorses bill to beef up rural broadband agency
BDN: Maine Senate dumps proposal to hold union-busting votes every two years
BDN: Behind the scenes of reporting on prisons under LePage
BDN (Ed): Maine has strong prison oversight laws. Lawmakers and correctional leaders should follow them.
BDN: Pharmacists may soon be able to sell Narcan without a prescription
MP: State Budget Plan to be Hammered Out in Public
PPH (OpEd): Maine Voices: Time for Maine lawmakers to lead the transition to a clean energy economy
WABI: Legislative Committee to Work on Bill to Take Over Northern Maine Dam on U.S. Canadian Border.
WVII: Budget battle continues in Augusta
June 12
BDN Editorial: Maine is on a disastrous path — if it ever wants to benefit from solar energy
SJ: By a single vote, House knocks out bill sought by pro-life activists
SJ: Maine House upholds veto of bill to release $15M senior housing bonds
Maine Public: Maine Lawmakers Seek Way Past School Funding Roadblock
Maine Public: Lawmakers Ax Bill to Take State Aid Away from Immigrants
PPH: Bill to allow lawsuits over fetal deaths falls short in House
WGME: Maine state budget stalls over school funding as deadline approaches
June 9
BDN: Feds again condemn Riverview care, order Maine to repay $51 million
BDN: Watchdogs revealed crisis in Maine’s youth prison. LePage let them go.
BDN: House GOP stands with LePage to keep stalling $15 million senior housing bond
BDN: Maine House strongly endorses new effort to arm forest rangers
BDN OpEd (Rep. Kornfield): We tried to compromise on education funding. But Republicans refuse to consider it.
BDN OpEd: Public health nurses are critical to defending Mainers against disease outbreaks
SJ: Senate rejects Nate Libby measure for more welfare oversight
SJ (AP): LePage nominates ex-U.S. attorney Delahanty to return to state bench
SJ (AP): Two Republicans, union say LePage emptying Washington County prison
SJ: Senate shelves request for Maine to endorse Paris climate deal
PPH: Bill to crack down on lobster cheaters heads for final approval
PPH: U.S. demands return of $51 million in federal funds that Maine spent at Riverview
PPH: Ranked-choice voting bills go to full Legislature for debate
PPH Editorial: Our View: Southern Maine casino backers should get serious state scrutiny
PPH: Senior housing bond bill falls to LePage veto
MP: Feds: Maine Owes $51M for Riverview Violations
MP: Maine House Joins Senate in Supporting Public Health Nurses
WVFX: House votes to arm forest rangers
WVFX: Affordable school lunches still in need of funding
June 8
PPH: Lawmakers override LePage veto, adopt mining restrictions
PPH: House Democratic budget proposal criticized by teacher’s union, Republicans
PPH: Senate votes to restore tip credit
PPH: With broad support, Maine Senate passes bill to boost public health nurses
PPH: Transportation bonds at center of Maine power struggle ready to sell
PPH (Oped): Our View: Ranked-choice voters should not be forgotten
KJ/MS: Faith community stands with immigrants in Augusta
BDN: Maine lawmakers buck LePage, pass mineral mining rules after years of debate
BDN: LePage preparing to grant more inmates early releases, says corrections chief
BDN: LePage’s latest salvo in energy fight aims to link long-term energy deals to forest jobs
BDN: Maine drinkers, get ready to start paying a deposit on your nip bottles
BDN: Democratic offer to trim voter-approved surtax fails to break Maine budget impasse
BDN: Watchdogs revealed crisis in Maine’s youth prison. LePage let them go.
BDN (Ed): Maine seniors need affordable housing. House Republicans shouldn’t stand in the way.
BDN (Oped): It’s time to get real about the unsustainable cost of Maine’s public education system
MP: Senate OKs Bill to Reinstate Lower Minimum Wage for Tipped Workers
MP: Legislature Overrides LePage Veto of Mining Regulations
MP: 2 Republicans, Union Say LePage is Emptying Out Downeast Correctional Facility
MP: Deposit On Mini Liquor Bottles Becomes Law After Senate Overrides LePage Veto
LSJ: Public health nurses win over Senate, look to House next
WCSH: Party pressure builds as state budget deadline looms
June 7
PPH: House upholds LePage veto of bill to encourage reporting of overdoses
PPH: LePage in Finland on forest products trade mission
PPH: House votes to quash LePage’s veto of ‘nips’ bottle-deposit bill
PPH: LePage wants state to take over paper mill’s dam
PPH (Ed): Another View: Tax surcharge would drive business from Maine
PPH (oped): Maine Voices: LePage misrepresented Maine opinion on national monument
BDN:Maine House rejects LePage veto of nip bottle deposit bill
BDN (Ed): Lawmakers need a viable way to complete the job voters gave them
BDN (column): Everyone deserves to eat. No exceptions.
BDN (Column): Voters told us to fully fund our public schools. Instead, Republicans play budget games.
BDN (Ed): Maine lawmakers smartly nix bizarre bill from LePage
LSJ: House seeks to make lying to legislators a felony
LSJ: Maine House votes to override LePage’s nip deposit veto
LSJ: Lawmakers gun down bill that sought to arm more college students
MP: Maine House Narrowly Approves Bill Allowing Some Local Gun Control
WCSH: Frustration over lack of marijuana growing rules in Scarborough
June 6
PPH: As promised, LePage vetoes bill to impose nickel deposit on ‘nips’ bottles
LSJ: Democratic lawmakers try to soften welfare rules proposed by Paul LePage
BDN: Maine ethics watchdog questions casino referendum funding
BDN: Mary Mayhew launches campaign to replace LePage in 2018
BDN: Maine lawmakers will decide fate of ranked-choice voting. Signs point to repeal.
BDN (Ed): Maine lawmakers smartly nix bizarre bill from LePage
BDN (Oped): Rural Maine can’t wait for solar energy
MP: House Passes Compromise To Fund Broadband For Maine Schools, Libraries
MP: LePage Vetoes Bill Adding Deposit to Mini Liquor Bottles
MP: Maine Ethics Staff Recommends Deeper Probe Into Controversial Casino Campaign
MP: Maine Lawmakers Facing Crunch as End of Session Looms
WCSH: Defenders of poor work without pay as lawmakers debate
WABI: State Budget-Writing Committee Issues Four-Way Divided Report
June 5
PPH Editorial: Our View: Public records should remain public property
PPH Editorial: Our View: House Republicans snared in trap of their own making
KJ/MS OpEd (Jackson/Langley): From the State House: Vote yes to make prescription drugs cheaper in Maine
MP: Committee Split On Party Lines Over 2-Year State Budget
MP: Supporters Urge Maine Lawmakers to Retain Ranked Choice Voting Law
BDN Editorial: It’s easy to see through Mary Mayhew’s deception on what helps Maine’s poorest
BDN: Food sovereignty bill passes in Maine House, Senate
SJ (AP): Lawmakers expect ‘long, tough fight’ over Maine budget
PPH: Maine would be among first states to impose work requirements, premiums on Medicaid recipients
PPH: Maine lawmakers hear passionate debate on ranked-choice voting
PPH: Maine budget negotiators deadlock over 3 percent tax surcharge for education
Mainebiz: LePage: Maine still an ‘anti-business’ state
June 2
BDN: Two LePage bills related to addiction are likely dead
BDN: 15 inmates moved from Down East prison as state prepares to close it
BDN: Why Maine’s budget talks are going nowhere fast
PPH: Rooftop solar bill advances, but Republican opposition foreshadows fight
PPH: LePage vows to veto any school funding increase that doesn’t include education reforms
PPH: House rejects LePage bill to require doctors to report pregnant drug users
PPH: Supporters of ranked-choice voting call on legislators to adopt parts of law
PPH: Maine Senate approves Butera as labor commissioner
MP: LePage Says He’ll Veto Budget If It Doesn’t Overhaul School Funding Formula
WMTW: Nearly 50 Mainers rally in support of ranked-choice voting
WABI: Republicans & Democrats at Odds Over How Education Gets Funded in Budget
June 1
PPH: Senate Republicans offer $100 million for schools if voter-approved tax surcharge is repealed
PPH: LePage: Released prisoners could fill job vacancies in tourism industry
PPH: Maine lawmakers examine whether to copyright public meeting recordings
PPH (Ed): Our View: Commutations will do little to solve Maine’s worker shortage
PPH: Maine House Republican leader: Education spending must be efficient, effective
PPH: Maine Voices: Proven program gives children the social and emotional skills needed to succeed at learning
BDN: LePage veto leaves Maine ‘blue law’ in effect, keeping groceries closed on 3 holidays
BDN: Partisan gulf on school aid stalemates Maine budget talks
BDN (Ed): Washington County prison mess provides opportunity to improve corrections system
BDN (Oped): The hasty move to close Downeast Correctional will only hurt Washington County
BDN (oped): Maine people wanted a better way to vote. It’s time to enshrine it in the Constitution.
10 reasons I can’t celebrate Mary Mayhew’s departure from DHHS
LSJ: Larry Lockman’s immigration bill fails in Maine House
LSJ: Paul LePage to decide fate of truancy measure for youngest students
MP: As Budget Deadline Nears, Maine Lawmakers Still Wrestling With School Funding
MP: Maine House Rejects Anti-Sanctuary City Bill
MP: LePage Prevails in Battle Over Allowing Stores to Open on Holidays
WCSH: Businesses already inquiring after inmates set for early release
WCSH: Budget deadline has legislative leaders worried
WCSH: Senate president suggests $100M budget compromise
May 31
PPH: Progressive activist Betsy Sweet announces bid for Maine governor
PPH: Maine Voices: Why do so many Republicans spurn Clean Election financing?
BDN: LePage blasts GOP state senator for backing away from prison closure deal
BDN: Maine won’t be joining states that want a constitutional convention
BDN: Maine looks to funnel more tourism dollars to smaller communities
BDN: Maine House backs test fee to fund push against arsenic in private wells
LSJ: Paul LePage to decide fate of truancy measure for youngest students
LSJ: Paul LePage says he freed inmates to secure more summer workers
MP: Commissioner: Female Prisoners in Maine Could be Next on Commutation List
MP: Committee Makes Recommendation for Labor Commissioner
WCSH: Sweet parlays left-wing activism into gubernatorial bid
WCSH: Governor says Downeast Correctional Facility will not stay open
May 30
PPH: Maine law firm sues state over delay in granting public records requests
PPH: Bill would make lifetime driver’s license suspension permanent
PPH: Lawmakers say they’re trying to stop a casino developer from gaming the system
PPH (Ed): Our View: Mary Mayhew has a history of misplaced priorities
MP: DHHS Administrator To Take Over Department, For Now
SJ (AP): Paul LePage tweaks budget proposal to boost legal fund, stop anti-bias program
SJ (AP): Maine governor, many lawmakers at odds with 4 referendums
SJ: State says no pay til July; longtime Lewiston defense attorney moves on
PPH: Maine Voices: It will take more than a tax surcharge to keep doctors away from Maine
PPH: Charles Lawton: Fewer births, too little in-migration give education system a people problem
KJ/MS: Litchfield man cries foul over cancellation of ‘secular’ invocation for Maine Senate
May 26
BDN: LePage expected to keep Down East prison open after recommending closure
BDN: Mills asks court to dismiss LePage’s lawsuit against her
BDN: Why some Maine Democrats would shut down state government
BDN Editorial: Fewer people should be in prison, but hasty LePage plan has many flaws
PPH: Top LePage adviser to become Trump speechwriter
PPH: Committee rejects LePage plan to merge turnpike authority with DOT
PPH: State House leaders allow opposing bills to address ranked-choice voting
PPH: LePage may offer to keep Downeast prison open 9 more months
PPH: Attorney general asks court to dismiss LePage’s lawsuit against her
PPH (AP): State report shows mixed bag for Mainers dropped from welfare
PPH: Lawmakers give initial approval to marijuana regulatory bill
PPH OpEd (Saviello): Five-cent deposit on ‘nips’ would reduce Maine’s roadside litter
SJ: LePage’s plan to dissolve turnpike authority hits speed bump
SJ: Brakey’s bid to limit TANF payments faces long odds
WGME: Maine Legislature rejects closing Downeast prison
WVFX: Conflicting reports about prison sentences being commuted coming out of Augusta
WMTW: Insider speaks out about proposed staffing cuts at Long Creek
May 25
PPH: Welfare reformer Mary Mayhew to leave Maine DHHS
PPH: Senate bucks LePage and votes to fund Washington County prison
PPH: Our View: When it comes to Maine teachers’ pay, keep it simple
PPH: Maine Voices: Minimum-wage hike as godsend: $30 more per week changes my life
PPH: Bill Nemitz: After a few misses, LePage nails argument against nips
BDN: Mary Mayhew to leave LePage administration
BDN: How Mary Mayhew consolidated control over Maine’s largest state agency
BDN: Maine Senate votes to fund Machiasport prison, setting up showdown with LePage
BDN (Ed): Cutting aid to poor people doesn’t magically make them less poor
BDN (Column): DAVID FARMER Lawmakers on dangerous ground when they ignore voters
BDN (Column): PINE TREE POLITICS Ranked-choice failure was avoidable
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage addresses Auburn-Lewiston Rotary Club breakfast
LSJ: Paul LePage to commute sentences of several ‘lower-risk’ prison inmates
MP: Mary Mayhew’s Resignation Fuels Speculation About Governor’s Race
MP: Senate OKs Measure to Fund Downeast Correctional Facility for 2 Years
MP: Republicans, Democrats at Odds in Maine Budget Negotiations
WCSH: LePage announces DHHS commissioner Mary Mayhew to leave
WMTW: Lawmakers concerned about LePage’s plan to set certain prisoners free
WGME: Democrats speculate DHHS commissioner is stepping down to run for governor
May 24
PPH: Maine high court says ranked-choice voting is unconstitutional
PPH: Governor’s minimum wage bill proposes slower increase and $11 cap
PPH: Maine House rejects ‘death with dignity’ bill
PPH: Maine Legislature’s education panel votes 6-5 against statewide teachers contract
PPH: LePage to commute some prisoner sentences
PPH: Maine resolution would aid scheme to rewrite U.S. Constitution
PPH (oped): Greg Kesich: Court gives new life to flawed election system that gave us LePage
PPH (oped): Commentary: Dunlap badly mistaken in agreeing to serve on Trump voter fraud panel
BDN: As LePage eyes early release for inmates, lawmakers prep fight to save Down East prison
