Time for Governor to resign

27 August 2016

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is time to speak up.

Since you first elected me to be your representative I have understood that you expected me to work diligently, collaboratively, and above all respectfully for the betterment and well-being of Maine.

As your elected representatives, my colleagues and I endeavor always to treat each other with the respect that is due directly to the citizens who vested each of us with their trust.

Because Governor LePage also was fairly elected twice by the citizens of Maine, I believe that he is due this same respect.

For two terms now, I believe that my record also will show that I have engaged the Governor and his agencies collaboratively searching in good faith to develop a common interest in making Maine better.

I am gratified to have found substantial success in those efforts many times and, like others, I am disappointed when earnest work on both sides has in the end proved unproductive.  That is the ordinary and imperfect struggle of good politics.

However, I also understand that, more than just faithful functionaries, elected representatives must also serve both as the voice of their constituents and as conscience for the state as a whole.

In the last few days, in an escalation of disturbing incidents, Governor LePage impulsively declared not only that he wished to shoot my colleague Representative Gattine between the eyes but also that he believes that “Black people come up the highway and they kill Mainers” and “Right now the enemy is …people of color.”

Irrespective of whether the Governor’s representing of Maine’s drug problem primarily in terms of race is sufficient evidence of racism, these declarations are wholly indefensible on their merits.

First, the Governor mis-frames Maine’s opioid epidemic merely as a victimization of Maine citizens by Black and Hispanic entrepreneurs.

Even if Governor LePage could emulate a Trumpian fantasy of walling off the Piscataqua and deny entry to Blacks and Hispanics, the well of demand would still draw the same river of criminal supply.   Maine’s addicts would still suffer the daily ravages of their disease. Ordinary Maine families would still endure the terminal heartbreak from fatal overdoses.

Every day that the Governor remains blind to the understanding that drug addiction is a native pathology and not a racial conflict prolongs the tragedy and postpones the necessary comprehensive cure.

Worse, at a time when our state vitally depends on attracting newcomers and new businesses, the Governor’s own evolving pathology of scapegoating others for our native malaise risks Maine’s future by replacing our essential identity as a place of tolerance, opportunity, and cooperation with another poisoned by fear, bigotry, and mutual suspicion.

As a state, and as a nation, we seem at a cultural inflection point of self-understanding.

As Mainers and Americans, will we renew our traditional belief in the promise and mutual benefits of plurality?  Or will we retreat into the tribal landscape that the Governor describes in which aliens are coming up the highway to kill us and in which we Mainers in fact are at war against an amassing force of people of color?

As recently as a week ago, I could have dismissed that nightmare image as a deranged fever-dream.  But the Governor of our state has now declared this his reality through which he intends to lead. We can only take him at his word. To the nation today, this sounds immediately alarming.

Collectively, we are who we realize ourselves to be and history is the aggregation of the decisions constructing those realizations.

Our state is suffering. The work ahead is urgent and daunting but not yet out of reach.  Our Governor has lost his way.

It is time for this Governor to resign.

42 thoughts on “Time for Governor to resign”

  1. Very well said Brian. As always, you’ve expressed your feeling in the high road manner. So proud to have you as our Rep.

  2. You have done your state, your constituents, and your family proud. The man who most needs to hear what you have said will probably value it least of all, but you are living “speaking truth to power. ” Blessings on you and your family.

    1. Agreed, sir.

      Our representatives in Augusta need to hold our governor accountable. He has demonstrated that he cannot do this for himself, and simply calling for him to resign, I fear, will have no effect.

      Mr. Hubbell, if you truly feel that Governor LePage can no longer lead, take a stand in Augusta, and convince your fellow representatives to stand with you.

  3. You have done here what I have wondered about in this political season; is the the point at which we look at elected officials and candidates–and those who support and defend them–and say, “No! You have veered off course and no longer represent, embody, or value the laws and values of our open democratic society.”

