Education funding in Governor Mills’ budget proposal

Maine state subsidy for schools and the cost of education since 2006

Governor Mills’ two-year budget proposal adds over $187 million in prospective funding for education from early childhood through college, including $126 million for K-12 schools.

The top lines of graph above show the cost of education over the …

Maine’s next 2-year budget focuses on funding education and Medicaid expansion – with no new taxes

After my first pass through the 600 page document, overall I like what I see so far in this budget proposal.

It funds expanded access to healthcare and — deliberately over two years — adds over $180 million to a comprehensive scope of supports for public education from early childhood through college. And it does …

Research firms can tap $3.5 million to improve health in Maine

This is an exciting milestone that will brighten Maine’s spot on the economic map. Scientific research leading to commercialization carries real promise for our state. I intend to work hard this legislative session to make sure that the state is a good partner in this effort and that we have a long-term economic plan to …

Mills names former House Speaker Hannah Pingree to head new office of innovation

Great call! Maine will immediately benefit from good planning related to energy policy and economic development

I’m really looking forward to working collaboratively with a revitalized Office of Innovation headed by Hannah Pingree, particularly on energy policy and a state plan for research and development,

Position statement for Ellsworth American – October 2018

Brian L. Hubbell
Age: 62
Residence: Bar Harbor
Party: Democratic
Present Employment: Self-employed project manager
Highest Level of Education Completed: Degree in architecture from Massachusetts Institute of Technology
Previous Elected Public Office(s) Held: School board member (10 years), State representative (six years)

I believe that elected officials are charged to engage faithfully to thrash out …

Position statements for Bangor Daily News (October 2018)

House District 135: Bar Harbor, Lamoine and Mount Desert (Map)
Brian Hubbell (D) – Incumbent

1. What is the biggest barrier to economic development in Maine and what can the Legislature do to address it?
At present, Maine’s economic development is hampered by having too few skilled workers and by the absence of a comprehensive …

Progress, failure, and stall: Finished and unfinished business in the special session

25 July 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

Once again, despite being only yards from the finish line, your legislature evidently is stalled in deadlock.  Nevertheless, in this summer’s special session, we have made some commendable progress and also been party to some heartbreaking failures.

As I reported in April, with critical bills still unresolved, …

Floor remarks in favor of proficiency-based learning: 26 June 2018

Thank you, Madame Speaker.

I rise with grave concern that this bill, as engrossed, with its proposed dual and separate graduation systems selected by individual schools, severely weakens the state’s generation-long commitment to equity of educational opportunity and to greater expectations for meaningful and ambitious learning outcomes for all Maine students — at a …

Appropriations Committee makes modest progress on critical unfinished business

Long and frequently frustrating day in Appropriations slogging to rebuild a supplementary emergency funding package intended to resolve critical business left unresolved when House Republican caucus forced legislative adjournment last month.

By 9:00 in the evening, our committee reached agreement only on fulfilling last year’s commitment to maintain the reimbursement rate increases for home-based direct …

End of Session notes: the week the wheels came off

26 April 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As the end of this legislative session took a sharp and irresponsible turn last week, I want to offer my perspective from the Appropriations Committee.

Traditionally, the major work of the Appropriations Committee is to integrate the governor’s budget request with the legislature’s own spending and policy initiatives …

‘Corporate welfare’ or protecting good jobs at good wages: BIW tax credits

27 March 2018

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

This morning the House voted on LD 1781: An Act To Encourage New Major Investments in Shipbuilding Facilities and the Preservation of Jobs.

The original bill sought to extend a state tax incentive of up to $3 million per year for capital investment by <a href=””Bath Iron …


On Monday, July 17, the Appropriations Committee held hearings on the 13 bond bills outlined below.

On July 19, the committee, recommended the three highlighted bills to the full legislature and carried the remaining bills forward consideration next year.

On July 20, the legislature enacted the $105M transportation bond bill LD 1552 and tabled until …

Summary of Rep. Hubbell’s bills this session.