BDN: Maine Supreme Judicial Court rules ranked-choice voting unconstitutional
BDN: Bill to let infant death review group do its job gets initial approval
BDN: ‘Leading edge’ restrictions on electricity sellers become Maine law
BDN: Maine House votes against physician-assisted suicide
BDN (ed): All signs point to monument being positive addition to Maine, even if LePage tries to hide it
LSJ: Next up for ‘nips’ bill: a near-certain veto
LSJ: Republicans say statewide teacher contract could aid rural districts
LSJ: Legislature passes bill to limit PAC expenditures
LSJ: Legislators eye path for skilled veterans to get better jobs
MP: Ranked-Choice Voting Supporters Seek Constitutional Amendment
MP: Death With Dignity Bill Fails in Maine House
MP: LePage to Commute Sentences of Unspecified Number of Maine Prisoners
MP: Legislature Holds on Gov. LePage’s Budget Due to Questions About Downeast Jail Closing
WCSH: Maine Supreme Court finds ranked-choice voting law unconstitutional
WCSH: Movies in Maine: Bill would give more incentives to film producers
The Forecaster: Lawmakers vow to fight for ranked-choice voting
May 23
PPH (Oped): Maine House speaker: Republicans must do their part to fully fund schools  
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Bill would help restore Maine’s ailing public health nursing system
PPH (ed): Our View: LePage lacks leadership in prison shutdown flap
PPH: LePage administration won’t install road signs for Katahdin national monument
PPH: Legislative committee wants answers about LePage plan to close prison
BDN: Lawmakers want hearings on the closure of Down East prison
BDN: History tells us that Maine voters will pass a $50 million bond in June
BDN (Ed): A secretive government makes everyone else suspicious
BDN (oped): The state budget is too important to negotiate behind closed doors
BDN (column): Hello. My name is Mr. Irrelevant
AP: Maine panel recommends bill to help chronic pain patients
MP: Legislature Holds on Gov. LePage’s Budget Due to Questions About Downeast Jail Closing
May  22
SJ Editorial: Our View: Deleting records will wreck the public trust
MP (AP): Committee Recommends Bill to Help Chronic Pain Patients
PPH: Compromise on a Maine budget deal looks to be ‘tough lift’
WCSH: Lawmaker asks ethics commission about anti-hunger bill
Foster’s: Bill could halt new York County Courthouse
BDN: How much LePage’s plan to end Maine Turnpike Authority could cost drivers
BDN: LePage refuses to put up road signs for North Woods national monument
BDN: State to close Machiasport prison next month
BDN: LePage’s Bangor psychiatric facility would not be run by the state
BDN (Callahan): LePage, Mayhew and their restriction-happy stewardship of DHHS
BDN Editorial: Maine GOP can’t keep ignoring the wage crisis among workers caring for the sick, dying
SJ: Lawmakers weigh who can obtain medical records of the dead
MP: Lawmakers Reject Proposal to Eliminate Pet Food Surcharge
MP: LePage’s Moves to Shut Down Prison Draw Concern
MP: LePage Proposal Would Require TANF Applicants to Take Written Drug Test
PPH: Governor’s pitch against junk food renewed
PPH Editorial: Our View: In Gov. LePage’s view, no one has right answers but him
PPH OpEd: Rep. Cebra: Gun-free campuses are magnets for murderers
WVFX: Downeast prison set to close in June
WLBZ: State to close Downeast Correctional Facility next month
May 19
PPH: Veto override puts plan for Gorham-to-turnpike toll road in motion
PPH: Committee rejects bill that would set up safe places for using illegal drugs
PPH: Legislative panel unanimously rejects pesticides bill proposed by LePage
PPH: LePage bill to shut down Maine Turnpike Authority goes to committee
PPH: LePage pledges to match donations for charter school robotics team
PPH: Maine House approves strict mining rules
BDN: Bill that restores public health nursing program earns initial approval
BDN: Physician-assisted suicide gains Maine Senate OK but is unlikely to be enacted
BDN: Hidden costs lurk in LePage plan to charge, penalize MaineCare recipients
BDN: Mining rule compromise sailing for passage after Maine House vote
BDN: LePage push to treat drug, alcohol use during pregnancy as child abuse suffers setback
BDN (Farmer): Lawmakers should trust voters to reject flawed casino gamble
SJ (AP): Maine Senate advances assisted suicide bill; LePage likely to veto it
SJ (AP): Gov. Paul LePage wants to put the brakes on turnpike tolls
SJ: Paul LePage cites drinking and driving concern for opposition to ‘nips’
WVFX: Maine Senate advances end-of-life options
May 18
PPH: MaineCare recipients say payment, work requirements could harm them
PPH: Lewiston liquor bottler warns ending nips sales would have ‘drastic impact’ on company
KJ/MS (Column); Maine Compass: The moral case for Mainecare
BDN: Democrats block bill to punish lying at Maine State House
BDN: Maine’s still a long way from figuring out how legal marijuana will work
BDN: DHHS has blocked lawmakers from public data on nursing program
LSJ: State Senate endorses measure to keep teens out of tanning salons
MP: By One Vote, Maine House Rejects Bill to Criminalize Lying to the Legislature
WCSH: Crunch time for legislature on new state budget
May 17
PPH: LePage threatens to veto deposit on ‘nips,’ remove them from Maine stores
PPH: Bill to allow lawsuits when unborn children die sparks debate
PPH: Bill would require permission to sell the personal data of Maine web customers
PPH: Lawmakers advance bill to release bonds for senior housing
PPH: Maine lawmakers push question of biomass power incentives to next session
PPH (Ed): Our View: Give economic panel the funding it needs to plan for Maine’s future
BDN: DHHS fired a public records coordinator — for releasing a public record
BDN: LePage to Legislature: Place deposit on ‘nips’ and I’ll ban them
BDN: Maine House GOP has votes to sink bid to issue $15 million senior housing bond
BDN: Top health official ignores facts, own reports, by denying Maine’s infant death problem
BDN: New limits on electricity sellers sent to LePage
BDN: Maine Republicans block new statewide Equal Rights Amendment vote
BDN: Amid offers to help opiate users, LePage suggests death penalty for dealers
MP: Bill Would Allow Maine Families to File Wrongful Death Lawsuits for Fetuses
MP: House, Senate Support Bill to Force Sale of Voter-Approved Senior Housing Bonds
MP: Maine Bill Would Force Drug Makers to Disclose Pricing Rationale
LSJ: Welcome center for immigrants in Lewiston gains support
AP: Shenna Bellows’ bill would ban ISPs from selling customer browsing data
WCSH: Organizations like Downeast Horizons are relying on a bill to increase funding for staffing
May 16
PPH: Setback for bill requiring doctors to report drug abuse by pregnant women
PPH: Proposed legislation aimed at protecting Mainers’ internet privacy
PPH: Fate of Maine’s senior housing bonds faces last-ditch effort
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: It’s time to end the government’s assault on the poor
BDN: Maine lawmakers delay action on victims’ bill of rights until 2018
BDN: It’s time to pass Maine’s budget, so lawmakers head for the shadows
BDN (Column): LANCE DUTSON Maine press needs to make truth louder than LePage lies
LSJ: Bill attempts to force Paul LePage to release housing bonds
LSJ: Garrett Mason has plan to block southern Maine casino
MP: Lawyers for Maine’s Poor Face Months With No Pay as State Fund Dries Up
May 15
Maine Public: Opponents Say Victims’ Bill of Rights Could Have Unintended Consequences
PPH: Critics fight LePage bill to require reporting of suspected substance abuse by pregnant women
PPH: Maine lawmakers may try an unusual legislative maneuver to stop York County casino vote
BDN Editorial: It’s not surprising LePage is upset about a welfare bill that actually helps poor people
SJ OpEd (Sen. Libby): Clock ticking for new budget that works for all Mainers
SJ: You can now have a pet hedgehog in Maine; no permit needed
SJ (AP): Bipartisan support for victim’s bill of rights in Maine constitution
BDN OpEd (Sen. Volk): Tanning beds pose big cancer risk to young Mainers
BDN: LePage: Drug, alcohol use by pregnant women is child abuse
BDN: LePage nominates senior adviser to head labor department
BDN: Push for new Equal Rights Amendment vote in Maine sputters
Maine Public: House Rejects Bill to Charge Overdose Victims for Narcan
PPH OpEd (Sen. Breen): Commentary: Maine should ban ‘previous salary’ question to help close gender wage gap
PPH: Maine lawmakers consider end to cultivation cap on pot
PPH OpEd: Another View: Columnist wrong to dismiss Democrats’ budget proposal
Seacoastonline: Southern Maine Dems detail ‘Opportunity Agenda’
Lincoln News OpEd (Sen. Dow): Statewide Teacher Contract Would Help Rural Maine
May 12
PPH: Maine lawmakers reject 2 bills to loosen restrictions on guns at schools
PPH: Maine House approves bill allowing Amish deer hunters to eschew blaze orange gear
PPH: Barry Hobbins confirmed as Maine’s public advocate as details emerge about drunken-driving charge
BDN Editorial: Out-of-state lobbying group wants to weaken Maine laws. Legislators shouldn’t fall for it.
BDN: Partisan split effectively dooms effort to better police Maine campaign mailings
BDN: Senate confirms LePage utility watchdog nominee in unanimous vote
BDN OpEd: LePage refused to acknowledge national monument’s positive impact
BDN: Speaker of the Maine House of Representatives To Give NMCC Commencement Address
Maine Public: House Rejects Bill to Charge Overdose Victims for Narcan
Maine Public: Victims Would Have Bill of Rights Under Bipartisan Measure
Maine Public: Maine Senate Unanimously Confirms Barry Hobbins for Public Advocate
Maine Public: House Supports Bill to Let Amish Hunters Wear Red Instead of Orange
Maine Public: Maine Secretary of State Tapped for Trump’s Voter Fraud Commission
Maine Public: Health and Human Services Secretary Brings Opioid Listening Tour to Maine
Maine Public: Maine Bills Would Target Disclosing Salary History
WCSH: In the Arena: Senate President Thibodeau, Speaker Gideon talk income tax surcharge, tip credit compromise, welfare proposal
WGME: Lawmakers to meet on how to implement marijuana legalization in Maine
WMTW: Big questions remain for Maine’s tiny house market
WABI: Maine’s 2017 County Teachers of the Year Honored at State House
PI Star-Herald: Gideon to address NMCC graduates
May 11
PPH: Legislative panel advances bill to restore Maine’s restaurant tip credit
PPH: Law firm sues LePage over information request
PPH: Lawmakers vote against moving UMaine wind project farther from Monhegan
PPH: Trump health secretary hears, in private, about Maine opioid crisis
PPH: State treasurer breaks impasse over LePage’s demand to revisit road construction bonds
PPH: Maine bill to reduce debris in the ocean is up for key vote
PPH: Maine public advocate nominee was charged with drunken driving in November
PPH: Gov. LePage won’t seek King’s U.S. Senate seat in 2018, adviser says
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: Increase in community mental funding will keep Mainers in state, out of ERs
BDN: LePage won’t oppose Angus King for U.S. Senate in 2018
BDN: There’s no doubt Maine has unspent federal cash. The fight is over how to use it.
BDN: Trump lieutenant takes war on opiates to Maine, faces skepticism, protests
BDN: LePage, Maine treasurer strike deal ending $600M bond impasse
BDN: Push to restore lower minimum wage for Maine tipped workers gains momentum
BDN: State moves forward on plan for Bangor forensic psychiatric facility
BDN (Column): LePage, Price talk addiction, but miss Medicaid’s role in recovery
LSJ: Terry Hayes agrees to LePage’s demand on state bonding RFP
LSJ: Maine Dems, GOP compromise on minimum wage for tipped workers
LSJ: Maine Senate kills college voter verification bill
MP: Health and Human Services Secretary Brings Opioid Listening Tour to Maine
MP: Legislative Panel Endorses Bill to Bring Back Lower Base Wage for Tipped Workers
May 10
PPH: LePage testifies against bill that would strip his power over AG staff pay
PPH: Maine Democrat’s bill would create single-payer health care system
PPH: LePage says Gideon is ‘dead wrong’ about DHHS surplus
PPH: Bill to add bottle deposit to ‘nips’ advances
PPH: Lawmakers endorse Barry Hobbins of Saco as Maine public advocate
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine should keep charter cap until it’s clear schools are working
PPH (Oped): Maine Voices: ESL students need a sense of belonging – and adequate school funding
BDN: Maine ticks toward a statewide vote on time zone change
BDN: Trump health chief Tom Price coming to Maine on Wednesday
BDN: LePage’s Democratic nominee clears hurdle to utility watchdog post
BDN: Bill to toughen Maine lead poison laws sinks in Senate
BDN: Maine Senate unanimously votes to ban open-pit mining
BDN: LePage: Democrats keep people on welfare to earn their votes
BDN (Oped): An ill wind blows in Augusta
MP: House Strongly Supports Putting Deposit on Miniature Liquor Bottles
MP: Bill Aims to Attract Immigrants to Maine to Bolster Workforce
MP: LePage Says Bill Before Judiciary Committee is ‘Retaliatory’
MP: Maine Gov. Testifies Against Bill Restricting His Power Over AG Salaries
LSJ: State Senate votes down Nate Libby’s lead paint bill
WCSH: Governor compares Narcan shots with Allergy Pen
WABI: Mining Rules Bill Passes Through State Senate
WABI: State Opens Applications For Contractors To Bid on Forensic Facility Build
May 9
PPH: Maine bill would use $150 million in federal surplus to aid the poor
PPH: Lobbyists lining up to influence recreational marijuana laws in Maine
PPH: LePage bill targets substance abuse by pregnant women
PPH:  Casino lobbyist who claimed Shawn Scott company as client now says he doesn’t know who hired him
PPH: Spat between LePage and Maine treasurer puts construction projects on hold
PPH: Pesticide bill from Gov. LePage mirrors model by secretive national group
PPH: Bill to restrict mineral mining headed for Maine Senate
BDN: Legislators say LePage’s Narcan bill raises privacy concerns
BDN: Democrat Sara Gideon draws new battle line with LePage on welfare
BDN (Ed): A way to finally create an economic plan for Maine’s future
BDN (oped): Ceiling tiles are replaceable. Lost educational opportunities are not.
