Monday, January 14, 2013

Educational Vision

Monday morning, I met briefly with Senate President Alfond, who was the ranking Senator on the Education Committee last year, to discuss our respective goals in education this session.

Monday afternoon, our committee’s analyst briefed the Education Committee on the reports and research work plans we can expect from our respective agencies and commissions this session.  I’ll be particularly interested in hearing reports on

  • Proficiency-based diplomas and standards-based education
  • Innovative school zones and districts
  • Multi-district on-line learning (especially in the context of the parallel argument separately to implement private virtual charter schools.)
  • The Governor’s proposed ‘school choice’ model
  • Child Development Services system (particularly now in relation to supplemental budget discussion below)
  • Essential Programs and Services costs and effectiveness.
  • The Maine Educator Effectiveness Council
  • Alternative teacher certification pathways
  • Design, cost, and effectiveness of teacher and administrator evaluation models.

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