Experts urge “full speed ahead” on climate action

To explain why I am committed to immediate work through the Maine Climate Council, here outlined from this week’s symposium at MIT, are the foundational reasons prompting us collectively towards direct action.

  • 25 of the warmest years in human history have occured in he last 32 years
  • In the same period the resulting rate of sea level rise has tripled and the actuarial consequences are.already both apparent and quantifiable.
  • About two-thirds of the total amount of the CO2 allowance that limits warming to just a 50% chance of staying within two degrees has already been emitted
  • Even after stabilized emissions, both temperatures and sea levels will continue to rise for centuries because of current destabilization of the carbon cycle in both the atmosphere and oceans.
  • Despite the great policy challenges of limiting the warming proability to two degrees. The prospects of economic and civil disruption increase non-linearly beyond that — making inaction immensely worse.

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