BDN (oped): On national monument, LePage is his own worst enemy
LSJ: Heidi Brooks sponsors single-payer health care bill for Maine
MP: Spending Proposal Targets Maine Children Living in Deep Poverty
MP: Lobbyist Says His Testimony In Casino Hearing Was In Error
MP: Maine Lawmakers Battle Again Over ‘Right-to-Work’ Legislation
WCSH: Bill aims to address child poverty in Maine
WCSH: Legislative committee votes overwhelmingly against cold case bill
WGME: Lawmakers consider making Maine a ‘right-to-work’ state
WABI: Lawmakers Push for State Agencies to Give Preference to Maine Logging Contractors
May 8
PPH: Nearing his final months in office, a more polished Paul LePage emerges
PPH: Our View: Casino funds for harness racing a bad bet for Maine
PPH (Oped): Another View: Opinion column misses mark on fantasy sports bill in Maine
MP: As Other States Consider Dumping Daylight Savings, Time Could Be Ripe for Maine
MP: Maine Bill Would Aim to Prohibit Female Genital Mutilation
JT: Grohman Column – More funding needed for county jails
WCSH: Political Brew 05-07-17
WGME: LePage DC trips spark speculation over his political plans
May 5
PPH: LePage administration has spent over $385,000 on private lawyers
PPH: Customers’ bills at center of fierce debate over incentives for Maine rooftop solar
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine continues to put up roadblocks to justice
BDN: Maine’s Poliquin helps Republicans pass plan to replace Obamacare
BDN: LePage wants Mainers repeatedly revived by Narcan to pay for it
BDN: Maine House votes down bill to lengthen lawmakers terms
BDN: LePage, GOP step up push for statewide teachers contract
BDN (Ed): LePage’s misguided bill would do nothing to reverse Maine’s deadly heroin crisis
BDN (Ed): Maine can’t afford a second colossal mistake on offshore wind energy
BDN (oped): This bill could take away from Maine voters a powerful tool to hold politicians accountable
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage’s call for military help wasn’t what he meant to say
LSJ: Legislators asked to expand robbery statute
MP: Legislative Committee Holds Hearing on Solar Incentives
MP: LePage, St. Clair Clash in Hearing on Maine’s New National Monument
WCSH: Reimbursement for revival
WCSH: Lawmakers set to tackle food waste in Maine
May 4
PPH: Maine bill to limit municipal internet gets unanimous thumbs-down
PPH: Harsher penalties for lobstermen who cheat get legislative support
PPH: Twelve years and $112 million in state funds have failed to save harness racing in Maine
PPH: State funding for court-appointed attorneys runs out
PPH: Maine Senate supports shift to Atlantic time, as long as voters approve
PPH: Bill would set Maine teacher salaries at minimum of $40,000
PPH (COLUMN): LePage just can’t get over Katahdin national monument
PPH (Oped): Our View: Rep. Poliquin should take a stand against latest health care bill
PPH (Oped): Commentary: Statewide teacher contracts would be a better approach to better pay
BDN: LePage wants Mainers repeatedly revived by Narcan to pay for it
BDN (Ed): Maine politicians should ensure the state has a strong eldercare workforce
MP: Maine’s Funding For Court-Appointed Lawyers Runs Out
MP: Legislature Considers Boosting Maine Teachers’ Pay
May 3
PPH: LePage, advocate offer dueling testimony on Katahdin-area national monument
PPH: Bill to move Monhegan wind project draws crowd to legislative hearing
PPH: Mental health advocates ask lawmakers to reverse changes in state services
PPH: LePage administration program inspires key component of ACA replacement plan
PPH: Bill would hamstring Maine towns trying to build internet networks
PPH (Op-ed): Maine Voices: Bill to allow concealed weapons at public universities a dangerous idea
BDN: LePage, St. Clair present vastly differing views over monument to congressional panel
BDN: LePage lawsuit is latest skirmish in long power struggle with Mills
BDN: Eliot Cutler is recruiting independents to run for the Maine Legislature
BDN: Maine House votes to let small groceries open on Easter, Thanksgiving, Christmas
BDN: Committee kills County senator’s bills on drug prices
BDN (Column): MIKE TIPPING Happy expiration day! Gov. LePage’s citizen initiative is dead
BDN: LePage lawsuit is latest skirmish in long power struggle with Mills
LSJ: Legislative hearing explores allowing guns on college campuses
LSJ: Rep. Frances Head sponsors bill to recoup naloxone costs
LSJ: Bill would release $15 million in voter-approved Maine bonds
MP: LePage, St. Clair Clash in Hearing on Maine’s New National Monument
MP: Lawmaker Proposes New Psychiatric Facility Be Built In Augusta
MP: House Passes Bill to Let Towns Decide Whether Stores Are Allowed to Open on Holidays
WCSH: Governor LePage, Lucas St. Clair offer differing opinions during Katahdin Woods and Waters hearing
WCSH: Maine legislature could make controversial drug Kratom illegal
WCSH: Transportation programs look to legislature for funding
PPH: LePage sues Maine’s attorney general, alleges abuse of power
PPH: LePage administration program inspires key component of ACA replacement plan
PPH (op-ed): Our View: Laws aren’t stopping Maine’s repeat drunken drivers
PPH: Bill to prohibit local control of pesticides gets mixed reviews in Augusta
PPH: Sponsor asks to kill bill to regulate ‘fracking’ in Maine
PPH: Bill would allow concealed weapons on Maine campuses
PPH: LePage appoints Jonathan Liberman to succeed long-serving district attorney
PPH: Group files appeal against PUC for solar changes
BDN: LePage sues attorney general for not representing his legal positions
BDN: Solar power advocates take fight over credits to Maine’s top court
BDN: Maine lawmakers considering bills to lower drug costs
BDN: Maine’s latest state revenue forecast becomes a bit less rosy
BDN (Column): LANCE DUTSON LePage’s 4-Point Plan for Maine
BDN (Op-ed): LePage’s cuts to superintendents would leave Maine schools without needed leadership
BDN: Maine’s 3 biggest bills to fill health care worker shortages
BDN: LePage, St. Clair set for showdown before U.S. House committee on monument
LSJ: White-collar crime registry proposed to skeptical lawmakers
LSJ: Lawmakers weigh proposals to help ‘cold case’ families
MP: LePage Suing Attorney General for Failing to Represent Him
WCSH: Bill would allow guns on Maine’s public college campuses
WCSH: Families press for more resources to solve cold cases
May 1
KJ/MS OpEd (Gideon): Sara Gideon: Democrats’ budget makes real investment in Maine’s future PPH Editorial: Our View: Allow early pot sales, and end absurd drug laws
WCSH: Families press for more resources to solve cold cases
WMTW: Maine wants to require work for certain Medicaid applicants
American Journal: Herbig, Jackson present alternative state budget at packed Town Hall
SJ OpEd (McLean): Legislature must increase funding for roads, bridges
SJ (AP): Maine judiciary warns against ballot question reform
SJ: State Democrats eye bond to provide $250 million for student debt relief
SJ: State labor chief Jeanne Paquette to step down
Seacoast Online: State rep: Recreational pot a ‘real opportunity’ for Maine
PPH: In battle against meth labs, Maine may require prescription for certain cold medications
PPH: Bill seeks to regulate ‘fracking’ in Maine
PPH: Watchdog finds state lottery did not target low-income Mainers
PPH: Lawmakers consider ‘medical amnesty’ bill for drug users who report overdoses
KJ/MS Editorial: Our View: State should not block ocean wind project
KJ/MS OpEd: Alan Caron: On national monument, Gov. LePage is lost in the woods
Foster’s: Maine Legislative Council backs bill to limit use of credit checks in hiring
BDN: Report: Maine lottery does not target vulnerable gamblers
BDN: Lepage signs bill to bring Maine into Real ID compliance
BDN Editorial: Maine should make this move to shrink the next generation of smokers
BDN: County senator Carpenter creates bill to amend sexual assault laws
Maine Public: Janet Mills Joins Democratic Attorneys General to Fight Trump Environmental Proposals
WLBZ2: Lawmakers look for answers to addiction
MaineBiz: Time zone change gains initial House OK
NECN: After years of resistance, Maine complies with federal ID law
April 28
BDN: Maine House supports time zone switch, dumping daylight saving
BDN Editorial: Formatting error shouldn’t jeopardize college education for low-income students
PPH: Backers tout bill opposed by LePage, CMP to allow more community solar farms
PPH: Maine House votes to join Atlantic time zone, if New Hampshire and Massachusetts do the same
PPH: Lawmakers seek probe of York County casino ballot committee
PPH: Maine House says lobstering day should be extended in fall
SJ (AP): Maine lawmakers want to expand, evaluate opioid abuse treatment
SJ: Lawmakers may mandate insurance coverage for hearing aids
SJ: GOP leaders refuse to back any budget with income-tax surcharge
SJ: Paul LePage considers review of Maine’s special education standards
SJ: Jared Golden seeks to make voter registration ‘automatic’ Mining bill clears major hurdle, divides environmental activists
WVFX: Legislation hopes to cure Maine’s broadband woes
WABI: Proposed Bills Seek to Restrict Cash Access for EBT Cards & Ban EBT Card Usage Out of State
WABI: Lawmakers Discuss Several Bills Devoted to State Drug Crisis
WGME: DHHS Commissioner: Schofield case changed the department
The Forecaster: Cape Elizabeth lawmaker’s sick leave legislation heads to Senate
April 26
PPH: Maine needs expanded, higher-level energy office, Republican leader says
PPH: Maine House rejects requiring voters to present photo IDs
PPH: Real ID bill passes, headed to LePage’s desk for signature
PPH: LePage should see national monument land he criticized, donor’s son says
PPH: Bill to allow more than 10 charter schools in Maine fails in committee
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: Protesters in fighting mood foiled by fighter in an alternate reality
PPH: Our View: States handed big role in protecting personal data gathered by companies online
PPH: Maine Voices: State should repeat its history of refusing to join a federal hue and cry
BDN: LePage doesn’t seem to understand education surcharge
BDN (Column): In town hall tirade, Gov. LePage gets fundamental tax facts completely wrong
BDN: Why legislating mining in Maine is so hard, in one survey
LSJ: Legislature weighs raising legal age for tobacco purchases
LSJ: LePage administration moves toward stricter Medicaid rules
LSJ: Androscoggin County may get new court for veterans
MP: Audience Member Corrects LePage’s Math at Town Hall on Education Surcharge
MP: LePage, Lawmakers At Odds Over Funding For Proposed Mental Health Facility
WCSH: Business owners to Gov. LePage: Don’t oppose the national monument
April 24
PPH Editorial: Property tax cut keeps money in the right place
BDN: Dog pardon again proves LePage is the alpha in Maine’s power structure
BDN: Civil rights charge filed against man accused of racial hate crime near Portland school
SJ (AP): Maine gets $2 million to treat opioid addiction
SJ: Bill would exempt retirees age 70 or older from paying state income tax
Maine Public: Maine Bill Would Give Citizens Oversight of Welfare Programs
Maine Public: Maine Attorney General Files Civil Rights Complaint in Alleged Hate Crime
Maine Public: Proposal Would Ban State From Investing in Companies With Dakota Pipeline Ties
Maine Public: As Demand Booms, Legislature Considers Bill to Boost Meals on Wheels Funding
Maine Public: MDOT Eyes Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Owners to Help Fill Depleted Roadway Coffers
PPH Editorial: Our View: More debt than opportunity from for-profit colleges
TR: Legislature overrides LePage veto of Landing speed limits bill
WMTW: Bills would exempt diapers, tampons from sales tax
April 21
PPH: State submits bill to allow surveillance of lobstermen
PPH: Legislators urged to clarify opioid law that restricts long-term use of painkillers
PPH: Our View: Maine should make it easier for women to access birth control
PPH: LePage says he wants to put a cap on energy costs for industrial users
WCSH: Immigration debate heats up at Maine State House
WCSH: Maine needs more engineers, so University looks to expand
Maine Public: Hundreds Gather at State House to Protest Bill Punishing Sanctuary Cities
Maine Public: As Demand Booms, Legislature Considers Bill to Boost Meals on Wheels Funding
Maine Public: Legislative Committee Supports Ban on Cellphones While Driving
SJ: Lawmakers weigh proposal to stymie unconstitutional ballot questions
SJ: Analysis: Why Paul LePage is against term limits, red lights and assisted suicide
April 20
PPH: Maine assisted-suicide bill fails to earn committee support
PPH: Veteran, attorney Adam Cote files to run for governor as Democrat
PPH: Lawmakers consider bill to require Maine to provide mental health care to veterans
PPH (Ed): Our View: What happened to Gov. LePage’s plan to fix Riverview?
PPH(Oped): Maine Voices: Our state can lead the way in modernizing child care, elderly services
BDN: ‘All lives matter,’ LePage tells protesters at USM
BDN: Democrat Adam Cote to run for governor in Maine as political outsider
BDN:  Off to the races with Maine’s gubernatorial contest
BDN: You need a license for these Maine jobs. But should you?
