Time to re-roll the sleeves

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

I am deeply honored and grateful to be elected to represent you for another two years in the Maine State Legislature.

Built from conversations at many hundreds of doors over the past half year, your support renews my courage to represent what I understand to be our common values of mutual respect, decency, fairness, hard work, and collaborative effort.

Towards that goal, I am eager to continue to lead ongoing legislative efforts to improve the equity and effectiveness of Maine’s school funding model, to better align resources to allow broader access to affordable college education, and further to support jobs, entrepreneurship, and responsible economic development.

I am proud and gratified that, last Tuesday, voters statewide recognized the value in the research and development bonds which will accelerate the returns from scientific research and workforce training at laboratories right here in Hancock County.

The upcoming legislative session will offer no shortage of challenges but I intend to engage them faithfully and immediately.  This past Thursday, I arranged a meeting with Governor to learn some of his goals related to education.  It was a cordial and, I think, productive discussion.

Finally, I commit to continue regularly reporting to you on my actions as your representative in Augusta.  If you are not already on my email list and wish to receive these updates, please email me at Brian@Hubbell2014.com.

Please let me continue to hear your thoughts and concerns.

With gratitude,

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