Friday, January 25, 2013

Appropriations hearings

This afternoon the Education and Appropriations Committees jointly heard public testimony on the sections of the Governor’s proposed supplemental budget related to education.

The affected state agencies all testified that, given the regrettable necessity of curtailment, they could make do with their share of the cuts.  But, following their testimony, advocates raised concerns about several accompanying redirections in policy:

  • the proposed increase in the ‘Insured Value Factor’ surcharge to tuition paid to private academies. 
  • the redefinition of the Fund for Efficient Delivery of Educational Services restricting it to major restructurings centered around career and technical education facilities.
  • the elimination of parental ‘choice’ to opt for special services for disabled students of kindergarten age outside of kindergarten coordination and oversight.
  • the breaking of faith shown in diverting casino revenue that was statutorily dedicated to fund education to fill the larger budget hole.

Our committee will deliberate on the related sections of the supplemental budget in work sessions on Monday.



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