Economic recovery committee urges school reopenings, broadband expansion

This article reports on the first ‘quick start’ recommendations emerging from the Economic Recovery Committee. My own shorter-term priorities within the committee are as follows:

  • Provide necessary means for safety modifications and testing to resume safe and reliable operations at schools and child care facilities.
  • With special focus on those associated with the hospitality sector, connect workers and the self-employed directly to additional federal resources, particularly related to acute safety net needs of food, housing, child care, medical care, and behavioral health.
  • Connect displaced and unemployed workers with capital to build their own businesses.
  • Market Maine as a safe place to work, live, attend school, start innovative business, and visit based on direct implementation of safety measures and infrastructure investments like broadband
  • Link strategies with the Climate Council to capitalize on opportunities in Maine for expanding economic opportunities in renewable energy, efficiency, grid modernization, and alternative fuels.

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