BDN (Ed): Here’s an easy way for Maine to solve its child care problem
BDN (Column): DAVID FARMER This is what happens when a state neglects public health
MP: Bill Would Make Schools Run Background Checks Before New Hires Begin Working
MP: Sanford Attorney, Veteran Announces Run for Maine Governor’s Seat
MP: Educators: Computer Programming Shouldn’t Count as a Foreign Language
MP: Insurers Push Back on Maine Birth Control Bill
MP: Protesters Heckle LePage at Town Hall Event in Portland
LSJ: Maine joins attorneys general from 16 states, DC fight travel ban appeal
LSJ: Maine naturopaths rally behind bill to guarantee insurance
LSJ: Democrat Adam Cote to run for governor in Maine as political outsider
WCSH: Bill to regulate fantasy sports goes to Maine legislature
April 19
PPH: Bill would require Maine doctors to tell patients about opioid addiction risks
PPH: About 25 protesters disrupt LePage’s town hall at USM
PPH (ed): Our View: Lawbreaking motorists shouldn’t be able to hide in Maine
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: LePage’s fuzzy arithmetic – cut school staff, taxes to improve schools
PPH: LePage says he will veto assisted suicide bill
PPH: Supporters of charter schools want Maine to ditch 10-school limit
PPH: LePage envisions ‘about a dozen’ school superintendents, total, statewide
BDN: LePage intensifies push to cut the number of Maine school superintendents
BDN (Oped): Restaurant workers can tell you governing by referendum has consequences
MP: Bill Would Move Wind Power Project Farther From Monhegan Island
MP: Maine Teachers Union Rallies in Support of School Funding Surtax
MP: LePage Pushes for Regionalizing Schools, Blasts Superintendents
MP: LePage on ‘Death With Dignity’ Bills: ‘I Just Don’t Believe In It’
WCSH: Bill aims at increasing birth control supply to women
WVII: “Scout Day” celebrated in Augusta
April 14
BDN Editorial: Instead of trying to pardon a dog, LePage could actually help a human being
BDN: LePage: I don’t know Susan Collins well enough to endorse her for governor
PPH: LePage questions whether he will endorse Sen. Collins if she runs for governor
PPH: Maine House passes bill to discourage use of plastic bags
PPH: Second appeal filed over court order dooming Dakota the dog
PPH: Advocates call for state to replenish the ranks of public health nurses
PPH OpEd (Mayhew): DHHS fighting Maine’s drug crisis with innovation, collaboration
PPH Editorial: State’s Real ID reversal shows a sign of the times
SJ: Paul LePage not sure about Senate run or Susan Collins for governor
SJ: Wage theft bill draws criticism from business community
JT: Legislative committee narrowly approves county rehab bill
Maine Public: VIDEO: Maine State Prison Leading Nationwide Charge to Reduce Solitary Confinement
Maine Public: Eyes On The Road — Maine Lawmakers Consider Cellphone Ban For Drivers
Maine Public: Maine House Approves Watered-Down Bill Aimed at Discouraging Plastic Bag Use
Maine Public: Why Maine’s Ethics Commission is Examining the State’s Revolving Door Laws
WCSH: Bill would make hands-free calling the law in Maine while driving
WGME: Bill would make it illegal to use cellphone while driving
WABI: Proposed bill seeks to encourage healthcare savings and pricing transparency
WABI: Nurses and lawmakers support bill to restore public health nursing
WABI: Maine Highest-Court hears ranked-choice voting arguments
WVFX: Bill would fill needed public nursing positions
WVFX: Bill intends to assist in voting rights for people with dementia
Lakes Region Weekly: Real ID Bill likely to see governor’s signature
April 13
PPH: Dakota the dog saved by appeal in final hour
PPH: LePage hires former assistant district attorney and police officer as chief legal counsel
PPH (Column):: Getting pardon from LePage not as easy for human
PPH (op-ed): Commentary: Maine Democratic chair – LePage budget defies compassion, common sense
PPH (Ed): Our View: State’s Real ID reversal shows a sign of the times
BDN: Investors: Plan to build energy park at former Maine mill site won’t require state, local cash
BDN: Dog pardoned by LePage gets 11th hour reprieve from kill order
BDN (Op-ed): DAVID FARMER State budget fight pits people against ideology
LSJ: Legislature eyes bill that would allow recall of elected officials
MP: Why Maine’s Ethics Commission is Examining the State’s Revolving Door Laws
AP: Bill Limiting Doctor Gifts Receives Bipartisan Support
MP: Maine Lawmakers Considering ‘Good Samaritan’ Law For Drug Cases
April 12
LSJ: Maine eyes measure to require presidential contenders to hand over tax forms
LSJ: Judge refuses to spare life of husky ‘pardoned’ by Paul LePage
LSJ: Paul LePage invites Democrats to discuss budget options
LSJ: AG Janet Mills warns against ICE arrests at Maine courthouses
PPH: House passes bill to make Maine comply with Real ID law
PPH: Maine attorney general: Report on overdose deaths highlights need for more treatment
PPH: Bill to curtail drug companies’ gifts to Maine doctors gains traction
PPH: Lawmakers eye 7-cent gas tax hike, fees on hybrid and electric vehicles to plug highway fund
PPH: Land for Maine’s Future board to target $4.3 million for conservation projects
PPH: LePage invites Democrats to meet with him to work out budget details
PPH: Bill to allow recalls of elected Maine officials gets hearing
PPH (op-ed): Maine Voices: ‘Death with dignity’ bill well-meaning, but overlooks drawbacks
BDN: Judge refuses to spare life of Dakota, dog pardoned by LePage
BDN: Poll: LePage as popular as ever; King eclipses Collins
BDN: Maine House approves ‘Real ID’ bill allowing individuals to opt out
BDN (Ed): You don’t improve a well-functioning nursing program by destroying it first
MP: Emergency Rule Bolsters Maine Opioid Treatment
MP: New Maine Tax Credit Aims to Make Homes More Accessible to Seniors
MP: Maine House Approves ‘Real ID’ Bill Allowing Individuals to Opt Out
WCSH: Bill before lawmakers would allow tribal casino
WCSH: Addressing the growing opioid epidemic in Washington County
April 11
PPH: State agency offers assistance in case of Winslow dog ‘pardoned’ by LePage
PPH: Bill would help Portland seek reimbursement for shelter, General Assistance aid
PPH: LePage hires former Jeff Sessions aide for senior policy post
PPH: (Ed): Our View: Maine must make more noise on risks of well-water poisoning
BDN: Janet Mills warns ICE courthouse arrests could have a ‘chilling effect’ in Maine
BDN (Ed): Maine’s ‘opioid health homes’ are so intricate there will probably be only a few
BDN (Column): Mike Thibodeau rises above Maine’s ‘Tough Guy Right’
BDN (Column): Liberal media downplays support at tip credit hearing
BDN (Column): Maine’s new income surtax for education is a step toward a prosperous society for all
BDN: Maine moves closer to shielding electricity customers from sticker shock
LSJ: Thomas Saviello withdraws bill to limit foraging
LSJ: Bill would give parents money for home schooling, tuition
LSJ: Lewiston Democrats plan April 25 forum on state budget
MP: Bill Would Bar Maine Legislators From Running PACs
MP: Legislative Committee Takes Up Bills to Overhaul General Assistance
WCSH: Legislature will decide on more money for roads
April 10
BDN: Frustrated by politics, LePage turns to a veteran educator to leave his mark on Maine schools
Maine Public: Lawmakers Wrestle With How to Address Arsenic Contamination in Private Wells
BDN Editorial: LePage proves why relying on tips isn’t sound economic policy
SJ (AP): Monhegan Island lawmaker backs bill to block wind turbines
KJ/MS OpEd: Jim Fossel: LePage’s bold budget ideas deserve better
PPH: LePage’s push to cut candy from food stamps resonates elsewhere
PPH: Another task force tries to come to grips with heroin crisis in Maine
PPH: Bill could scuttle UMaine offshore wind project near Monhegan
PPH: Maine lawmakers consider lead and arsenic poisoning prevention bills
PPH Editorial: Our View: Maine lawmakers should study tipped wage, not cut it
WVFX: Democrats present their ‘Battle Budget’ to Legislature
April 7

BDN (Cianchette): Majorities in the U.S. Senate, Maine Legislature should do their job
BDN: LePage cut ranks of nurses who prevent outbreaks. Now lawmakers are trying to rebuild
BDN: Loggers butt heads with LePage over biomass contract changes
PPH: Maine lawmakers backing off long resistance to federal Real ID requirements
PPH: Maine’s attorney general says bill to protect climate change views is unneccessary
PPH: Bill to cut excise tax opposed by Maine cities and towns
PPH: Maine bill says home economics classes should be mandatory
Maine Public: Bill Would Protect Mainers’ Views on Climate Change
Maine Public: Maine Senate Endorses Bill to Make State Compliant with ‘Real ID’ Law
Maine Public: Union Rejects Concept of Statewide Teacher Contract
WVFX: Minimum wage and tip credit controversy
Free Press: Eye on Augusta: Welfare, Water Sovereignty, Professional Licensing, Debt Collection & More
Free Press: PUC Staff Recommends Against Subsidizing LNG Storage Projects — LePage Disagrees
The Current: Diamond at Center of Real ID Debate
Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier (Grohman): Is a recovery program worth it?
Biddeford-Saco-OOB Courier (Chenette): Reducing the tax burden is on the minds of many
Maine Biz: Lawmakers caught in crossfire over changing minimum wage
Village Soup: Midcoast Senators Vote to Submit to Federal ID Law
April 4
LSJ: Bill would let towns keep bars open an hour later
LSJ: LePage administration says welfare recipients skipping drug tests
LSJ: Maine may tax, regulate fantasy sports leagues
LSJ: Legislators schedule bills to limit minimum wage increase
LSJ: Bill would make attacking a police officer a hate crime in Maine
BDN: LePage administration paid $315K for a consultant to rethink child care, then did nothing
BDN: LePage to hold talk at USM’s Portland campus
BDN: GOP state senator Eric Brakey kicks off underdog 2018 bid to unseat Angus King
BDN: Moody’s Diner owner: New tip law drives up prices, will end charity and worker benefits
BDN: Legislative panel’s vote ends Caribou secession effort
MP: 12 Maine Welfare Recipients Tested for Drugs in Last 2 Years
PPH: Our View: Thibodeau deserves praise for speaking out
PPH (Column): Maine Voices: A shared vision of energy policy points to an ‘electric future’ that benefits all
PPH: Public hearing to set table for showdown on fate of restaurant tip credit
PPH: Lying-to-Legislature bill narrowed to apply to lobbyists only
PPH: Gray residents’ effort to secede from town falters in Legislature
PPH: New bills would allow assisted suicide in Maine
WCSH: Death with dignity bill rekindles debate
March 31
PPH: LePage slams Legislature for slow action on Real ID, then vetoes bill to help veterans get passport cards
PPH: LePage raises legal question with pardon for dog ordered euthanized
PPH: Bill would reduce size of Maine Arts Commission
PPH (Column): Maine DHHS is failing the children it is supposed to protect
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine voters deserve a real choice of gambling bills
BDN: LePage pardons dog that was sentenced to die
BDN (Ed): LePage’s responsibility is first to Maine people, not to shrinking the federal deficit
BDN: Legislative panel rejects studying expanding passenger rail from Brunswick to Bangor
BDN: LePage rejects Real ID quick fix, backs bill to comply with federal standards
BDN: Lawmakers agree to rename T17 R4 ‘Sinclair’
BDN: Legislative committee opposes staff cuts at troubled youth prison
BDN (op-ed): Maine schools need our help, but the wealthy don’t need another tax cut
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage vetoes Jared Golden’s bill to help veterans get IDs
LSJ: Ken Fredette pulls bill requiring private well water testing
MP: LePage Grants ‘Full and Free Pardon’ to Husky With Violent History
MP: LePage Blames Legislature, Secretary of State for Maine’s REAL ID Noncompliance
MP: Maine House Rejects Bill to Elect President by Direct Popular Vote
MP: Maine Ethics Commission Probing Casino Campaign’s Finances
WMTW: Bill would punish those who lie during public hearings
WGME: Lawmakers push for more control over joint banking accounts
March 30
PPH: LePage nominates longtime midcoast district attorney to Maine District Court
PPH: LePage cuts his restaurant tips ‘in half,’ suggests servers call legislators
PPH: Legislative committee endorses Robert Hasson to be education commissioner
PPH: Proposed casino in York County runs into criticism from lawmakers
PPH (Op-Ed): Rep. Hymanson – Commentary: Budget must be based on ideologies that promote, not withhold
PPH (Op-Ed): Commentary: New Markets Program’s return for Maine a positive by any standard
BDN: Lawmakers blast Maine casino bid after lobbyist admits offshore backing
BDN: LePage taps longtime prosecutor to become district court judge
BDN: Maine veterinarians say new pain meds law puts animals, humans at risk
BDN: Mainers are hurt by the state’s Real ID defiance. Legislature should fix it.
BDN (Column): Farmer: Fight over health care just getting started
LSJ: Lawmakers hit the brakes on Nate Libby’s pedestrian safety bill
LSJ: Eric Brakey inches closer to taking on Sen. Angus King in 2018
MP: At Public Hearing, York County Casino Backers Mum
MP: PUC Staff Calls for Rejection of All Proposals to Store Liquefied Natural Gas
MP: State Senator Eric Brakey Exploring Run Against Angus King
WCSH: Day In The Life: Gov. Paul LePage
WCSH: Lawmakers have many questions about backer of latest casino proposal
WCSH: A lot being said about “left on red”
March 20
PPH: LePage considers starting state health insurance plan to replace Affordable Care Act
PPH: LePage and Republicans unveil proposals to toughen, tighten Maine welfare rules
PPH: Dozens of Maine lawmakers may have violated income disclosure law, ethics office says
PPH: Maine attorney general launches ad warning of link between prescription painkillers and heroin
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine’s handling of sexual assault evidence deserves closer study
PPH (op-ed): Commentary: Bill would make sure ‘milk’ on the label applies only to the real item
BDN: LePage seeks to lock tougher welfare rules into law
BDN (Ed): LePage’s food stamp policies have ensured food pantry lines will keep growing
KJ/MS (Op-Ed): Another View: Legislature should keep Question 2 intact
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage says he tips servers less to push political point
LSJ: Vets upset about role in new Maine opioid law
LSJ: Lawmakers consider $1.50-a-pack hike in cigarette tax
Maine Public: LePage Looks to Write Welfare Restrictions into State Law
Maine Public: Memo: Dozens of Maine Lawmakers May Have Failed to Disclose Changes in Income
WCSH: Gov. LePage: Turn welfare reform into state law
WMTW: Maine sees increase in infant mortality
March 29
PPH: Bill would prohibit hospitals from rejecting organ recipients who use medical marijuana
PPH: Bill would require state to give preference to Maine companies in government contracts
BDN: Maine pols don’t want to disclose campaign contributors until after elections
BDN (Column): DUTSON Maine deserves to know why LePage suddenly likes land conservation
Maine Public: Bill Would Give Maine Companies Preference in State Contracts
Maine Public: Bill Would Increase Reimbursement Rates for Health Workers
LSJ: Bill would restrict foraging for wild berries, vegetables on private property
LSJ: U.S. legislatures consider anti-Sharia proposals
LSJ: Eric Brakey’s birth control bill would ease prescription requirement
LSJ: Paul LePage goes behind the bar for charity
LSJ: Initiative to build southern Maine casino to get a hearing
WCSH: Should overdose victims have to pay for their revival?
