Summary of Rep. Hubbell’s bills this session.

ENACTED (12 sponsored and 3 cosponsored):

Cosponsored bills ENACTED:

Sponsored bills which did not become law

Cosponsored bills which did not become law

  • LD 415: An Act To Promote the Safe Use and Sale of Firearms

    Sought a compromise solution to the private sale ‘loophole’ of the sales of firearms by making available “strict liability” legal protection to sellers using background checks for private transactions.

  • LD 471: An Act To Improve Childhood Vaccination Rates in Maine

    …sought to require a parent or guardian who is seeking a philosophical exemption to routine childhood vaccination when enrolling a child in school or a licensed daycare facility to present written documentation signed by a healthcare practitioner that the health care practitioner has reviewed with the parent information about the risks and benefits of immunization that is consistent with information published by the federal Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.
    Victory for vaccine foes puts Maine kids at risk, Editorial, Press Herald, July 6, 2015

  • LD 956: An Act To Create Community Schools

    This bill was incorporated into the new state budget.

  • LD 1270: An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life

    …enacts a process for patient-directed care at the end of life for Maine residents who are adults who are terminally ill and who have been determined to have a limited life expectancy. Provides that such a patient has a right to information and includes requirements for patient and physician action and documentation in the patient’s medical records of the steps taken. Authorizes a physician to prescribe a medication that the patient may self-administer for the purpose of hastening the patient’s death. Provides protections for the physician, the patient’s health care facility and health care providers. Protects the patient’s life insurance and the health care providers’ medical professional liability insurance. Protects the patient’s right to palliative care. Specifically states that nothing in the provisions of the bill may be construed to authorize a physician or other person to end a patient’s life by lethal injection, mercy killing or active euthanasia.
    Dying Mainers deserve right to make final choice in life, Editorial, Press Herald, June 3, 2015

  • LD 795: An Act To Encourage Prudent Development along the Coast or in a Flood Zone by Considering Predictions for Sea Level Rise

    …proposed to enact measures that would require sea level model predictions to be taken into account in the design phase of any development project on the coast or in a flood zone if more than 10% of the total funding for the project is state funding. Also proposes to enact measures to require coordination among state and federal agencies, universities and stakeholders concerning development projects on the coast or in a flood zone that may be affected by sea level rise.

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