5/17/2105 Legislative report: bill progress

May 17, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors in House District 135,

We are now about three-quarters of the way through this legislative session and committees are in their final weeks of working on bills.  As bills are finalized in committee, after this coming week work will largely shift to the floors of the House and Senate.

So I want to take a moment to report on some of my own bills.  So far, I’ve had some successes this session:

  • LD 3, which clarifies that charter schools are subject to the same graduation requirements as public schools, is now law
  • LD 38, which allows an additional year for schools to pilot evaluations systems, is now law
  • LD 131, which shifts the full liability from local schools to the state for funding charter schools is now law
  • LD 462, which clarifies the rule-making procedure  around transportation of Pre-K students, is now law
  • LD 692, which clarified educator evaluation systems in relation to federal law and allowed Maine’s federal waiver from ‘No Child Left Behind’ to go forward, is now law
  • LD 205, in support of the Local Solutions housing project, served to advance policy without needing enactment.
  • LD 405, which seeks support for breeding wild Atlantic Salmon, will be carried over to the next session.
  • LD 391 and LD 1207, related to virtual learning, have had their concepts amended into Senator Langley’s bill, LD 1230
  • LD 1173 which seeks to expand funding and capacity for regional educational professional development, just left committee with unanimous support
  • Three more bills related to proficiency-based learning (LD 601, LD 840, and LD 853) will be worked on in our committee tomorrow.

You can see a fuller listing of the other bills that I’m still working on here:

Also, as the Appropriations Committee will be working hard this coming week to negotiate a final budget proposal, I also want to share with you my outline of the budget recommendations that I’ve presented to the Appropriations Committee from the Education Committee:

Please let me continue to hear from you.

With gratitude,

Representative Brian Hubbell,

Maine House District 135
Bar Harbor, Lamoine, Mount Desert

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