WCSH: Mike Thibodeau is the person “a heartbeat away” from Maine Governorship
WMTW: New bill would make public works contracts buy American goods
March 27
BDN: Why Maine lawmakers spend so much time on bills that have no chance
PPH: Maine senator proposes law requiring landowners to OK foraging on their property
PPH Editorial: Our View: Time for Maine to close state’s only youth prison
SJ: Proposal would bar Maine from charging minors with prostitution
SJ (AP): Legislature’s transportation panel moves along Real ID bill
BDN: Bill could let Amish Mainers wear red instead of orange when hunting
Maine Public: Lawmakers Have Lots of Ideas For How to Spend Proceeds from Taxing Pot Sales
Maine Public: Proposal Would Bill Naloxone Recipients for Drug Costs
PPH: Committee votes down bill to allow 18-year-olds to carry concealed weapons without permits
PPH: Legislative panel supports ending Maine’s opposition to Real ID requirements
PPH OpEd (Kosinski): Another View: Telling the whole story about Question 2 matters
March 24
BDN Editorial: The Katahdin monument is a great addition to Maine. LePage should stop fighting it.
BDN Editorial: Want to ease jail overcrowding? Don’t hold people for months before court appearances.
BDN: Bill to protect against Maine oil spills likely dead
PPH: Outdated computer system led Maine Labor Department to contractor that got hacked
PPH Editorial: Our View: Maine’s child care safety net is only getting weaker
TR: LePage: Maine can do without tax
WCSH:Gov. LePage holds lighthearted town hall in Gorham  
March 23
PPH: LePage envisions merging Maine Turnpike Authority, Department of Transportation
PPH: Cut in state revenue sharing has increased property taxes, say town and city officials
PPH: Bill would create statewide system to track rape testing kits
PPH: Bill would prohibit discrimination based on climate change beliefs
PPH (ED): Our View: Maine’s child care safety net is only getting weaker
PPH (Op-ed): Maine Voices: Exempt feminine hygiene products from state sales tax. Period.
KJ/MS (Ed): Our View: Jail drug treatment funds could end vicious cycle
BDN: Biomass firm asked to explain financial status after loggers say they were not paid
BDN (Ed): Want to ease jail overcrowding? Don’t hold people for months before court appearances.
BDN (Column): PINE TREE POLITICS Lawmakers hear just how bad Question 2 really is
BDN (Column): MAINELY THOUGHTS What the heck is wrong with Maine DHHS?
BDN (Oped): The Republican health care bill will reverse gains made in children’s health
Maine Public: Officials Urge Legislature to Ease ‘Skyrocketing’ Property Tax Burden
Maine Public: ‘Hybrid Solution’ — Lawmakers Eye Funding Patchwork to Fix Maine’s Roads, Bridges
Maine Public: No More Columbus Day? Bill Would Change Holiday to Indigenous People’s Day
Maine Public: Study: Maine Has Left $2 Billion In Federal Funds on Table in Past 5 Years
WCSH: The Governor’s press secretary can bench more than you
WMTW: Bill would allow driver education schools to issue permits
WMTW: Bill would expand free breakfast for students in Maine
Mainebiz: State lawmakers make case for scrapping 3% tax surcharge
Mainebiz: LePage’s budget proposal cuts funding for three ‘incubator’ programs
LSJ: Aid for asylum-seekers topic of film
March 22
PPH: LePage says he might retire outside Maine because of tax hike, other ballot initiatives
PPH: Solar advocates petition PUC to reconsider net metering decision
PPH: LePage says U.S. should challenge EU plan to lift tariffs on Canadian lobster
PPH: Maine lawmakers consider stiffer penalties for texting while driving
PPH: Bill would prohibit discrimination based on climate change beliefs
PPH (Ed): Our View: Grants for drug treatment in Maine’s jails could break cycle of relapsing, reoffending
BDN (Ed): Maine has a child care access problem and untapped resources to address it
BDN (Column): DAVID FARMER The scary, insidious, accidental effectiveness of Paul LePage
LSJ: Bill would take public advocate appointment from governor
LSJ: Paul LePage says 3 percent surtax is ‘punishing success’
Maine Public: Groups Urge State to Reconsider New Solar Rules
WCSH: Bills target texting while driving, learner’s permits
WCSH: DHHS Commissioner Mary Mayhew answers your questions
March 21
PPH: Maine environmental groups back rewrite of metallic mining rules
PPH: Maine lawmakers hear testimony for and against bills to undo income tax surcharge
PPH (Ed): Our View: Level of funding, not its sources, is key for Maine schools
BDN: LePage says restrictions on $13.4 million biomass subsidy hogtie investors
BDN: How Maine is failing working parents by leaving millions unspent on child care
BDN: Dozens fight back over Maine’s proposed mining rules
BDN: Fight to stifle Maine’s voter-approved school aid surtax intensifies
BDN: How LePage found a Land for Maine’s Future project he can support
BDN (Lockman): House Speaker Gideon blocks move to shine a light on Tipping’s conflict of interest
Democrats won’t want to run on the ‘I tanked the economy’ platform next year
LSJ: LePage administration, businesses want to repeal high income surtax
LSJ: Lots of opposition to Sen. Eric Brakey’s bill to allow concealed carry for those 18 to 21
AP: Maine plan to trim moose hunt to 19-year low up for hearing
Maine Public: Battle Over School Funding Measure Underway
Maine Public: Proposed Maine Mining Rules Draw Criticism, Support at Hearing
Maine Public: Battle Brewing in Augusta over School Lunch Time
WCSH: Question 2 tax faces repeal, replacement effort
March 20
BDN: Why LePage is spending more time talking to national conservative media
BDN OpEd: Investing in early childhood education now reduces crime later
KJ/MS OpEd (Fossel): Jim Fossel: The mystery of Medicaid expansion in Maine
PPH: Bills to expand solar incentives in Maine ready to launch
PPH: Mining-related proposals face public hearings at State House today
BDN: Bill would allow adults under 21 to carry concealed weapons
Maine Public: Committee Takes Up Bill to Ban Any List of Maine Gun Owners
Maine Public: Bill would allow 18-year-olds to carry concealed weapons
Maine Public: Maine lawmakers consider switching oversight of retail pot sales to alcohol agency
Maine Public: How are school districts preparing for LePage’s proposed education cuts?
PPH: Bill Nemitz: State cutting programs for mentally ill? She minds
PPH: Maine bill would ease campaign reporting requirements
PPH Editorial: Our View: Maine should listen to lobster industry’s concern
Seacoastonline: LePage nominates first education commissioner in years
WCSH: Should Maine get rid of car inspections?
Aroostook Republican: Jackson introduces Caribou Secession bill
Presque Isle Star-Herald: Mining bill adds tighter guidelines
March 17
PPH: State senators say they will ask Trump to suspend parts of federal Real ID law
PPH: Democrats’ comments touting welfare to lure immigrants under fire
PPH: LePage nominates acting education commissioner to permanent position
PPH OpEd: If Gov. LePage really meant his apology, he will stop making racially divisive remarks
BDN: Maine nears deal on REAL ID rules
BDN: Maine lawmakers ask Trump to fix ‘privacy disaster’ in REAL ID law
BDN: Lawmakers spike proposal to exempt large containers from bottle redemption
BDN: LePage says he didn’t sign emergency budget bill because of provision he proposed
BDN: County sheriff throws ‘hail Mary pass’ to reduce jail overcrowding
SJ: Trump’s budget raises concerns among Maine’s lawmakers
SJ: Maine environmentalists oppose President Trump’s budget, policies
Maine Public: How Are School Districts Preparing For LePage’s Proposed Education Cuts?
WMTW: Legislators want Trump to repeal ‘draconian’ ID standards
WLBZ: Bipartisan pair of lawmakers join together to stop REAL ID
WLBZ: Legislators asked to change adoption law
WABI: Two Maine State Senators urge Trump to repeal provisions of REAL ID Act
Free Press: Eye on Augusta: Mining, Israel Boycotts, Family Leave, Water Rights & Many More Bills
Courier Column (Grohman): What is Real ID and why does it matter?
AP: Legislators set to consider wide range of firearms bills
Seacoastonline (Babbidge): Should the Legislature reverse the people’s vote on minimum wage?
March 16
PPH: LePage reschedules Gorham town hall for March 22
PPH(Ed): Our View: Maine brewers still have plenty of room to grow – if they’re allowed
BDN: Data undercut LePage claim that many dump private insurance for Medicaid
BDN (Editorial): Downsizing Maine’s bottle redemption program would be a recycling disaster
BDN (Column): PINE TREE POLITICS To politicians on the left, only certain kinds of money are bad
BDN (Op-Ed): How Maine can give its small businesses a fighting chance
LSJ: $29 million spending plan becomes law without LePage signature
Maine Public: Lawmakers Oppose Bill to Slash Lawmakers’ Benefits
Maine Public: Lawmakers, Businesses Say Worker Visa Restrictions Will Harm Maine Tourism Industry
Maine Public: Proposal Would Create Grant Program for Drug Treatment in Jails
March 15
PPH: House backs bill to help Maine veterans caught up in Real ID dispute
PPH: LePage calls Obama administration’s decertification of Riverview an act of retaliation
PPH: LePage defends handling of drug crisis, says access to treatment isn’t an issue
PPH: LePage will hold town hall forum Wednesday night in Gorham
PPH: Bill seeks to streamline reviews of some apartment building projects in Maine
PPH: Our View: Maine election officials shouldn’t delay ranked-choice planning
PPH: Greg Kesich: Gov. LePage still spreading his alternative facts about opioid crisis
BDN: LePage: Decertification of state psych hospital was ‘retaliation’ by Obama
Maine Public: LePage Predicts Feds Will Reverse Obama Admin Decision & Recertify Riverview
Maine Public: Maine Fire Marshal: Bill to Help Boaters Dispose of Explosive Flares Not Needed
Maine Public: Proposed Law Would Relax Some Police Fundraising Restrictions
LSJ: State House passes Jared Golden’s bill to help veterans get ID
LSJ: Legislators eye measure to protect IRAs from creditors
March 14
PPH: Beverage industry backs bill to eliminate 5-cent deposit on large bottles
PPH: Maine’s beer makers pursue law changes they say will help growth continue
BDN: Maine shifts state government website service to out-of-state data centers
BDN: 3 ways to make Maine government more open
BDN (op-ed): It’s time to get big money out of the State House, once and for all
BDN (op-ed): We mapped the impact of LePage’s budget plan on school districts. How does your district fare?
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage explains latest D.C. trip to Breitbart News
WCSH: Bills aimed at beer retail regulations could help sales at some breweries
WABI: Proposed Legislation Aims to Ease Restrictions on Maine Breweries
March 13
BDN: Here’s where the fight will get real on LePage’s budget
BDN (Dutson): LePage finally brings hope back to Maine
PPH: Clear winners and losers: LePage plan shakes up school funding
PPH: Despite making it a priority, LePage remains stymied on lowering energy costs
SJ OpEd: Legislation would create drug rehabilitation programs in county jails
WCSH: Political Brew 03-12-17
WaPo: A Maine politician proposed a seat-belt law for dogs. You could hear the howls.