  4. Thank you. Fifty friends on Facebook today agreed with Frank OHaras statement that he should resign or be impeached.
    He is not doing his job, is reckless, rude, and degrading in his attitude and actions.y

  5. Nice. Talk to Rep. Ken Fredette if you want the Governor to resign. To reach him, i suggest start talking with the moderate Republicans or those who may lose their seats in November. Fredeette needs to be pressured by his own otherwise it’s party politics. If he walks into LePage’s office and says, “i, nor our party, can no longer support you and your legislative agenda.” The Governor is essentially ‘fired’.

  6. Nice. Talk to Rep. Ken Fredette if you want the Governor to resign. To reach him, i suggest start talking with the moderate Republicans or those who may lose their seats in November. Fredeette needs to be pressured by his own party members, otherwise he’ll dismiss it as party politics. If he walks into LePage’s office and says, “i, nor our party, can no longer support you and your legislative agenda.” The Governor is essentially ‘fired’.

  7. Excellent posting, Sir…. and I believe your attitudes much better represent the people of our wonderful state much more than than the attitude of Gov. LePage. He needs to go. He no longer represents the people of Maine.

  8. I fully agree and thank you for saying what clearly needs to be said. If he won’t resign – or even if he will, which I fear is very unlikely – Maine needs a mechanism for impeaching the Governor.

  9. If he does not resign, I sincerely hope that the Legislature will begin impeachment proceedings right away. We cannot move our state forward until this man leaves office.

  10. Rep. Hubbell:
    You have demonstrated admirably “standing against incivility” civilly. Thank you.
    Terry Hayes

  11. I respect your thoughtful, clearly expressed position and your willingness to offer it, given the Governor’s pattern of vindictive behavior. How can I help?

  12. This man is a classic example of white privilege. Shame on the people of Maine. He is an embarrassment to his race and country. I thankfully watch his shenanigans from afar and shake my head in dismay. I watched him discinegrate Aroostook County in the past five years. People there are struggling, everything is closing. Drugs are rampant and the people are white. it’s insane. Businessmen are supposed to create business and make things grow. He’s closing down the state. Maine- Closed for business.

  13. Resigning would be the right thing to do, but realistically with his temperament, it will not happen without him being in the public eye, battling for his last moments in the sun. We as citizens need to help in this process, if we can. Impeaching him is hard and costly, but Maine needs to have a leader not a dictator at the helm.

  14. Thank you for your thoughtful comments, Rep. Hubbell. You represent us well, and are deserving of our gratitude, and our support. Our hope is that your legislative colleagues will recognize this as the moment when change is needed to ensure that life in Maine is TRULY the way it should be.

  15. Dear Sir, your words speak many truths, yes he needs to go.
    No matter what we say or what we hear the Gov. is still in the
    drivers seat. He loves that everyone is up in arms over his
    words, stick and stones……our skin has become to thin, the
    world has changed…its time to stop worrying about what
    the Gov. says and to pay attention to the world in front
    of us..we are tired of the Gov. and the rest of you folks in
    Augusta, being the lead story in the news every day..period!
    The Gov. will be long gone soon, let’s try and do our best
    in spite of the Gov.
    No pun intended, kill him with kindness, go along to get along,
    agree to disagree etc.. We can do it without his ugly comments
    in our daily lives, stop paying attention to what he says and his
    voice will fade from our no response. Take his pulpit away, turn his voice to silence…then see how he responds..
    Its his game and we are just his pawns, let him play his game by
    himself…report only positives of any kind, misery loves
    He also loves the impeachment thingie, we’ll never impeach
    him for his words, but we can silence the nutcase in the Gov’s.

  16. LePage misrepresents and embarrasses Maine on a regular basis. His tantrums, inaccurate statements and dictator behaviors must go! Please free Maine from this racist, ineffective bigot!

  17. Mr. LePage has shown himself time and again to be in over his head as far as his job is concerned. He has blundered repeatedly, dragging the good name of the State of Maine through the mud and making us the laughingstock of the nation for having voted him into office. It is time we right this wrong and remove him from an office for which he is not suited.

