Legislature responds quickly to civil emergency

  • In rapid sequence, Legislature approves $76 million budget package geared toward pandemic, Press Herald, March 18, 2020
  • As a direct result of bipartisan collaboration with the Governor’s staff over the last week, an extraordinary amount of legislative work was moved and enacted yesterday.

    It has been a hectic week and a half of essential sequestration within the state house for Cabinet Commissioners, House and Senate leadership, heroic nonpartisan legal policy staff, and my twelve committee colleagues on Appropriations.

    As I finally return home to my family today, I realize this is a time that we collectively will all benchmark for the rest of our lives to judge how adequately we responded with imperfect knowledge against adversity of unmeasured scope.

    On this flood of uncertainty of this moment, I sharply feel of the decency of this state and the dedication of the individuals with whom I’ve been privileged to serve.

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