BDN: Lawmakers seek to curb deadly shipments of fentanyl into Maine by US mail
BDN Editorial: If LePage cared about Mainers’ health, he wouldn’t cut this valuable program
BDN (Cianchette): Why your town has no inherent right to food sovereignty
BDN (Callahan): Democrats and the tipped wage issue: a strategically weak stance
BDN: Lawsuit alleges corrupt, harassing culture in state information tech office
PPH: LePage plan to outsource state park jobs questioned
PPH (Dill): Cynthia Dill: Patagonia founder takes on Gov. LePage over monument
SJ (AP): Maine ethics chief says Rep. Ryan Tipping likely violated law
SJVT: Citizens talk education, environment at Democratic Town Hall Meeting in Fort Kent
WCSH: Bipartisan bill looks to help veterans with Real ID problems
WCSH: Appropriations Committee Hearing on State Budget plans for Maine park system
March 10
PPH: Maine House Republicans renew call for ethics review of Democratic lawmaker
PPH: LePage’s comments on race challenged at town hall meeting in Yarmouth
PPH: LePage heading back to D.C. to push his health care ideas
PPH: Lawmakers divided on bill to ban elephants acts in Maine
PPH: Democrats push bill that would require Maine companies to provide sick time
PPH (Ed): Empty promises: Guardian ad litem reform in hands of Judicial Branch
BDN: ‘Gross negligence’: Patagonia founder, Maine native calls out LePage for anti-monument stance
BDN: LePage’s potato remarks puzzle industry experts
Maine Public: Union Members Protest Effort to Reinstate Lower Wage for Tipped Workers
Maine Public: Maine Lawmakers Put Off Decision on Baby Eel Lottery System
Maine Public: Teachers Union Comes Out In Support Of Mandated Recess
LSJ: Paul LePage says he meant Trump has support of Sudanese not Somalis
LSJ: Nathan Libby calls for lead paint certification
WCSH: Gov. LePage, critics agree House GOP health care plan is not good
March 9
PPH: Play ball! say Maine supporters of 30-minute school recess bill
PPH: Lawmakers endorse proposal for tougher sentences in domestic violence murders
PPH: Few supporters for bill to create single board for all Maine colleges
PPH: Proposal to protect Maine farm animals likely to fail
KJ/MS (Op-Ed): George Smith: Maine needs more nurses
BDN: LePage: Work should be required to receive government aid
BDN: Marijuana legalization another recruitment barrier for Maine Guard
BDN (Column): MAINELY THOUGHTS I wouldn’t have slung eggs for minimum wage
LSJ: Paul LePage to Paul Ryan: GOP plan caters to big-government lobbyists
Maine Public: Gov. LePage Testifies at Appropriations Committee Hearing and Clashes with Retired State Workers
Maine Public: Plan to Create Baby Eel Fishing Lottery Up for Vote
Mainebiz: Diamond’s Real ID bill picks up support in Augusta
WCSH: Gov. LePage holds town hall in Yarmouth
March 7
BDN Editorial: A way forward for Maine’s child abuse hotline
BDN OpEd: LePage’s campaign against North Woods monument will only hurt Maine
PPH: LePage dismisses speculation about his D.C. trip
PPH: Bill would ban dogs from roaming about vehicles, hanging out window
PPH: Former Winslow lawmaker found safe after being reported missing
PPH OpEd: Maine Voices: We need to support the most vulnerable people in our state – those with mental illness
SJ (AP): Maine ethics commission continues investigating democratic lawmaker
SJ (AP): Bill would make state comply with federal ID standards
SJ: Lawmakers may OK chest tattoos for people who prefer death to resuscitation
WCSH: Legislator wants ‘extraction tax’ on water sold by Poland Spring
WCSH: Maine IDs not up to federal standards
WGME: Hearing to be held about bill to force Maine to comply with Real ID Act
WVFX: State officials and providers talk opioids in Augusta
Maine Public: Legislative Update
Maine Public: Maine Lawmakers Eye Public Hearing for Controversial Casino Bid
Maine Public: State Ethics Commission Continues Investigating Lawmaker
Maine Public: Bill Would Make State Comply with Federal ID Standards
March 6
BDN: Former state representative from Winslow last seen leaving for lunch with a friend
BDN (Dutson): The Soviet-style energy policy of Paul LePage
PPH OpEd (Sen. Diamond): Maine Voices: Maine should comply with Real ID, Sen. Diamond urges
PPH Editorial: Our View: School absences add up for young students
PPH OpEd: Maine Voices: Americans who fall ill shouldn’t live in fear of crippling medical expenses
SJ OpEd (Auburn police chief): Head Start a worthy investment for Maine
BDN Editorial: LePage’s budget continues to dismantle Maine’s ability to prevent health problems
BDN: Public hearing scheduled for bills on regulating metal mines in Maine
BDN: Maine ethics watchdog to investigate Rep. Dillon Bates’ finances
PPH: LePage removes lobster license fee increase from proposed budget
PPH: Rep. Poliquin urges Maine Legislature to comply swiftly with federal Real ID law
PPH: LePage’s school funding plan faces dozens of critics at State House hearing
March 3
Maine Public: House Declines Ethics Review of Lawmaker Who Worked on Q2 Campaign
Maine Public: Lawmakers Approve $64 Million Emergency Budget
Maine Public: LePage Urges Biofuel Investments in Maine
BDN: The ‘juicy rumors and false innuendo’ on LePage and Trump
BDN: Proposed bill could advance food sovereignty movement in Maine
BDN: 12,198 calls to Maine’s child abuse hotline went unanswered last year
BDN OpEd: Legislative tampering with minimum wage ignores the will of Maine voters
BDN: Legislature approves $29 million in new spending for state services
SJ (AP): Legislators approve $29 million spending package
SJ (AP): Maine House votes against investigating Ryan Tipping
SJ (AP): Sen. Amy Volk introduces bill to boost engineering education
SJ: Packed house for proposal to let Rumford residents vote on Poland Spring site
PPH: Bill would ban use of elephants in traveling acts’ Maine shows
PPH: Maine tribes use report on 1980 claims settlement to make case on sovereignty
PPH: Maine House rejects call for ethics review of PAC payments to Democrat
PPH: Legislature passes midyear budget with funding for opioid treatment, tuition freeze
PPH OpEd (Lockman): Commentary: Maine should make itself unattractive to illegal immigrants
March 2
PPH: lawmakers consider ban on high school start times earlier than 8:30 a.m.
PPH: Environmental groups to make hard push to reverse Maine’s new solar rules
PPH: Criticism of how veterans’ disability claims are handled leads to bill in Legislature
PPH: LePage’s stay, activities in D.C. fuel speculation about post in Trump administration
BDN: LePage withdraws support for Colonial Pemaquid lease
BDN: Democratic representative faces fine for late return of unspent public campaign cash
Maine Public: Legislature Considering Bill to Start High School an Hour Later
Maine Public: Democrats Could Play Key Role in Repealing Wage Increase for Tipped Workers
Maine Public: Murdered Woman’s Family Seeks Support for Maine Bill Requiring Life Sentence
Mount Desert Islander: Dems square off on tip credit fix
March 1
PPH: Firefighters push for Maine ban on flame retardants
PPH: Legislature’s marijuana forum draws a crowd to the State House
PPH: LePage’s stay and activities in Washington fuel speculation about post in Trump administration
BDN: Democrats’ split threatens minimum wage hike for Maine restaurant servers
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: If Democrats want to win Maine, they must figure out who they are
BDN: Mainers still have no clue how legal marijuana will work
BDN: Here’s how the state plans to get more schools to consolidate
LSJ: LaBonte works to sell governor’s budget
LSJ: Sen. Eric Brakey developing plan to end corporate income tax
Maine Public: As Maine Implements Pot Law, AG Sessions ‘Dubious’ About State Legalization Efforts
Maine Public: Maine Marijuana Panel Deluged With Comments
Maine Public: Bill to Include Deposit on Mini Liquor Bottles Clears Committee
February 28
PPH: Bill would nearly double number of required signatures for ballot measures
PPH: Bill to apply 15-cent deposit to mini liquor bottles advances
PPH: New bill would eliminate corporate income tax in Maine
PPH: LePage repeats disputed claim about Medicare funding during Fox News interview
PPH: How would LePage’s plan to outsource park jobs affect visitors?
PPH Op:Ed: Commentary: Maine has much work to do on implementing marijuana legalization, Sen. Katz says
BDN: ‘We will have another incident’: Prison cannot treat severely mentally ill youth, report says
BDN (Column): Congratulations on your balanced DHHS budget, Commissioner Mayhew
BDN: LePage on Fox News: Obamacare has been ‘stealing from the American people’
Maine Public: Committee, Department of Marine Resources Support Elver License Lottery
Maine Public: Maine Bill Would Ban Flame Retardants in New Furniture
Maine Public: What’s Going on With Your Maine ID? Legislators Scramble
LSJ: What’s Going on With Your Maine ID? Legislators Scramble
February 27
BDN: Thanks mostly to LePage, Maine has a record $1 billion in the bank
PPH: Maine lawmakers to hear from public on marijuana legalization
PPH: Critics question LePage plan to outsource park jobs, cut management positions
PPH: Gov. Paul LePage to appear Monday morning on ‘Fox and Friends’
WCSH: What’s going on with your Maine ID? Legislators scramble
BDN: Maine budget panel OKs $29M package funding addiction treatment, higher ed
BDN: Extra $7 million for Maine Military Authority clears key hurdle
BDN Editorial: LePage’s budget diverts problems, abandons those left to solve them
PPH: Maine’s $2 million drug treatment plan for uninsured would help, but more is needed, experts say
SJ (AP): House speaker Sara Gideon won’t convene ethics probe of tax chairman
SJ (AP): Paul LePage asks AG Jeff Sessions to boost drug prosecution
Maine Public: Committee Recommends $64 Million Supplemental Budget
February 23
PPH: Maine Republican asks for ethics investigation of taxation committee chairman
PPH: LePage urges Trump to scrap Katahdin-area national monument
PPH: LePage to nominate first education commissioner in years
PPH: Yarmouth to be site of next LePage town hall
PPH (oped): School broadband access should be funded from a broad base of support
BDN: Democrats emerge from budget hearings firing back at LePage
BDN: Maine Airbnb hosts made $26 million in 2016. LePage and towns want a better way to tax it.
Maine Public: LePage Asks Trump to Rescind Katahdin Woods and Waters National Monument
Maine Public: Town Officials Speak Out Against LePage’s Plan for Welfare Cuts
LSJ: Artists will reuse century-old copper from Maine Statehouse dome
February 22
PPH: Maine voters will be asked to expand access to Medicaid
PPH (Op-ED): Our View: Barring Blaine House candidates would undercut Maine Clean Election Act
BDN: LePage floats acting education commissioner for permanent post
BDN: Medicaid expansion referendum headed to Maine ballot
BDN: How Maine police shootings are investigated
BDN (Op-ed): Government, on multiple levels, decides to fail transgender students
Maine Public: Initiative to Expand Medicaid Qualifies for Maine Ballot
Maine Public: Opponents Decry Proposed Cuts to DHHS in LePage’s Budget
February 21
PPH: This outspoken refrigeration technician is LePage’s go-to energy policy adviser
BDN: The long march to block LePage’s new welfare reforms starts today
BDN (Column): Stop being a target for fake news
BDN (Column): MAINELY THOUGHTS LePage should get a waiver for easier Mainecare access to bariatric surgery
LSJ: Bill calls for testing every Maine school’s drinking water for lead
LSJ: Bill revives South Portland-Gorham pike connection
Maine Public: Bill Would Provide Mainers With Free Day Care and Home Health Services
The Forecaster: Policy Wonk: The LePage budget: Same old, same old
February 17
PPH: Lawmaker’s lecture on ‘immigration crisis’ goes on at USM as 200 protest
PPH: LePage says his pay is so low, he feels like a priest or a nun
PPH: Proposed legislation seeking to impose fee on Waterville area water district users called ‘unprecedented’
PPH: Trial clerks, marshals deserve better pay, Maine’s chief justice says
BDN: LePage to Trump: Put somebody in charge
BDN: DHHS seeking bids for larger facility to house 268 staffers in Bangor area
BDN: Chief justice: Courts must change to address addiction, domestic violence, document access
SJ: Gov. Paul LePage says ‘you go into poverty’ to serve public
SJ: Maine Gov. Paul LePage tells Trump ‘the TV show’s over’
WCSH: Failure to retain court workers blamed on low pay
WCSH: Insults fly from crowd at USM immigration lecture
WGME: I-Team investigates Maine’s secret intelligence agency
WGME: USM students protest as state legislator speaks on campus
WABI: DHHS Holds Hearings on New Guidelines for Prescribed Opioids
WVFX: Politicians unite to keep correctional center open
Maine Public: Lawmakers Walk Fine Line Between Fighting Fraud, Protecting Speech in Ballot Process
Maine Public: In Address, Maine’s Chief Justice Announces Domestic Violence Conference
Maine Public: Legislation Would Ban Higher Insurance Rates for Seniors
February 16
PPH: Bills to make stricter voter ID in Maine get panned during hearings
PPH: Bill in Maine Legislature would allow police to put on their red lights
PPH: Bill seeks to require Maine schools to test for lead contamination
PPH (op-ed): Our View: Gov. LePage is out to distract with conflict-of-interest claim
BDN: The latest voter ID attempt in Maine appears doomed to fail
BDN: A drug dealer behind angry criticism from LePage pleads guilty
BDN (Ed): Lawmakers shouldn’t let ideology trump the needs of real people
LSJ: Lawmakers weigh measures that might make it harder for some to vote
AP: Lawmakers proposes giving the next Maine governor a raise
MP: Bill Would Expand Lead Testing for School Water
MP: Lawmakers Consider Doubling Governor’s Pay
MP: Proposed New Requirements to Vote in Maine Meet Resistance at Public Hearing
MP: Bill Seeks to Extend Concealed Carry Rights to Those 18-21
February 15
Maine Public: Voting Integrity’ or Voter Suppression? Pair of Bills Take Aim at College Voters
Maine Public:LePage Calls on Democratic State Lawmaker to Resign
AP: MGovernor’s Plan to Delay Voter-Approved Tax Surcharge Concerns Maine Educators
AP: Gov. Paul LePage seeks new utility regulator, slams solar rules
Maine Public: Maine Governor Looks to Replace Utility Regulator After Vote on Solar Rules
BDN: LePage calls Orono lawmaker corrupt, says he should resign
BDN (Editorial): Efforts to improve voting system’s ‘integrity’ aren’t solving any problems
PPH: Maine lawmakers review marijuana policies adopted by other states
PPH: LePage calls for lawmaker to resign over payments from ballot campaign
PPH (Ed): Our View: Maine should go to bat for rural internet funding
PPH (Ed): Greg Kesich: Bernie Sanders’ agenda can win in Maine if a candidate can pull it off
KJ/MS (Column): Another View: LePage drops ball on Patriots criticism
KJ/MS (Column): Maine Compass: LePage’s proposed cuts cast school leaders as fat to be trimmed
LSJ: Sen. Eric Brakey seeks concealed carry for those 18 and up
WCSH: Doctors adjusting to Maine’s stricter opioid prescription limits
WCSH: LePage calls for resignation of Democratic lawmaker
February 14
Maine Public: Maine Schools, Libraries Facing Dwindling Broadband Subsidy
PPH (Ed): Our View: Swift action, not words, needed to fight Maine’s opioid crisis
PPH (Ed): Our View: Election reform for all the wrong reasons
PPH: Who will be Maine’s next governor? It could be one of these people.