  18. Well written and thoughtful, clear letter. You clearly delineate the falsehood and the danger of LePage’s characterization of Maine’s drug problem. It is clear that he is in denial as to the cause and the potential solutions and therefore cannot be an effective leader for this situation.
    That by itself raises concerns about his effectiveness as our governor. The complete lack of self discipline and civility , the blatant racism and homophobia are difficult to believe in an elected official. He is an embarrassment to our state.

  19. I live in an adjoining district, in Sedgwick. I applaud you for your seasoned and reasonable comments, and your call for the Governor to resign. This man has caused this state immense harm, and none of us wish to continue being regarded as the laughing stock of the country simply because we are “led” by this man whose bullying, overtly racist and sexist agenda, and complete failure to address the opioid epidemic, all of which are dragging us down. I am hoping Ken Fredette sees the merits of this stance as a step in the right direction for Maine. Let us all remember Margaret Chase Smith’s courage 60 years ago, when she condemned the acts of a fellow Republican, and won a place in the hearts of Mainers of both parties.

  20. Mr. LePage is nothing more than a Narcissistic bully. His behavior is deplorable, and very embarrassing. There is no God Giving Reason why he should be the Governor of the State of Maine. Not only is he a laughing joke…it makes the rest of us look like idiots. People need to rise up, and oust this abusive, mentally ill, poor excuse of a man out of office. Anyone that support him may need to seriously sit down and re-evaluate their value systems. If anyone else displayed the type of behavior that Governor LePage has…they would be behind bars, with a psychological order mandated upon them. Why aren’t the appropriate officials stepping up to plate, and dealing with this totally destructive individual/situation?! I just about fell out of my chair when I listened to this recording. May God help us all!!!! Laurie Churchill Coutts, MS

  21. How very well said. And if the governor does not resign, what steps will be taken and who will have the courage to move it forward?

  22. How can we get rid of him? Who can make this happen? I am willing to do my part. My state representative agrees, but what now?

  23. Thank you for your measured words of civility, a hallmark of much better political discourse than Mr. LePage is capable of holding. Let’ s send the message as loudly as we can- he does not represent Maine.

  24. I agree, but has not the legislature tried already to impeach him? He has embarrassed us so many times, yet nothing is done. Please end this if you can.

  25. Written Friday, August 26

    Governor Lepage:

    My heart broke a little bit this morning.

    Not because of your hateful rhetoric. We’ve all heard this before on occasions, too numerous to count.

    My heart broke for lgbt folks who, as of yet, have not been ready to join our community. My beautiful queer family, whatever your reasons to stay silent, I support you. Living alone with your remarkable secret is courageous beyond words. I am here for you.

    And to you, governor Lepage. I declare that you do not frighten me. And I refuse to be silenced and intimidated by your horrid words and threats of violence, wrapped in homophobic hyperbole.

    I will endeavor to make a safe space for lgbt youth. I will collaborate to create spaces where our wonderful, queer children (and their allies) can thrive, free from the potential exploitation and violence you and your ilk would have them suffer through without support or recourse.

    When you speak such horrible, homophobic rhetoric (Yes governor. I am calling you a homophobe), you place your heel on the neck of our queer youth. And I and others will stand up to you, every time: regardless of the hate and threats you attempt to bring down upon us.


    Mike J Blanchard

    Feel free to share

  26. Never before has a need been so critical to remove an incompetent person from a crucial job. Mr. LePage has forfeited the trust of the people of Maine. Unfortunately, Republicans have to be convinced that this is absolutely necessary. But a party that has someone like Donald Trump running for President can’t be counted on to take any sensible action.

  27. Now, how do we make this happen? We are the laughing stock of America. We are being deemed racist State, and that isn’t true. He is a horrible leader, and a horrible example of who Mainer’s truly are.

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