Testimony presenting LD 658: Resolve, To Direct a Plan for Energy Independence for Maine

“…As a first step, this plan can make an inventory of resources and evaluate the relative returns on investment in each available sector of renewable energy — including returns from conservation and efficiency — and then scale and sum those components by cost-effectiveness into one feasible comprehensive strategy which, in total, is capable of offsetting the current $3.4 billion value of Maine’s energy imports.

Second, in service of a longer term goal of displacing rather than just offsetting imported energy. this plan can consider what sort of a network could support such a distribution of generation and effectively balance generation against demand.

As a third step, the plan can evaluate what policies would be required over the next ten years to draw the necessary capital investments at those prospective rates of return and propose a set of recommendations to the legislature through this committee for consideration.

On the environmental side, if we are indeed serious about curtailing carbon emissions, we need to know what combination of solar, wind, hydro, biomass, conservation and efficiency can match the needs of Maine’s citizens, businesses and industries.

On the economic side, our state needs the income, jobs, and beneficial balance of trade that would result from the domestic production rather than importation of $3.4 billion of energy.”

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