PPH: Rallies for and against Planned Parenthood held in Portland
BDN: Investigations into the abuse of disabled adults in Maine have slowed, without explanation
BDN: Here’s an early look at how Maine’s biomass bailout money is being spent
BDN: LePage wants to fix Maine, but his to-do list is built on shaky history, data
Maine Public: Lawmakers Hold Hearing on LePage’s Budget
WCSH: Adam Lee contemplates a run for governor
February 10
WAGM: Bill to rename township 17R4 advances
WAGM: LePage singles out Troy Jackson in State of the State, says they’ve worked together
BDN: Maine lawmakers eye new protections for electricity customers
BDN: USM won’t cancel event featuring controversial GOP lawmaker
BDN Editorial: LePage is finally saying the right things about opiate addiction treatment
BDN OpEd (Dunlap): Now isn’t the time for Maine to cave against an Orwellian privacy invasion
Maine Public: Study: State Policies Have Increased Food Insecurity in Maine
Maine Public: Student Group Calls for USM to Cancel Conservative Lawmaker’s Speech
PPH Editorial: Canceling Rep. Lockman’s fear-mongering immigration talk would play into his hands
PPH (Nemitz): LePage’s tax reform proposal would hurt those he says he wants to help
February 9
BDN: Can you guess LePage’s new favorite word? He used it 16 times in State of the State
BDN:  After Democratic push, LePage offers plan to expand addiction treatment
BDN: Head scratchers and truths we found in LePage’s State of the State
MPBN: $8 Million Proposal Would Expand Medication-Assisted Treatment for Opioid Addiction
MPBN: Amid Surge in Opioid Deaths, State Considers New Treatment Approaches
MPBN: Maine Education Commission Issues Recommendations
MPBN: Special Committee on Marijuana Starts Work
PPH: LePage administration, Democrats discuss devoting $8 million to addiction treatment
PPH: We’ve annotated this text of LePage’s State of the State speech to provide some context
PPH: Lawmaker tried to prevent wind turbines near Monhegan
PPH: Student group asks USM to cancel talk by conservative legislator
PPH: Our View: Maine’s minimum-wage hike is a law, not a suggestion
LSJ: Proposed law would benefit Maine’s older deer hunters
WCSH: Pen pals and politics
February 8
PPH: In State of the State address, LePage takes aim at taxes, welfare, state referendum process
PPH: Our View: LePage’s State of the State address should offer shakeup
PPH: LePage breaks with Maine’s attorney general to support Trump’s immigration ban
KJ/MS: Senior who lost home attends LePage State of the State address
BDN:LePage uses State of State to rip ‘liberal’ attack on Maine way of life
BDN: LePage calls Legislature irrelevant on day he is to deliver State of the State
BDN (Editorial): How to improve Maine’s marijuana law
BDN (Column): Closed primaries are taxation without representation for the un-enrolled
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage urges Mainers to reject big government and protect elderly
MPBN: In Address, LePage Rails Against ‘Liberals,’ ‘Socialist Utopia’ While Urging Approval of His Budget
MPBN: Some Maine Restaurant Workers Say Tips Have Declined After Minimum Wage Hike
MPBN: Bill Allowing Unenrolled Voters to Participate in Primaries Draws Broad Support
WCSH: Reaction to governor’s speech follows party lines
WCSH: Gov. LePage delivered State of the State
WGME:Proposed l egislation on domestic violence
February 7
PPH: LePage urges legislators to ‘do no harm’ to elderly, economy in setting budget
PPH: LePage likely to push tax cuts, welfare reform, help for elderly in Tuesday’s address
BDN: How $13M in unlawful spending took shape in Mary Mayhew’s DHHS
BDN: LePage to highlight plight of older Mainers in State of the State address
BDN: John Martin steps down from local school board
Maine Public: LePage Defends Budget in Appearance Before Legislative Panels
Maine Public: What to Expect in LePage’s State of the State Address
WCSH: LePage set to deliver State of the State
The Forecaster: Capitol Notebook: The war against the press
LSJ: Sen. Eric Brakey seeks to give former lawbreakers a second chance
AP: LePage defends budget to legislators, calls for civility
February 6
SJ OpEd (Rep. Dillingham): Moving Maine to the Atlantic Time Zone could have advantages
PPH: LePage likely to push tax cuts, welfare reform, help for elderly in Tuesday’s address
PPH LTE: Mainers have seen what thin-skinned leader is like
WGME: Maine legislators look to lower excise tax
SJVT: Leaders bring County business to Augusta
Aroostook Republican: Area superintendents weigh in on funding proposal
PPH: Maine insurance bureau recovers $970,000 for consumers, businesses
SeacoastOnline (AP): Big issues at stake as LePage, lawmakers bicker
TR: Vitelli outlines agenda
JT: Maine Department of Education to hold Biddeford meeting
WCSH: Maine Senator (Diamond) wants Maine to adopt REAL ID
Maine Public: Maine Senate Asks High Court for Opinion on Voter-Approved Ranked-Choice Initiative
February 3
PPH: The old song-and-dance at Maine bars and restaurants? Karaoke bill would ensure it
PPH: Maine DHHS says it uncovered over $1.7 million in welfare theft last year
PPH: LePage says he’s no fan of Patriots, won’t watch Super Bowl
PPH: Maine students lobby for prickly cause: Keeping hedgehogs as pets
PPH: Former LePage lawyer represents company seeking state contract
PPH: Maine Senate asks for court opinion on ranked-choice voting
BDN (MCPIR): Maine legislative committee questions electricity program staff
BDN: Maine high court asked to weigh in on constitutionality of ranked-choice voting
SJ (AP): Paul LePage doesn’t agree with Collins’ opposition to DeVos as education secretary
SJ (AP): LD 56 aims to nip litter problem caused by mini-liquor bottles
SJ (AP): DHHS reports 174 welfare fraud convictions worth $1.7 million in 2016
Maine Public: Maine Senate Asks High Court for Opinion on Voter-Approved Ranked-Choice Initiative
WGME: DHHS: 2016 record year for welfare fraud
WGME: State Senate approves court review of ranked-choice voting
WMTW: Tiny liquor bottles could soon have 15-cent deposit
WMTW: DHHS: Investigators save $3.2M last year, forward record number of cases for prosecution
WVFX: Sen. Diamond introduces real ID bill that would make Maine comply with federal guidelines
WVFX: State buildings in Augusta shouldn’t need legislative approval, states new proposal
Ellsworth American: Retail pot sales still 12 months off as marijuana now legal in Maine
Free Press: Rage with Paul LePage: LePage Reluctantly Signs Bill to Make It Illegal for Children to Smoke Pot
February 2
Maine Public: As Progressives Turn to Ballot Initiatives, GOP Eyes Restrictions
Maine Public: Ranked choice voting advocates protest request for court intervention
Maine Public: Maine Drug Overdose Deaths Continue to Set Records
The Forecaster: Freeport residents jam meeting to reject KKK hate
WCSH: Freeport community gathers after KKK fliers found
WGME: Gov. LePage discusses healthcare, immigration at town hall in York
KJ/MS (Column): Douglas Rooks: Resistance is definitely not futile
PPH (Op-Ed): Maine Voices: Gov. LePage’s budget is a boon for wealthy, burden for working class
February 1
PPH: About 200 Freeport residents gather to denounce Ku Klux Klan fliers
PPH: Lawmakers again consider bill to arm Maine forest rangers
PPH: Maine regulators set middle ground in residential solar incentives
PPH: LePage calls KKK fliers ‘disgusting’ and ‘appalling’
PPH (Column): Greg Kesich: Reign of Gov. LePage offers preview, and lessons, for life under Trump
BDN: Maine House speaker to host community meeting in response to KKK fliers
BDN: LePage takes aim at asylum seekers, says he might sue federal government  
BDN: Maine regulators approve rolling back solar credits       
BDN: Group charged with understanding Maine infant deaths to meet after 3-year hiatus       
BDN (Column): LePage issued a meaningless marijuana order just to pick a fight
Maine Public: Bills Aim to Stem Tide of Miniature Bottles Littering Maine’s Roads
Maine Public: Lawmakers Review Bill Allowing Hedgehogs as Pets Without a Special Permit
Maine Public: Committee Named to Develop Rules as Marijuana Becomes Legal in Maine
Maine Public: PUC Approves Revised Solar Power Incentives
LSJ: Trump and LePage administrations want to limit assistance to immigrants
LSJ: Gov. Paul LePage says Maine needs a new form of government
WCSH: Hallowell representative takes stand against temporary immigration ban
WGME: Maine lawmakers condemn KKK fliers throughout the state
NECN: Flyers Supporting the KKK Found in Two Maine Communities
January 31
BDN: LePage shifts pot sales oversight with executive order, says he can’t trust Legislature
BDN: Maine driver’s licenses no longer accepted to enter military bases, other facilities
BDN: KKK recruitment fliers in Maine House speaker’s neighborhood, state capital
BDN (Column): There couldn’t be a more thick-headed response to the election than this
PPH: Ku Klux Klan fliers shock residents of Freeport, Augusta neighborhoods
PPH: LePage transfers marijuana rulemaking authority to liquor agency
PPH: LePage’s next town hall meeting scheduled for York
LSJ: Sen. Libby blasts Trump’s new immigration orders
PPH (Opinion): Our View: Tread lightly on charging premiums for MaineCare
WCSH: Two Maine towns get papered with KKK fliers.
WGME: Marijuana legal in Maine, with a few exceptions
January 30
BDN OpEd (Hon. Dennis Damon): The people spoke on ranked-choice voting. Augusta should respect their choice.
PPH: Maine AG Janet Mills among 17 nationwide who condemn Trump’s ban on refugees
PPH: In Maine, words of support for refugees contrast with message from state Republican Party
PPH: LePage pushes bill to prevent foreclosure on Maine’s elderly
PPH Editorial: Our View: Tread lightly on charging premiums for MaineCare
PPH OpEd (Sheriff King): Maine Voices: Security concerns necessitate video-only visits at county jails
WABI: DHS: Maine IDs no longer accepted for official purposes
BDN: State senator’s son dies after crash with tanker truck in Philips         
BDN: After fight with Legislature, LePage signs marijuana delay into law
BDN OpEd (Steed): LePage’s tenure has been a 6-year preview of life under Trump
PPH: State senator’s son killed in collision
PPH:LePage reverses course, signs bill to close marijuana law loopholes, delay retail sales
PPH: LePage withdraws ‘provocative’ nomination to Land for Maine’s Future board
PPH: LePage wants to ban some welfare benefits for drug felons
SJ: State leaders all agree on marijuana measure, but fight anyway
SJ: LePage and Macdonald talk about asylum seekers
TR Editorial: LePage, Trump Rub Salt in the Wounds of Refugees
January 27
BDN: Pot sales moratorium bill passes Legislature, but LePage refuses to sign it
BDN: Maine’s $13M bailout of biomass plants will mean jobs, but at a cost of $23,700 each
BDN: LePage takes final steps to end the state’s role in helping refugees
BDN: To counter possible vote to expand MaineCare, DHHS and Mayhew turn to Trump
BDN: A mixed early diagnosis from doctors, hospitals on DHHS plan to tighten MaineCare
PPH: Maine DHHS wants to charge some MaineCare recipients premiums, fees
PPH: LePage won’t sign bill to delay retail pot sales, bar possession by minors
PPH: LePage said Portland should face audit over aid for immigrants
PPH: Maine House says ‘No’ to live video of floor debates on social media
SJ: Gov. Paul LePage may come to Lewiston to deal with immigration issues
SJ: Mary Mayhew asks Trump administration for more MaineCare cuts
Maine Public: Mental Health Programs In Danger of Disappearing Under DHHS Proposed Reimbursement Rates
Maine Public: Defiant LePage Says He Won’t Sign Bill Delaying Retail Pot Shops, Prohibiting Possession by Minors
Maine Public: As Education Budget Difficulties Loom, ‘Regionalization’ Seen as Possible Solution
WCSH: Marijuana moratorium awaits Governor’s signature
WGME: State lawmakers unanimously pass marijuana moratorium
WMTW: Maine lawmakers scramble to fix marijuana law before Monday’s implementation
WABI: Marijuana moratorium bill passes House and Senate, now moves to Gov. LePage
WVFX: Lawmakers okay pot sales moratorium
WVFX: Legislature discussing tip credit change to ballot initiative
WVFX: Maine Secretary of State says voter fraud isn’t happening
JT: LePage defends budget to challenging Biddeford crowd
January 26
BDN: AG: LePage needs legislative approval to build mental health unit
BDN: Maine lets casinos write own gaming laws with voters’ help
PPH: Advocates submit signatures to put Medicaid expansion on Maine ballot
PPH: Maine AG says LePage can’t build psych unit without legislative approval
PPH: Crowd gathers in Biddeford for LePage town hall meeting
PPH (Editorial): Our View: Moving OUI education program won’t ease driver’s license reinstatement logjam
WCSH: LePage heads to Biddeford for first town hall of the year
Maine Public: Maine AG: Governor Needs Lawmakers’ Approval to Build Psych Unit
Maine Public: Lobster License Fee May Rise in Order to Blunt Budget Reduction and Aid Sustainability
LSJ: Trump lawyers, Dunlap certain there was no voter fraud in 2016 election
The Forecaster: Harpswell lobsterman, lawmaker bring flare danger to light
January 25
WCSH: Cross aisle collaboration in the 128th Maine Legislature
PPH: Sen. Collins’ plan for replacing Affordable Care Act holds seeds for compromise
PPH: LePage calls Portland the ‘leader of breaking the laws’ on welfare
PPH: LePage will appear Wednesday in Biddeford to start new round of town hall meetings
PPH: Maine to ask Trump to allow ban on junk food purchases with food stamps
PPH: LePage says Maine can’t support a third casino
PPH (Opinion): Greg Kesich: Hey Maine Democrats, try not to turn a victory at the polls into a defeat
PPH (Opinion): Charles Lawton: Decisions on tax reform, public spending hinge on defining terms
BDN: LePage resurrects plan for public defenders’ office
BDN: LePage to resume public town hall series in Biddeford
BDN (Opinion): LePage administration responds to story about infant nutrition program with distortion
BDN (Opinion): It’s important that we give ourselves time to get pot legalization right
January 24
PPH: Medical ethics bill targets drug company payments to Maine doctors
PPH: Woman charged with biting officer at Women’s March rally in Augusta
BDN: Proposed tax on fortune telling? Psychics didn’t see it coming
BDN (column): The cocktail party syndrome of the southern Maine Republican
MPBN: College Grant Program Draws Strong Support
MPBN: Some Maine Residents to be Hit With Unexpected Tax Bill
LSJ: Paul LePage, wife had weight-loss surgery at CMMC
MS/KJ (opinion): Maine Compass: It’s LePage who owes on apology for myopic view on history
January 23
KJ/MS: Thousands converge on Augusta for Women’s March on Maine rally
KJ/MS: Women’s March draws crowd of at least a half-million, uplifts Mainers
BDN: Marchers flock to Maine cities to stand up to Trump
BDN: Thousands of Mainers join protest against Trump in D.C.