ENACTED (12 sponsored and 3 cosponsored):

Tax credits, school funding, diplomas, minimum wage, solar, and immigrants

March 20, 2016

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

The last few very busy weeks have taken us into the height of this legislative session.  (You can take a look at my public calendar if you’d like to see in detail.)  As we wrap up committee work and shift more into bill enactment, I wanted to summarize …

LD 1627: Proficiency credentials testimony

March 7, 2016

Senator Langley, Representative Kornfield, Esteemed Colleagues on the Education Committee,

I am Brian Hubbell, representing House District 135, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine, and I am here this morning testifying in favor of our committee bill, LD 1627 An Act To Implement Certain Recommendations of the Maine Proficiency Education Council.…

Flexibility, accountability: A better way to chart Maine students’ learning

[OpEd in Bangor Daily News, Feb. 23, 2016]

Maine’s future depends on educating students who can think for themselves, write and speak clearly, and work together to solve complex problems. Accomplishing this requires reaching students who learn in different ways and at different paces and for whom the pathways of lifelong learning will …

Bipartisan Delegation Visits Prestigious Maine Research Institutions

Bipartisan Delegation Visits Prestigious Maine Research Institutions

Visit to Hancock County a continuation of Speaker Eves’ Statewide Jobs Tour

MDI Biological Laboratory: Right to Left: Judy Sproule (Depute Director of Development), Jeri Bowers (Director of Development and Public Affairs), Alf Anderson (Bar Harbor Chamber of Commerce), Representative Chapman, Senator Brian Langley, Speaker Eves, Representative Hubbell,

Hubbell joins 350 state legislators advocating at Paris Climate Conference for 50% clean energy by 2030

Dear President Obama:

We, the undersigned local and state elected officials, strongly support the goal to achieve more than 50 percent clean energy by 2030, putting us on the path to 100 percent clean energy sources by 2050.

This is a necessary and achievable goal. With the implementation of the Clean Power Plan, the EPA

White House Convening of State Education Leadership: December, 8, 2015

I am honored to have been invited to the White House on Tuesday, Dec. 8 to meet with other state education leaders to discuss federal education initiatives.

Here is the reading list and agenda:

Pre-reading Material

High School Redesign

Counterpoint to Gov. LePage’s remarks at Oct 6 public forum at MDI HS

Governor LePage addresses public forum at MDI High School, Bar Harbor
Tuesday, October 6, 2015
Transcript from MDI HS video

Governor’s presentation:

Questions from audience:

Legislative Report: Review of 2015 session: 9/16/2015

16 September 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

With the summer now behind us, here is a review of the first legislative session which concluded in the middle of July.

In a defining way, the legislature united across many expected political divisions to override an unprecedented number of gubernatorial vetoes. I am proud of that bipartisan …

Final status of bills from 2015 legislative session

12 July 2015


Sponsored bills enacted

6/13/2015 Late session budget report from Augusta

June 13, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors,

As you may know, it’s been a very busy few weeks in the legislature.  Through the previous two weekends, I have worked closely with the Appropriations Committee as they finalized their recommendation on the biennial budget, a document which will require much compromise to gain the necessary support …

LD 1270: An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life: Co-sponsor’s testimony

15 May 2015

LD 1270 An Act Regarding Patient-directed Care at the End of Life
Co-sponsor’s testimony

Senator Brakey, Representative Gattine, Esteemed Members of the Health and Human Services Committee, I am Brian Hubbell, representing House District 135, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine, and I am before you this morning as a cosponsor of …

Progress report on legislative bills and budget recommendations

April 12, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors in House District 135,

In your state legislature, we are now just over half way through this year’s session.

1335 bills have been published to date out of the perhaps 1600 or 1700 that we will deliberate before we adjourn.

You can see a list of the bills …

College Affordability Gap Analysis

College Affordability Gap

Source: Report of the Commission to Study College Affordability and Completion Commission,  

CollegeAffordability_Gap-Analysis_graphic (1)

To facilitate their understanding of college affordability and to quantify the current ability of Maine’s college students and their families to pay for a college education in Maine, the Commission made use of an Affordability Model developed for the …

3/7/2015 Legislative report: Federal education waiver & teacher evaluations

March 7, 2015

Dear Friends and Neighbors in Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine,

As I have promised to communicate with you on positions that I take as your representative on controversial issues, I want to give you an update on the decision that Maine faces this week in relation to our regulations regarding teacher …

Testimony presenting LD 405 in support of downeast hatcheries for wild Atlantic Salmon

March 4, 2015

Testimony of Rep. Brian Hubbell

LD 405: An Act To Support Expanded Capacity for Breeding Wild Atlantic Salmon in Downeast Rivers

Before the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources

Senator Baker, Representative Kumiega, distinguished members of the Joint Standing Committee on Marine Resources, I am Brian Hubbell, I represent House District 135, …

Testimony presenting bill for ‘Local Solutions’ home for young adults with disabilities

19 February 2015

Senator Brakey, Representative Gattine, distinguished members of the Health and Human Services Committee, my name is Brian Hubbell, I represent House District 135, Bar Harbor, Mount Desert, and Lamoine, and I am here this afternoon to present LD 205: An Act To Facilitate the Development and Operation of a Group Home for