BDN: ‘People’s Inauguration’ in Bangor a call to action, vow to keep fighting for human rights
PPH: About 4,000 Mainers take part in Washington march
PPH: In Portland, massive protest teems with more than 10,000 people
SJ: Some grin, others bear it as Donald Trump takes office
KJ/MS: Central Maine Republicans praise peaceful transition of power as Trump becomes president
Maine Public: Thousands Rally Across Maine in Support of Women’s Rights
Maine Public: Mainers mark Trump’s inauguration with live reading of U.S. Constitution
WCSH: Mainers assemble across the state for Women’s March
WGME: Around 10,000 join Portland women’s march after Trump’s inauguration
WGME: Pingree on Trump inauguration
SeacoastOnline: NH, Maine politicians react to Trump inauguration
SJ (AP): Pride of Madawaska headed home after playing inaugural
January 20
PPH: Committee endorses bill to delay marijuana sales in Maine
PPH: Legislative committee supports spending that avoids UMaine System tuition increase
PPH: LePage to deliver State of the State speech after 1-year hiatus
PPH: Backlog slows license reinstatement for Mainers convicted of driving drunk
PPH Editorial: Our View: No room for flip-flopping former Cumberland legislator on conservation board
PPH: Retired Maine budget chief Sawin Millett is back to advise lawmakers
PPH (Nemitz): LePage is Maine’s very own Archie Bunker, but in reality, he’s not funny
PPH OpEd (Rep. Tucker): Commentary: An EPA administrator is needed who will help, not hurt Maine’s environment
BDN: LePage’s threat to ax state welfare funding has city leaders worried
BDN: Maine lawmakers speed effort to put hold on marijuana sales
SJ: John Martin looks back at a half-century in the State House
YCCC: ‘A lot of work to be done’ as Legislature gets underway
TR: Legislature eyes earlier time zone for Maine
WVFX: Governor works with legislature on a supplemental budget
WABI: Veterans [Sen. Carson, Rep. Golden] call on President-Elect Trump not to dismantle Obamacare
WMTW: DHHS commissioner says privatized welfare-to-work program worth extra costs
WGME: Maine privatizes major welfare program
January 19
PPH – Lawmaker’s idea to open up Maine House to social media crashes
PPH – Gov. LePage stands by remarks criticizing Georgia congressman John Lewis
PPH – Committee continues work on marijuana bill as legalization date looms
PPH – LePage seeks $7 million bailout for Maine Military Authority
BDN –  Families frustrated by Maine’s cold-case unit push for new bill
BDN (opinion) – Why eliminating Maine’s tipped wage is a raw deal for restaurants and tipped workers
WGME – Gov. LePage stands by comments about Rep. John Lewis
WCSH – Ranked choice voting may be heading to Maine Supreme Court
MPBN – Maine Bill to Delay Retail Pot Sales Still Under Review
January 18
PPH – Lawmakers weigh calls to delay retail sales of marijuana
PPH – LePage rebuffs environmental groups with his nominee to land board
PPH – LePage nominates new members to UMaine System board
BDN – LePage budget would impose ‘Netflix tax’ in Maine
BDN (Editorial) – By insisting on photo IDs in infant nutrition program, LePage administration is thwarting its own goals
BDN: LePage nominates former Cumberland lawmaker for conservation board
LSJ – Families vent frustration at Maine’s cold-case unit, push new victim’s rights bill
MPBN – LePage to Share Details of Bangor Psychiatric Unit
MPBN – Maine’s Share of VW Settlement — If Accepted — Could Go Toward Electric Vehicle Infrastructure
WCSH – Gov. LePage makes semi-impromptu visit to Kennebunk to support dams
WCSH – Maine Legislature including amendments to marijuana referendum in moratorium discussion
PPH – LePage says civil rights icon John Lewis should thank Abraham Lincoln, calls for NAACP apology
PPH (Opinion) – Our View: LePage again makes Maine look bigoted
BDN – National outrage over racial remarks bounces off LePage in Maine
BDN (Opinion) – Gov. LePage’s attack on Rep. Lewis reveals his fundamentally racist worldview
LSJ – Gov. Paul LePage offers alternative civil rights history
MPBN – LePage Says NAACP Should ‘Apologize to the White People’ After Flap With Civil Rights Icon
WCSH – LePage’s comments a ‘profound misunderstanding of history,’ Maine Dems say
January 17
BDN – LePage: Chellie Pingree should resign if she won’t attend Trump’s inauguration
WCSH – Public hearing on moratorium extension of retail sale of recreational pot Tuesday
WGME – Children’s Caucus to look out for Maine children
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PPH – What LePage’s tax plan would mean for you
PPH (Opinion) – Our View: Augusta focused on the wrong drug problem
SJ: Rep. John Martin is featured speaker at Thursday’s Great Falls Forum
January 13
PPH LTE (Moonen): Letter to the editor: Goals of Legislature’s Judiciary Committee include equal justice for all
BDN: As Trump, LePage blast boycott, ‘absurd’ is word of day at LL Bean
BDN: State clears Turner egg facility of all animal cruelty charges
BDN: Attempt to honor school choice triggers State House spat
BDN: Try, try again: Maine lawmakers keep proposing bills that previously failed
SJ (AP): Gov. Paul LePage takes message to cordial outlets, ignores other media
JT (Foley): Implementing Minimum wage law requires careful consideration
January 12
PPH: Marijuana backers vow to fight new bid to delay retail pot sales in Maine
BDN: Legislative leaders’ plan to slow pot legalization draws advocates’ ire
MPBN: New Bill Would Delay Implementation of Some Parts of Legalized Marijuana
WCSH: Legislature will vote on marijuana moratorium
WABI: Lawmakers Look to Extend Marijuana Sales Moratorium to 12 Months
WGME: Maine legislative leaders agree on deal to delay parts of Maine marijuana law
PPH: LePage ignores all but friendly media, in departure from previous governors
PPH: Lawmakers may seek court opinion on constitutionality of ranked-choice voting
PPH: Governor ends weight-loss mystery, telling radio host he had bariatric surgery
BDN: LePage: Maine agriculture ‘can become a major industry, not just a boutique industry’
MPBN: Senate Republicans Want Supreme Court Opinion on Ranked-Choice Voting
SJ: Legislature to look at minimum wage law
WCSH: Sex trafficking victims demand action from Maine lawmakers
WCSH: Elementary class inspires hedgehog bill in Augusta
WGME: Activists discuss how to fight human trafficking at the State House
January 11
PPH: LePage urges Republicans to ‘fix bayonets’ as he prepares for budget battle
PPH: LePage attacks Humane Society’s undercover probes to root out animal cruelty
MPBN: Hedgehogs, Spearfishing, Marijuana — A Look At Bills Submitted To Maine’s New Legislature
SJ: Gov. Paul LePage’s budget omits school surtax
YW:‘Uncertain, interesting time’ for Maine legislators
WCSH: LePage says he will go to the people to build support for tax plan
WCSH: ‘No one is immune’ from drug epidemic: Sen. Volk on son’s drug arrest
WABI: ‘Domestic Violence Awareness Day’ Highlights Available Resources
WABI: Lawmakers Attend First Legislative Children’s Caucus
WFVX: Governor LePage looks to help elderly couple after foreclosure
WGME: Gov. LePage prepares for final budget battle
January 10
PPH: Our View: LePage’s budget proposal is too stuck in the past
PPH: LePage budget plan would disqualify thousands from MaineCare benefits
PPH: State House leaders offer mixed reaction to LePage budget proposal
BDN: Democrats draw early battle lines on LePage’s budget proposal
BDN: Other than the timing, LePage’s budget offers few surprises
MPBN: LePage’s Budget Trims $70 Million From Maine Welfare Programs
SJ: Governor’s budget ‘challenging’ for Lisbon schools
WCSH: Mayhew says ‘tough decisions’ needed on budget
WMTW: What to know about Gov. LePage’s proposed state budget
WGME: Gov. LePage’s budget proposal includes tax cuts, elimination of state positions
WABI: Maine Lawmakers react to LePage’s two year budget proposal
WT (AP): Democrats skeptical, GOP supportive of LePage’s budget
PPH: Hedgehogs, hunting wear and a host of peculiar bills in the Maine Legislature
PPH: Dylan Volk, son of Scarborough lawmaker, charged with OUI, meth possession
KJ MS: Another View: Pruitt at EPA would be an environmental disaster
MPBN: LePage to Tout Maine’s Agricultural Products at Annual Trade Show
January 9
BDN: LePage budget would cut 500 state jobs, shift Maine to flat tax by 2020
BDN: Union: State workers warned about layoffs ahead of LePage budget release
PPH: Analysis: Both parties likely to anguish over parts of LePage’s budget plan
Maine Public: LePage Budget Proposes Steep Spending Cuts, Lower Income Tax
SeacoastOnline (AP): LePage unveils 2-year, $6.8 billion Maine budget
WCSH: Gov. LePage’s budget targets DHHS spending
WABI: LePage’s proposed budget would cut taxes, hundreds of state jobs
BDN: Maine attorney general sues Volkswagen over devices that concealed emissions
BDN Editorial: The education push everyone knows Maine needs
PPH (Sen. Breen): Mental health services save lives
KJ/MS LTE: LePage doesn’t get it on Riverview
Maine Public: LePage to Attend Trump Inauguration
Maine Public: Maine Files New Suit Against Volkswagen in Emissions Scandal
SeacoastOnline: ‘Uncertain, interesting time’ for Maine legislators
January 6
BDN: Controversial mining regulations going back to Maine Legislature
BDN: LePage won’t wait for lawmakers to make a decision on new psych unit
PPH: Lawmakers hear, and express, concerns about LePage plan for forensic psychiatric center
PPH: Maine environmental board endorses contentious mining regulations
PPH: LePage says 2 companies may close over high energy costs, erasing 400 jobs
SJ (AP): LePage set to unveil two-year budget to Maine legislators
SJ (AP): Stephen Wood, GOP rep from Greene, may leave Republican party
SJ: Gov. Paul LePage may seek referendum to abolish income tax
Maine Public: Maine Legislators to Once Again Consider New Mining Rules
Maine Public: Across the Aisle: What’s in LePage’s Budget?
Maine Public: Lawmakers, Advocates Debate Psychiatric Facility Proposal
Maine Public: LePage Vows to Resume Town Hall Events to Drum up Support for Budget
WCSH: Maine rep leaves Republicans, reducing House minority party
WGME: State representative criticized for referring to transgender people as ‘mentally ill’
WMTW: State lawmaker faces criticism for tweet about transgender people
WMTW (AP): Lawmakers, advocates want more details on psych facility
Fiddlehead Focus: Maine legislators to take part in Aroostook Day, Jan. 25
January 5
PPH: Legislature returns to tackle legalized marijuana, minimum wage
PPH: Repealing Obamacare could be devastating for Maine, top Democrat says
PPH EDITORIAL: Our View: Don’t put off deadline on implementing retail sales of marijuana
PPH: Representative switches parties, reducing ranks of Maine House Republicans
BDN EDITORIAL: School consolidation will take local examples, not just small financial incentives
MPBN: Affordable Care Act Supporters: Maine Can’t Afford Repeal
AP: Legislators Arrive in Augusta Facing Key Issues
KJ MS (MASON): Garrett Mason: Pruitt would restore EPA’s proper role
SJ: Maine lawmakers get down to business, slowly
WCSH: Legislators looking at marijuana moratorium
WGME: Maine Legislature starts new session with major issues to tackle
January 4
PPH: LePage verifies marijuana vote, making possession of small amounts legal Jan. 30
PPH EDITORIAL: Our View: Real ID law shouldn’t fly in Maine Legislature
PPH: LePage administration offers incentives for school districts to share programs
BDN: Pot legal in Maine on Jan. 30; LePage, GOP leader renew push for delay
BDN EDITORIAL: Too few Maine residents test their water for arsenic. Education is key to changing that
BDN (CALLAHAN): Will Thibodeau and Gideon lead a collaborative legislature?
MPBN: Maine Lawmakers Debate Moratorium on Pot Legalization
MPBN: Maine Lawmakers Discuss Top Legislative Issues
JT: Area legislators receive committee assignments
JT: Legislators to tackle solar power, tax breaks for seniors, more
SJ: Maine lawmakers prepare to tackle wide range of issues
PNS: Looking Out for Seniors: Maine Lawmakers Get Back to Work
WCSH: Teacher pay may become a big issue in the Legislature
WCSH: LePage signs order to direct $3 to school consolidation
AP: Maine doctors get more time to comply with new prescribing rules
AP: Critics say Maine lawmakers’ ‘skeleton bills’ lack transparency
January 3
BDN LTE (Warren): Fixing the Criminal Justice System
BDN LTE (Herbig): Democrats will Fight for Maine’s Rural Communities
BDN LTE (Berry): Invest in Broadband to Help Rural Towns
BDN: What to expect from LePage’s last Maine budget proposal
KJ MS (Katz and Gattine): From the State House: Riverview’s future too important to decide without public input
KJ MS: State Seeks More Authority in Investigations of Suspected Lobstering Violations
PPH: Maine’s drug crisis, school aid top agenda in new legislative term
JT: Woodsome submits bill to address court concerns
AP: 1-sentence draft bills criticized for lack of transparency
FP: Eye on Augusta: Midcoast Legislators Given Committee Assignments
WAGM: New state laws taking effect on January 1st, 2017